Feminism was Destroyed from Within

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  1. How come the woke only consider trans people to be trans when its a crime statistic.

    They claim trans women are women but have no issue claiming trans women are targeted for violent crime. Why aren't they just considered women in this case.

  2. They do the same with suicide too. There was a slight increase in female suicide and the feminists freaked out, when at the same time male suicide was well over 3x as high and had a sharp increase during the same time.

  3. What happened with feminism is the same as what happened with racism, by 2009 in the westerner world they had achieved there goals! The thousands of race and feminists organizations that had been making there lively hood from those causes figured out the cash cow was about to dry up, so they created the current condition! Now they can continue to go to the MET galas and be celebrated as heroes!

  4. Why dont they expand the meaning of men to included trans women, after all they are biologically male.
    Safeguarding for women and children should be the priority not indulging peoples delusions.
    To me feminism is just equal rights and opportunities for females.

  5. The difference is that these murdered women are being murdered by men, either those known to them or not. Bring into men now being able to access our spaces, and it creates more opportunities for predatory men to have access to women in enclosed spaces.
    The only idiot feminists that are ruining this are those who believe men can literally be women.
    Those of are us who don't believe this aren't radical at all. We just believe these men should not be able to self ID and have a free pass to our spaces and sports. That's not radical.

  6. The problem with using Marx plan of assuming victimhood then using it to shame actually moral people to agree with your ever increasing list of demands is you are surrounded by amoral people who can see new ways to make money out of manipulation. Iconic that a man is responsible for feminism.

  7. You do realise every single time you talk about this you interchange male and female with man and woman. You play right into the hands of the left.

    Change the rules.

    If you want these trans gender males out of female sports then change the separation from men's and women to male and female sports.

    You would have a female football team and a male football team.
    It wouldn't matter if they are trans then because its not about gender its about sex and that it the weakness of their argument and they know it which is why you coming out with videos like this just plays straight into their hands.

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