Feminist Pretends To Be A Man Then Ends It All Modern Women TikToks

Feminist Pretends To Be A Man Then Ends It All Modern Women TikToks

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  1. I feel like this doesn't really show how men have it easier than women, but that it's easier to be reclusive as a man and easier to be social as a women. There is no off switch for the constant attention both good and bad that women face, and there's also no off switch for the cold negligence that men face. I suppose since most humans like having some degree of sociality, I could say that men have it harder than women, but then I'd feel like one of those radicalized tribal feminists that disregard men's problems because women supposedly suffer more.

  2. After this experiment she also tried the subhuman mental patient experience at three different mental wards. What she didn't face as man in this experiment, she faced pressure twice over there.

  3. I would advise people to seek out the full interview/documentary and watch it all – it's extremely good. Also, editing from our resident android phish is stellar, par for the course I suppose.

  4. Fun bit of psychology trivia: studies have demonstrated that women have significant plasticity when it comes to sexual attraction. Unlike men, what excites them sexually is malleable. We don't know why this is exactly. It could have something to do with evolutionary biology and the need to he able to adapt to radically changing environments and still be able to mate and have offspring. But it is fascinating to note that a large amount (significantly higher than 50%) of women in the studies demonstrated sexual attraction to both sexes, even if they didn't specifically identify as gay prior to the study. Men conversely did not show this plasticity AT ALL if it was not in line with their already existing sexual preferences.

  5. I am very sad regarding this news. Nora was an excellent journalist–open minded, empathetic, discerning. I learned a lot from her about how men and women relate and interact, and her insights were very fair and extraordinarily helpful. She was always searching for truth about others and about herself, and it's our loss that she's gone. She clearly had her own demons, before and after trying to experience the life of men…so sad. This particular portrayal of her seems quite unfair and biased–the opposite of how Nora tried to view the world around her.

  6. She was not just a radical feminist, she was also a LESBIAN. Imaging starting to hate the sex you're attracted to, but cannot change to the other side, because your brain still wants to believe the lies you've been fed for decades. She was in her fifties, that's hard to reconcile that all your life, you were WRONG. Some people just ain't strong enough to handle that. Straight up? Not sure I could.

  7. if this story is true, i'm dying of laughter. couldn't even make it to 2 years. when women are told they are living on recruit difficulty once they are born. they act like we're telling lies hahaha kudos on norah, i might have to buy this book

  8. While I’m sorry for her passing, with no disrespect, she wasn’t posing as a man long enough to get hauled into family court and have most of the fruits of her labor transferred, say, as was my case, to a mentally unstable dead beat who posed as an equality advocate just long enough to tie the legally binding knot.

  9. I remember reading about her years ago. She had more balls than most men today. Its not easy to change your mind and hold yourself accountable for your previous actions and thoughts. RIP to Norah. She was one of very few women in history to walk a mile in a man's shoes.

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