Fetterman Tweets About Jab / Booster in April, Suffers Stroke May… Viva Clips

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  1. WTF even is this. They admit he has issues but they are not those issues. When did it matter what issues someone had. If you have an issue that prevent you from serving, don't serve. If you recover… run again later.

    The bigger questions is why is no one "good" running for these positions. Both sides run such seemingly unqualified characters.

  2. 14 days is the magic number for a large cluster of vaccine incidents. One of my patients died 14 days after her booster in April.

    My Aunt recently passed away in her sleep, and I'm hoping to find out if she had her booster shortly before.

  3. It’s a shame there is another doctor called Dr Sanjay Gupta who is a cardiologist and has an excellent channel called York Cardiology where he explains all kinds of cardiac issues in plain language (I highly recommend his channel)… unfortunate association for him!

  4. Great video on Fetterman – thank you! Fetterman gave an interview (here's the link to NBC. He had to use a teleprompter, which put in text the reporter's questions! He said that he is unable to process speech in real time. Due to this interview, Fetterman's wife demanded (her words) that the NBC reporter apologize for committing "ableism" (a new word?) against her husband.

  5. A. He has “processing” issues but not comprehension issues? This is a psychiatrist, right, as in he is a medical doctor? Is his “degree” from a home study course (which he cheated on)? I’ve got news for this quack, when the brain is unable to properly “process” information, everything that individual “comprehends” is gobblety-gook. What a fraud!! For example, psychological blindness is not caused by eyes that cannot see, it is caused by a brain that refuses to “process” what the eyes see.
    B. Recall the comedienne on stage ridiculing the "hesitancy" who collapsed on stage mid-sentence and wound up with a concussion? It's called instant karma for morons attempting to shame intelligent people into blindly jumping off a cliff just because they were stupid enough to do it. Every one of them should be too ashamed to show their faces publicly because they exposed just how astonishingly stupid they are yet how determined to lead other gullible sheep over the cliff along with them.

  6. I read an article about embalmers finding long blood clots in deceased people. From the top of the leg near the groin down to the ankle. That's how long they are. This embalmer says they are finding this in 80% of people. He had never seen these before and started seeing them in February of '21. The gateway pundit is the website this article was on. Crazy!!

  7. From a Gupta Neurologist who gave up being a neurosurgeon to be a Puppet on CNN. Has to have been a pretty lousy neurosurgeon to give that specialty up after training for a decade to be a Parrot for CNN and Demoncrats[sic].

  8. We all ask these questions, we did our research and got called crazy conspiracy theories. It is hilarious watching normies figuring out what the alt media has been saying since feb 2020.if you want truth interview some researchers, aka conspiracy theorists.

  9. The Haitian singer that met his maker at his live concert… that body builder that pushed the "thing" said," if I take the "thing" & nothing happens I'm right your wrong, if I die you were right" …. he also met his maker. Salty Cracker covered that one.

  10. Didn't Rogan expose with the "good" doctor? This is the state of politics Fetterman is merely a rubber stamp or a placeholder for the Democrats. Politics are nothing but a show. 90 percent of politics is for theater, 9 percent is to cover their asses and the 1 percent they do is way too much.

  11. I am unvaxxed. I had Covid several times over the past two years. My chest always hurts a little when I'm infected. I didn't get a stroke. No myocarditis. No irregularities in my menstrual cycle. No blood cloths. No facial paralysis. No shingels.

  12. I am seeing more people getting jobs that they are incapable of doing. Yet the people who are reliable and accountable are expected to do more and more to take up the slack. That is why a lot of quality workers quit. Can our society really afford these bad decisions?

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