Fifth Doctor Drops Dead in July – Viva Clips

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  1. If I had died at age 27 while exercising I’d be very pissed off. It used to be funny when idiots drop dead while exercising, but now it’s questionable. Was she a smoker? A heavy drinker? A fat fast-food addict? O, she was vaccinated, ten times, was it? She was trying to prove how good the vaccine is.

  2. This is THE reason not to have single payer, government healthcare. To whom does one bring their complaints? The government subsidized near-monopoly media?

  3. It's just as normal as parents being told they need to know the signs of stroke and heart attack in children. Just as normal as healthy athletes dropping dead. God will take them into account and deal out punishment.

  4. when people behave like this in denial…& don't value there body and life from years of brainwashing in education,& parenting this is what you get….! the body is sacred the world is sacred…!! wake up it is written charf from hay..🙏

  5. This is fascinating to me watching exactly how the mass media handles these stories, like you say refusing to connect the dots, when they are clearly sitting next to each other.

  6. Emergency rooms are shutting down across the country. Why is this? What’s their end game? Or is it just coincidental? I was thinking it’s intentional; death by a thousand cuts orchestrated by the US private health insurance lobby trying to own Canadian healthcare, just like they do in the US.

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