The New Hit Song From ‘The Covid Boys’ about how fighting about the vacinne has become the New Fighting about trump. agree or disagree?
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Written by Ryan Long


  1. we needed the refrain to be from people on the streets and couples instead from the lead singer. that would have put this over the top. you're welcome. man, i'm good. oh, and some out of focus backgrounds in the closeups to put the singer in a contemplative mind space. c'mon man! get a camera man and editor with a sense of humor and the skills to show it.

  2. did you know pfizer paid the biggest criminal fine in history the same pfizer that just got fda approval for the vax? interesting and some people wonder why we dont want it

  3. Regardless of your opinion on the vaccine the people up top just want to see us endlessly argue . I can assure you after COVID is gone we will, have a brand new thing to divide everyone even more . And while we are arguing and distracted about these surface issues topics they get to do sly shit while we aren’t looking . They’ve been putting us poor people (by poor I mean you don’t have hundreds of millions ) against each other for decades while they run off with all the fucking money .

  4. Love that female comic. Speaks in short hard hitting sentences that get right to the point. Perfect counterpoint to Ryan's blather. Also, super expresssive face

  5. Well, excuse me if I don't exactly trust people when they say it's "for my own good" when they've been openly calling for killing conservatives for the past few years…

  6. You should pitch it to the governments of the world as the vaccine anthem.

    The new politically endorsed way to discriminate in our modern world, racism, sexism and all that other stuff was becoming so outdated.
    Time for some fresh hate people.

  7. So, is the end goal about "being vaccinated"?
    or is it about having the antibodies?
    First is about power and control, and if it's about the 2nd, then basically EVERY study on the subject says that natural antibodies that come from having had it are better than all of the vaccines so far.
    If you want to push vaccine passports, natural immunity is king and outweighs vaccines.
    However if you just want to push the vaccine on EVERYONE, then you've just admitted that it's about control.
    An antibody test should be all that is required to get a government issued vaccine passport.

  8. Yo, we should all plug ourselves with a neutered version of a man-manipulated virus! And the Vaccines seem to be disproportionately affecting the young and healthy, with blood clots, Myocarditis and Pericarditis….

  9. I wonder how long it will be before the covid cult start to get violent against the unjabbed, and as a follow up: how much longer we have before our beloved government starts to go door to door physically removing unjabbed so they can go to covid camps, for "two weeks"

  10. Sorry Ryan but there's no playing centre "muh listen to both sides, both bad" here. The only thing is to better educate/inform unvaccinated people and not seeming to force it upon them, which gives in to fear mongering, but considering both positions to be equally valid is disingenuous

  11. typo in the description.. fuuuuuny ass video, i was bumping this in the car at full volume, someone at a red light next to me was very confused about what was happening haha, all they hear i'm pretty sure is "fighting about the vaccine" over and over. i wonder if they knew it was a joke or if they thought "man this anti-vax stuff is really ramping up, now theres songs on the radio? whens this trump shit gonna stop" cuz they obviously think not getting a vax is the same as loving and being faithful to trump even tho trump lauched "operation warp speed"

  12. If they didn't make it so quick and actually ran studies on animals I would of got it they know dam well it takes years to approve. And it seems like no1 is dying unless its covid police race related or something tragic