Fighting Inflation With Inflation – Razör Rants

“No, dig UP, stupid!” – Da Gubment




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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. It seems to ME at least that the problem isn't "declaring war" on something, its the politician's not know how to organize, build a consensus across the aisle, and get anything besides giving themselves head pat raises because "they deserve more." So im going to vote red this midterm, i mean core conservative RED and watch as the blues calk for 2,4,6 years of hand recounts because they declared war on voting.

  2. Does this mean Nancy may be finalizing dying. Oh Rage I will send you a virtual fucking beer top shelf when she kicks it man just have a heart attack already god damn.

  3. … About Klaus Schwab… What can we do about that fat, useless lunatic? How do we get him and his retarded cronies out and anything like them to STAY out? I know it can be done, but I want ideas on how it can be done best.

  4. Don't assume these people are looking out for you (either party) they're criminals that work for the banking-military-pharmaceutical industrial complex.

  5. I will not use economist jargon, but simple words people can understand.
    Inflations comes when you compare MONEY IN THE STREET and PRODUCTION AVAILABLE.
    Money is "in the street" when money is buying in the commodity market. Else, it could be buried in the financial system.
    "Production" means something was produced, not promised, not planned. No. Actually produced.
    "Available" means two things. You can BUY it and you can have it to USE it. It is not available when there is production of a tabletop game in Europe that you cannot buy in USA. Bread is not available if you cannot put it on your table to eat.
    So you may figure out the solution. Government, consumers, rich people and companies buy commodities. They compete. Someone must spend less to reduce inflation.
    Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Argentina, and yet some people blame the exhaust of your car and farts of cows you eat for carbon footprint.

  6. @2:57 "For any drug where they fail to play by our rules… I will snatch their patent."

    Who the everloving FUCK do you think you are?

    This is the problem with the federal government encapsulated in a bare 10 second clip. These people actually think that just because a company utilizes some government funding (because the government has effectively made itself the only game in town), that gives the government the power to appropriate work from an incorporated entity of free American citizens. Our Constitution means absolutely NOTHING to these power-hungry ghouls.

  7. “Yes, we can do that!“ Reminds me of a joke my German grandmother told me fom the Nazi days.

    Fritz and his wife are expecting a child. His friend Max works in a factory that makes perambulators, so he asks if Max could get him one. The pregnancy progresses and the birth date draws nearer, no perambulator and no word. Finally Fritz asks Max what‘s up. Max says “Listen, at least four times I took home all the parts, but every time I assembled the thing, it was a machine gun.“

  8. I'm honestly shocked you would compare the monetary policy to something Scrooge McDuck would do, even as a passing joke in the credits. Go back and watch Duck Tales again (OG, or the remake), you'll see that Scrooge is a much better businessman than at least 90% of the fuckwits in Congress.

  9. As ever, very eloquently stated Mr Fist. As a bonus, you are accurate as well. Mindnumbingly misanthropic idiots currently have the societal steering wheel, and Trump ain't going to be able to wrestle it from their grasp (even if he wanted to). That fast approaching cliff you see is the culmination of the 110 year globalist siren call.

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