Final Chapter in the Donbass front w/Dima from Military Summary Channel (Live)

Final Chapter in the Donbass front w/Dima from Military Summary Channel (Live)
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  1. I’m subbed to Dima for his daily military updates, but Jesus Christ he does not belong on this channel. He is several rungs lower.

    Alexander and The Duran is simply on another level. Please don’t have him on again Lmao.

  2. Some points of Dima are interesting. Anyway I am affraid that he has it rather wrong on many items, especially the numbers. I am much more ok with Brian, Gonzalo, Alex and Alexander.

  3. For months all of the focus has been on the Bakhmut Front while Russia quietly dug in on their Land Bridge to Crimea especially around Melitopol building three Defensive Lines by Engineers that Ukraine will never break. By Russia securing their Land bridge to Crimea that fully secures their only Warm Water Naval Port in Sevastopol Russia has won the war because Ukraine will never take back this Territory & this Land Bridge without a doubt was one of Russia's main objectives for this SMO. No matter what happens going forward Russia has already won the War & all their doing right now is slowly moving forward meter by meter digging in on the Territory they have taken along with moving in the Troops & Equipment they Mobilized. Ukraine has lost the War they need to sit down for Peace Negotiations & no amount of Cope or Equipment from NATO is going to change the outcome it's over.

  4. The Russian advance is slow also because they’re preserving their manpower. This has been important to retain a battle hardened military for other threats to its borders, but also electorally. None of the Western countries will commit troops because of the potential for an electoral backlash – the US in particular. Russia on the other hand has had no choice but to fight – to not leave a million ethnic Russians to their fate at the hands of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. But it has been carefully to minimise military losses – and it also explains in part why Wagner has been so important.

  5. So a long conflict is expected. I don't remember this in detail, but Alexander said earlier this year that there was a report from the RAND corporation. It said something like that the United States is unable to support Ukraine for a long time. How will they work their way around that?

  6. We can do without this guy….his mapping channel is ok but he hasnt got a fkn clue what he is talking about with regard to tactics and geopolitics in general.

  7. I give up on this. Endlessness talking. Difficult to follow, analyse and get a correct view. How will NATO and US continue arms développement with all the production, economical and financial problems they are presently facing?

  8. if you want to understand military , if you never been in military. so get to none the history of military of the west and the history of military history of the east and the south . the people of the West need to stop all west governments NOW . one way stop working stop, pay tax's . thank you so much

  9. Two objections:
    1. "People in Russia only care about how to spend their oil dollars in Europe?!"
    What nonsense is this?
    2. Ukrainians and Ukraine as a nation.
    Ukraine is not a nation, it is anti-Russia. Without Russia and the collective West there would not be any sense in for Ukraine to exist and for russian people who live there to call themselves ukrainians.

  10. No one can confirm the losses and wounded on both sides, its all speculation and projection, Figures on both sides are thrown around as if they were picked out of thin air, they are not true purely under and over estimates. Accurate figures will not be released until after this abomination has been concluded. Its interesting to visit both pro Russian and Ukrainian channels to hear similar figures. Moral and propaganda needs to be maintained on both sides otherwise truths eat away at you and you become defeated.

  11. I have to disagree with Dima….I think that NATO and the west ARE afraid of Russia, and most of them understand that they cannot win against Russia.

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