Final Two Minutes at the Shrine of Remembrance – 22.09.21

Raw footage of the final two minutes of the protest at the Shrine of Remembrance. 22.09.21

– Can be used for news media & commentary purposes

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. The unwashed anarchist filth of Australian society desecrating our sacred shrine of remembrance.
    With their rubbish and empty alcohol containers, cigarette butts and urinating on and around the shrine.
    This shrine is for quiet contemplation not riotous unlawful morons who have no idea nor care for the sanctity of this place.
    Utterly disgraceful disrespect deserved of Victoria Police enforcement.
    Anyone that thinks this feral behaviour by the lunatic fringe of Victoria is acceptable should hang their heads in utter shame.

  2. Who disgraced the shrine? They sacrificed for the country and the people, not police and tyranny governments. Would they be happy to be pushed or threatened to get vaccined if alive? The shooting is really honouring it?

  3. More shots more Auto Immune Disease. Pfz making pill which treats AIDs be given with shots. I am guessing will become reliant on these pills and therefore controlled.

  4. In light of police brutality going on throughout the world, I stand in support of Ontario's Provincial Police where I live because they are on our side, the people's side, for the most part. They refused to carry out draconian measures relating to the virus and vaccine and a group of them, along with ex-military have set up Police On Guard For thee. This is how good cops act. But as far as Australia's law enforcers, they are the enemy and will suffer the consequences in the pending counter thrust of the people.

  5. If you see a rogue Police Officer committing a crime you need to get their name and their Police Number. THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW and can and WILL be held accountable for their actions. Get these details for when its time to prosecute that Officer so you can come forward as a witness.

  6. They work for the criminally insane, and are well on their way to becoming the same. Not much time left for them to wake up.
    Jesus said; "…don't invest too much in this world,,, it's not worth it…".

  7. This is F****king disgusting!!!
    Tyranny is here.

    I am a combat veteran who served in the ADF for 12 years. I swore an oath to defence Australia from threats both foreign and domestic.
    I can confidently say, the police and government are the threat.

    Unfortunately, many in the police and ADF support the government. This event and those current, are a disgrace to Liberty & Democracy.
    Today I just witnessed Australia die.

  8. The police in this country are a disgrace. Disgusting pigs deserve whatever treatment they get from the public when this all flips on its head.

  9. Yep can see how the police want us to believe they hate this as much as we do, Yep don't really want to be firing at Australians on the steps of the shrine, but I will say this much for a bunch of clowns in costumes they clearly are as stupid as whom they follow and a good soldier will always question orders if the y contracict what they are there for guess there are no good ones.

  10. When are the public going to arm themselves.
    Major changes in history have ALWAYS been written in blood, not a pen.
    We have no choice. They are forcing our hand.