Final Warning: If You Use This Type of Bank, Do This Now | Glenn Beck | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares Glenn Beck’s warning about America’s large banks, why you should invest in your local bank, and how you can build your resilience and well being in this special “best of” episode. Glenn shares tips on how you can become a more resilient person. He also shares how to overcome America’s bravery deficit and how you can be brave and courageous when your country needs you to be.

Is the state of US news driving you crazy? Does the coverage of political news rarely seem “fair and balanced”? Serious discussions on US politics is vital to having a healthy democracy. No matter what political party you belong to, we need to be able to hear a variety of political perspectives. Whether you majored in political science or just want to have a deeper understanding of the issues you’ll want to check out this playlist:

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  2. Do it; the good LORD has been warning me and I was to pray about the Court, and the Banks. And I told my children to get their money out of the bank and get it into our credit union here where mine has been

  3. When shit hits the fan ? How about fixed low income for retired elderly was getting 250 . A month in food stamps & now is getting only twenty dollars a month ? Shit has hit my fan … survival is my reality ! Everyday is survival ! Thank goodness for churches that feed the poor ! The Republicans are disconnected & not sensitive towards the poor neither are democrats ! What is going to become of the poor elderly ?

  4. It’s no wonder why democrats want to disarm the average American .. the poor will experience the harshness of lack first & it’s already happening as I type … there’s so many folks that these policies haven’t yet effected them as it has now effected the poor ! I worked everyday as a working class poor .. & now to experience shit hitting my personal fan .. survival has become my way of life .. & it’s not looking good ! When it finally effects the working class as it effects the working class poor perhaps things will change ?

  5. immigrants need to be fed .. assistance going to immigrants.. whom is worse off than the poor working class ? The pie can be sliced only so many times before there’s nothing left ? I’m poor retired elderly class … it doesn’t take much to off set my ability to live ! Threaten a poor person who doesn’t have anything to lose ? Desperation ? Elderly has to go back into what work force ? Family ? Not hardly ? That’s a luxury many of us below the poverty line can’t rely on & doesn’t exist! I’m a voter ! Who will stand up for us who’s being abused by ugly policies? Suffering starts with the working class poor !

  6. At the "new normal" part around the 28: mark I instantly thought.. I bet the new normal will be having a battle rifle slung over your shoulder whenever you're away from home. We'll know by the 2024 election. :/

  7. I like Glen, he never painted a house in August or changed a transmission, but nice guy. when SHTF , guys like me ! will eat , guys like him. 5 min in , your 🎤 is worthless in my garage of tools.

  8. "If the American People ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks, and corporations that grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until the children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. I sincerely believe the banking institutions, having the issuance power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies! Already they have set up a money aristocracy that has the government at defiance. The issuing power [of currency] should be taken from the banks and restored to Congress and to the People, to whom it belongs! "

    "If our Nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good also makes the bill good. The difference between the bond and the bill lets money brokers [bankers] collect twice the amount of the bond plus interest. Whereas the bill [currency] pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. The People are the basis for government credit. Why then cannot the People have the benefit of their own credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of bankers receiving the People's credit in interest bearing bonds? It is absurd to say that our country can issue 30 million dollars in bonds and not 30 billion dollars in currency! Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the People!" — Thomas Jefferson
    * GET IT?
    * GOT IT?

  9. Needed a shed for my back yard… have no garage… bought off a little old guys little independently owned shed store, I could have gone 30 min away ( I’m rural) and purchased a shed from a big box store( cheaper)…. 👎

  10. I wish the people who really need to watch this would watch this… but unfortunately the vast majority have sooo stubbornly dug in their heels that they will not even entertain the thought that
    perhaps,PERHAPS they have been deceived.

  11. Andrew Torba of Gab is working with others at developing a parallel economy. He’s a conservative Christian with a big tech background. Being that, even GOP will say Gab is full of racist, white supremacists. It is not. I’m not on social media much but Gab doesn’t live up to the bad press. Everyone goes after Torba.

  12. Listening to how crazy it is in the U.S., it saddens me how much closer this scary world is here in Canada. I cannot travel within or without the country just now as I refuse to be coerced….Can't believe this is happening….

  13. But people need to understand is it doesn't matter which side you're on Democrat or Republicans are all corrupt the whole government is against the people they're creating food shortages faking pandemics I mean it's absurd I watch the world economic for him and they said they were moving away from the dollar this is all done purposefully and will everybody's fighting about the left and the right they don't get it they're two sides of the same coin our government has been infiltrated entirely I mean we have lawless presidents that rule by executive order that's never happened like this but ultimately it's going to be the people's fault being subservient and complacent is what's got us into this mess there are people that are willing to stand but what can they do if the majority of America doesn't step up look what they did to our military they took away their pensions there should have been an uproar and outcry of freaking anger over this it's ridiculous I guess people are going to wait until they can't put food on their tables to do something about it

  14. Out of 533 people in Congress on both sides 500 of them have stocks in big pharma they got super rich during this covid scheme take California for instance you haven't used them made it to where people that were renting didn't have to pay rent so what do you think happened to those homes a lot of them foreclosed and he bought all those properties up for pennies on the dollar the only way that they can get away with this is if we comply now they're saying there's a zombie deer virus which is b***** the PCR test do not tell you if you're sick then nobody's worried about 5G at all they're just like oh well it's normal to get a cold in summer because radiation poisoning depending on the person's immune system and a lot of other factors the amount of radiation you're exposed to the length of time it'll make it look like you have cold like symptoms then it will Jack with your respiratory system but nobody's worrying about that so worried about a fake covid virus and then they did gain a function research on people can't get animal diseases like that they have to be injected gain of function research means they're taking an animal virus or an animal disease and they're making it fuse to a human cell making it more transmittable it's disgusting what's going on in this country I'm more shocked that people are asleep the way they are it's like no matter what happens no matter how outlandish people still go for it it's unbelievable to me now they're killing the chickens because of the bird flu and they just happen to do gain a function research on that too and tested a chicken and then they're like oh no there's bird flu I heard Bill Gates sit there and say during covid that they'll be more pandemics and that covid was a test run for something much bigger and the next one will get our attention when people can't see that it's the government's against their people in every country I saw a video of Ukraine ukrainians were out there screaming and death to zielinsky Ukrainian tanks went up and blew up a whole city block including a kindergarten and the people were screaming and yelling and Ukrainian that the Ukrainian military was attacking it citizens I don't know what it's going to take for people to wake up

  15. "Courage is contagious". ….perhaps
    …but fear is much more contagious, hence the totalitarian biden truth squad.
    This ultra low character dementia patient & crook will send us over the cliff

  16. OK you were not alive and grandpa told you……Lavrov just told Bennett we have the evidence…Glenn->> work on the truth not the myth with your children. It will serve you better publicly and privately.

  17. Andrew Zorba of GAB is building a parallel economy starting with his social media platform. He has already begun because he was banned from the internet, banks etc.

  18. Get your BTC off of exchanges. As long as your not tied up in loans against it move it over to a wallet. They cant touch those unless you give them the keys. Best yet is a cold wallet not connected to your computer the a ledger.

  19. We only have to be brave once in our entire lives…and that’s when we’re taking our last breath. It’s ok to be afraid at times BUT He did not give us the spirit of kind to yourselves and one another 🕊🔥

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