Financial Crisis Imminent: The Fed is Broke and Banks are Out of Cash

The seeds of the next financial crisis are germinating as the Federal Reserve is broke as it is now running a deficit and foreign banks are taking short-term loans from the Fed since ran out of dollars. Prior dollar shortages are marked in history with a spike in the dollar and the word “crisis” noted on the chart.

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. What does this exactly mean? The money in your bank will disappear or you'll simply not have access to it for awhile? Isn't your money guaranteed up to $250,000k by the FDIC?

  2. In my opinion, the trap all financial analysts fall into, is to assume that the FED is purely a market participant.
    In my opinion the FED is a weapon (of mass destruction 😉 in the ongoing war between US/Russia/China.
    The FED has to participate as a part of the US military not just as a "central bank".
    So the actions of the FED should be judged according to market and geopolitics effects…

  3. My bank run happened a couple weeks ago When The Pope got his I got mine before Sept 30th . Taken care of all ready all ready the local feed store had sell of gun safes soooooooo . Done that prep box checked .

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