Financial Expert Predicts That The COLLAPSE Will Be THIS MONTH

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join coworker, podcaster, author, and former adjunct professor Shane Cashman to analyze the pending economic collapse, as predicted by the preeminent financial expert.

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Guest: Shane Cashman
Tales From The Inverted World

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  1. 3 years ago the Jehovah's witnesses relocated their entire organisation from new york to a rural area after being in New York City for over a 100 years, that was incredible guess work on their part…. if you think it was guesswork.

  2. Every instance that seems like the end of the world was coming has happened in the last 107 years… World War I was not an accident, If you look at what the Jehovah's witnesses were saying for 40 years before World War I occurred, they were pointing to 1914 as being a turning point in human history according to Bible prophecy, And this linked up with the events of Matthew 24 which says earthquakes, wars, famine's, disease, crime etc would explode on the surface of the Earth, along with all these things, you get the inevitable moral decay, which culminates in the end of wicked people on the Earth… that's what they were saying and that's why they come to your door, Because according to The Bible, a person is judged on their reaction to the message not to the way they live their life…as we all do wrong.

  3. Let's be real here. A lot of the people who moved to rual areas will leave or die when the supply chains completely break. They can't take care of themselves without the internet and electricity.

  4. Dude open your eyes and see what’s going on they are going to crash the economy and bring in more cash they want cash gone won’t have any value anyway.learn how to farm …land will crash because we will have a reset my friend

  5. I have a business degree and have run a company in the past. At a friends request, I attended a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar with him. 100% of the advice was catastrophic if followed, and it was clearly a scam. They advised getting multiple credit cards and maxing out one, then using the next to pay it off, repeatedly.

  6. We will not see a dramatic reduction of FOOD because a monetary collapse I live in Missouri and can steal corn from a corn maze if need be. Now if a global disaster happened that killed crops that's a bigger worry, a financial collapse is just a major shifting of wealth and ownership of assets, resources from poor to rich, and government or others will have more control over it than the people. America will not lose its assets due to a monetary collapse IT WILL STILL BE THEIR, We may struggle with transportation of assets, or buying foreign assets. But we would still be rich as far as food, and resources like oil, even if the gov isn't currently tapping into our resources its still there. The gov would just begin to hoard assets. We will either REVOLT, OR EXCEPT. People HAVE TO REMEMBER MONEY IS FAKE, in doing so they KEEP themselves from being victims, POWER AND ASSETS THATS EVERYTHING. Money convolutes power and resources the true currency of the world.

  7. Realistically AMERICA when we starve it isn't a crash that caused it, its policy, now a huge natural famine or storm is another issue. But policy causes poverty Cause the resources are still their they are either being hoarded, or they aren't being tapped into oil for instance. AMERICA DOES NOT LACK RESOURCES. Gold would be useful cause their will still be rich or government hoarding resources that will want gold, cause they are in a luxurious situation.

  8. Wow thanks for the heads up and just in time to make a difference. Man 3 whole days plenty of time. I think I'd just keep a prediction confined to that amout of time to myself.

  9. As someone named Robert, you should never trust someone named Robert. Believe me they are the worst. I would be very skeptical of what Robert Kiyosaki is trying to sell you.

  10. Was he predicting last month that it was going to happen, or was he predicting that it was going happen last month? If it's the former, then he'll probably be right eventually. If it's the latter, then he missed badly.

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