Finland, Estonia Say BAN ALL Russians From Europe | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the demands from Finland and Estonia to ban Russians from traveling to Europe as punishment for the Ukraine war

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Lyle Goldstein:

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  1. keep escalating and poking the Russian bear and when columns of tanks pour in through your border flattening the country complain it was 'unjustified'… Finland and Estonia do not have hundreds of thousands of Nato trained soldiers dug in fortifications built for years… should a conflict break out Ruskis would make quick work of these socialist 'democracies'

  2. Banning Schengen visas for all Russians is the worst idea possible and the best gift to Putin. In today’s Russia any open protest against the regime and the war is extremely dangerous. Yet there are millions of people who are against the war, in the big cities it’s the majority. I’m one of them. Now I take part in more subtle ways of informing people about the war, street art etc. Having a Schengen tourist visa is a safety option for Russian dissidents — you can cross the border by land quickly and flee from the persecution until it’s too late. They are pressing criminal charges against us for harmless things like peace symbols ☮️ nowadays.

    And the worst thing is that Putin’s narrative of ‘The West that hates all the Russians’ will have a proof, if all the citizens are denied visas.
    I’m surprised that civilised Europe would even consider this inhumane and useless measure. it’s something Putin would do. I’m not surprised that human rights are violated by the Putin’s mercenaries in Ukraine, and this must be stopped. But it can’t be stopped by banning visas, it’s just a gift for the Russian government to torment both 🇺🇦 & 🇷🇺 peoples even more. I want this regime to go down, like the Berlin Wall was once down. But for that it has to run out of money, for that it has to receive no oil and gas payments. Otherwise any protest is going to be suppressed again and again, as it happened in 2011-2012, 2018, 2021 and feb-march 2022.

  3. If you're gonna ban Russian tourists, you have to ban the Israelis too, like yesterday! If Russian people need to take responsibility for the war, then so do Israeli people. The difference is you don't see Russians in Russia going around harrassing Ukrainians and evicting them from land. They shouldn't only ban them from travel, they should outright be interrogated upon arrival in any civilised country for their complicity in Israeli war crimes and inability to overthrow their gov't. Let's face it, reading the DW article and similar ones on the issue, they want Russians to overthrow their gov't. I expect this rubbish out of the USA because of the population's deliberate kindergarten education level and leaders thinking they're doing the will of God, but I'm so ashamed of Europe and the absolute lack of will and independence from all our leaders, and the willful ignorance of the populations of France, Germany, & UK to toe the American line. I think we may very well see young, bright information economy workers (who can work remotely) flocking to Russia & China this winter from all over the continent. I know the thought has crossed my mind for sure after seeing my last electric bill. It's not my war, and I will not participate in funding the deficit in Europe this winter for failed policy decisions by incompetent EU leaders.

  4. Christal and Sagar, you don't need to pick a side, just report from a neutral position, no need to be pro or anti Putin…how Chrystal managed to turn a russophobic law proposal by Finland into "Putin tried to sell to Russians that we hate them". But girl, if the west doesn't hate Russians, then why the russophobic law in the first place ? Why all the "trump was talking to the Russians" nonsense ? Why the soccer ban on Russia ? Why …. It seems the Chrystal rejects the truth if Putin says it, but again Chrystal is pure MSNBC, she has that propaganda mentality and those are the guys she hangs out with.

  5. When we realize as a civilization that we aren't isolated from the things that our governments do, I think we will be better off. I feel like the rest of the world should have done this to Americans back during the occupation of Iraq. Put the pressure on. Most Americans were against it, but it didn't affect our lives enough to take political action. We were clearly in the wrong, and the pressure should have been put on us, and in turn we should have put more pressure on our elected officials. Same thing with Russia. They're clearly in the wrong, and their citizens don't like the invasion, so do something about it.

  6. The scantions we have on Russia are equivalent to the scantions that US put on Japan in 1941. Result if those scantions was Japan declaring war on US, within weeks.
    But to the breaking points crowd, preventing Russian going on holiday in Europe is crazy, beyond the pale, insane.
    There are no words for u people 😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂
    Learn some history 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  7. So it's okay to discriminate against people based on national origin? And it's okay to assign group guilt? These are the European values Ukraine is defending? Zelenskyy is a fascist. There is nothing Ukraine won't do and hasn't done. They've formed an SS Division – the Galicia Division – and fought with the Nazis, they've committed pogroms and participated in the Holocaust, they've ethically cleansed Poles and other minorities for Ukrainian statehood. None of this is ancient history. Now they're banning languages, books, political parties, conducting witch hunts for traitors, and think their Slava is more important than people starving, freezing, and now even a nuclear disaster. Corrupt through and through. A monomaniacal zealot is still a zealot even if they are a victim. The lesser of two evils is still evil and we don’t have to and shouldn't choose.

  8. Its called tourist visa u know?? there are other visas… Oh no i cant go on my vacation to europe cos my country is invading europe 😢 heartbreaking for sure.

  9. Americans are very child like in there understanding of the world. Simply saying this is Putin's war, doesn't make it Putin's war.
    Russian people are fully behind this war. Same as they were behind the Crimea invasion and Georgian war.
    If you think Russians are mindless victims I this war, then you are a very foolish person.
    This is a people who happily listen to there government, when it tells them 200,000 Ukrianian solders are dead and are AOK with levelling Ukrianian city's.
    There popular leaders and TV personalities threaten nuclear war almost every week.

  10. You two are freakin' clueless about the threat that Russia poses to the West. I am a $ subscriber but no more. You've MISSED THE point. XENOPHOBIA? PUH-lease. Stop with the insulting nonsense. The Russians are invading the Ukraine. Killing civilians. I'm done with you.

  11. Did they really just say "there isn't necessarily a reason to do it" and this would be "unjustifiable"? Europe may not be at war with Russia (yet), but applying civil economic pressure on a country that invaded one of its neighbors is absolutely justifiable. In fact, if you really do support Ukraine against Russia's unwarranted aggression, as most western nations do, then not only would this be justifiable, but a full-scale military response from NATO would be justifiable as well. Anything that would stop people from appeasing the lunatic dictator of Russia and remind him that he is a member of the international community is not only justifiable, but absolutely necessary.

    Do you know what is actually unjustifiable? Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

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