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Written by ThatUmbrellaGuy

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  1. From now on, I'm gonna read manga, Top Cow, CHAOS!, IMAGE, Amalgam Comics, Zenescope and other cool comics are badass and potential?

    MARVEL will always be better in 2004/2014 & So will DC Comics 2005/2015? Always have & always will be, forever and badass??? than 2020's embarrassing atrocity that we have today?

    I can still collect MARVEL LEGENDS & Build A Figure?

    I'll ignore MARVEL & DC Comics, For now???

  2. Industries are like stars.
    Stars are a balance between the gravity trying to make them collapse and the energy being released by nuclear fusion trying to make them explode.
    So too are industries a balance between costly overheads trying to make them collapse and the products being sold working against said collapse.
    If a star is unable to release energy from fusion it collapses while simultaneously spilling many of its useful material into space to be recycled into other stars, planets, etc.
    Same goes for industries which cannot pay for their overheads, collapsing and becoming defunct while releasing trademarks and copyrights to other entities which will hopefully put them to better use.

  3. Loki! HAHA someone once told me to never give an animal or a child a name they could live up to
    So I gave my cat a name that mean Spirit! (did I just make myself a hypocrite in this one?)
    But Loki is cute too <3

  4. Man, that panel at 0:59 is cringey. Who's reading comics to read about gender identity and whatnot? Oh, right, nobody. Which is why the industry is tanking. People don't want to read them but these comic charities keep making them. =(

  5. While I'd usually have no issue with Brie Larson's Captain Marvel being used to represent wokeness and how much it fails; since we're talking about DC Comics here, it's only fair to have their "Captain of the Agenda Ship" on display: Batwoman, portrayed by Ruby Rose …on 2nd thought, Batwoman is just forced representation in general, so you can pick any design of her from a hat and it would fit perfectly for this situation.

    In all seriousness though, as much as I don't want either DC or Marvel to go under – due to the wokeness, forced agendas/politics & false virtues that have poisoned these companies to the point where they are now, it's becoming harder and harder NOT to subscribe to the notion that they NEED to be figuratively (NOT literally) burnt to the ground, and just hope, pray, or whatever needs to be done so that they can rise from the ashes. Ideally, Marvel and DC would rise like phoenixes, but at this point I'll take a rising jack pine over what we've had since 2016, if not longer.

  6. I say we let them starve. Don't give those industry murderers a penny. Don't give them a responce a click or anything.

    Let the world forget them but not there actions. Let them wither and die like the parasites they are. They drained the comic book industry of life dont let them drain you of any of yours.

  7. Huge coordinated wave of creators condemning Comicsgate one week , Valiant closing its offices & massive firings at DC two weeks later. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  8. well my biggest worry was dan abnett being fired. i loved his work for games workshop's "the black library". kind of hope that marvel pick him up to help lead the warhammer 40K comics they are doing. hes also executive producer for the "eisenhorn" tv show thats ment to be made. he made the character and wrote all the books about him

  9. The idea that you can take original content and modify it to fit a new agenda will never work . If you truly wish to make sexual and racial diverse characters , then make new ones and see If they are accepted .

  10. Well I won't see Aquaman 2 I refuse to see Heard who chopped off JD finger and is a liar!! Not someone I want to see on the big screen. Jason Momsona is brilliant as Aquaman but I will not see any DC with AH. DC rewards bad behavior but Marval wouldnt put up with his bulshit.

  11. Just saw an ad for DC Fan doom. That claim 'All fan where welcome' and all I could think was "OH so NOW we are ALL welcome? What happened to you toxic fan's that don't like are BS don't come back?!" Guess they are starting to realize all that bad mouthing of fan's was bad for business. To bad it too late. They got a long ways to go to win fan's back at all.

  12. Btw, Comicsgate has been more diverse and inclusive than the gatekeepers for a very long time. The fact that the gatekeepers continue to lie about this just proves one thing, these gatekeepers are trying to keep their monopoly in place, they fear competition, nothing else.