Fired Google Insider Speaks Out

Former Google employee Taras Kobernyk talks to TRIGGERnometry about being fired from the tech giant after questioning company equity training.

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Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

0:00 Intro
1:49 What Was Happening at Google That Lead to Taras Writing the Memo
17:41 Is Ideology or Politics Being Reflected in Google Products?
23:52 Why Do Google Support Certain Ideologies?
29:23 Reasons That Lead to Taras Writing the Memo
33:34 What the Memo Said and Subsequent Events
38:36 Google’s Orders to Hide the Memo, Being Fired and Jordan Peterson
43:37 Does Taras Regret Speaking Out? Life After Being Fired From Google
52:10 What Are We Not Talking About That we Should Be?

Written by Triggernometry


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  1. It seems that we folks from post socialist countries are more resistant to the BS happening in the west.
    For me the virtue signalling green/woke/inclusive transnational companies are similar to commie propaganda like reports how our farmers harvested this and this amount of wheat above plan and how this comrade fulfilled his plan by 200%. Nothing but a distraction from the fact that you are being handled like cattle.

  2. This happened to me in my professional organisation. This Diversity training is rife across organisations and if you ask what politics has to do with “coffee” you’re the racist with white privilege.

  3. Too bad
    Seems like a case of poor emotional intelligence overall – this was not a situation where you were going to get what you were hoping for…

    A little reflection by this obviously concerned and honest guy would have shown him that the current – far from skillful – effort to be responsive to concerns from minority group perspectives has a long way to go from total chaos and confusion to something workable! Earnest/confrontational behavior and workplace memos – at Google, a really impactful place to earn a living – were not really smart… 🤷‍♀️ Our status quo of dominant White culture itself took a long time to arrive where it is – and it’s obviously filled with contradictions, holes, inequities and compromises, itself, as a framework.
    So I think this fledgling approach some are calling woke culture has PLENTY of run room, don’t you think? 😆😑

  4. Brilliant interview here. The fake virtue-signalling woke doublespeak front put up by the enormously economically right-wing internet giants like Google is creepy and shameful. I'm culpable, for trying to proliferate access to my comedy with my YouTube channel. But they have kind of made themselves the equivalent of "TV" on the internet.

    I wish the internet giants would grow out of their see-through shallow teenage facade of virtue-signalling-wherever-it-wins methodology. Maybe EITHER sack the hypocritical grim reaper who works for you, OR maybe start paying your taxes properly around the world, Google, or preferably both? I am just mercifully grateful I will never have the kind of talent needed to work for you. If I did, it would be OFF WITH HIS HEAD, on day number one, or rather, it would be FUCK WORKING FOR YOU.

    At some point in the future, this pendulum is going to swing back a little bit, maybe a lot, and Google and its fellow silicon shallow internet giants, like all dishonest regimes which end up achieving real power for any amount of time, will be left in a similar situation to the Catholic church has been. People will soon start holding the internet giants to account, politically, by asking, why did you abuse your power, over centuries (it will only have been years or decades in the case of Google), by forcing people to refrain from using contraception, forcing them to attend ridiculous ceremonies on pain of death, why did you lie to your flock about the nature of reality, giving them improper information about communion and the way to find the kingdom of heaven, and why did you persuade them all that anyone who disagreed with everything exactly as you said it would burn in hell?

    Why are you so intolerant, Google, of any possible tiny wriggle-room of diversity of political opinions among your workforce? When it comes to powering your services, you need it all – you need the designers, the coders, the people who know how to read machine code backwards, the backend coders, the frontend coders, the artists, the marketers – you want the lot, right? Suddenly, there's no negotiation with reality or common sense. Because you need your services to work right, on all fronts, in all respects, all the time. So, there, you cover your giant G-shaped arse by ensuring the enormous necessary mix of talent, and expecting them to contribute their conventional types of skills. But, when it comes to political opinions, even within reasonable range, NO. COMPUTER SAYS NO. (Any Americans or anyone not familiar with this, look up "Computer says no" sketches by Little Britain.) You must adopt the most absurd, extreme forms of left wing politics in order to have the right to work here. You will treat these values with the sanctity as Winston Smith would in 1984. There can be no possible variation, don't you dare, step down from your station, don't you realise you are a robot? How dare you move your arms around when we didn't authorise you to? How dare you be human? What you're supposed to do is virtue-signal, and, as a Google employee, you should be on Twitter day and night tweeting and retweeting faster than a robot could, with no personality, no views of your own. And please, whatever you do, NEVER bring FACTS and REALITIES to our doorstep. {{[That is forbidden] [says ROBOT EMPLOYER]}}. Napoleon Pig might get pigged off if you ever formed an opinion of your own. When it comes to your computer science, or graphic design, or marketing abilities, then we want you to bring real facts and real knowledge. But politically, you become our property, if you work for us, and you must pretend to adopt our opinions politically, however absurd – even though this stuff doesn't fly, just as pigs don't fly – in fact the engineering equivalent would be like trying to make a Google server out of beads on a string and a witch to bless them and a medieval crowd of worshipers to hope it worked. The stark contrast and sinister difference between the modern internet giants' pursuit of technical and creative talent where they need it, and systematic grinding down of their employees' opinions and viewpoints, where they don't need it, is very peculiar, very disturbing, but also very obvious, something that we are all wise to – a case where Google has assumed the rest of us, who don't work for Google, must be SO FUCKING STUPID that we will never notice this kind of thing, or take issue with it. Actually, hate to tell you Google, but this is the one area where the rest of the human race is probably more intelligent than your algorithmic ways of thinking.

    God, I'm getting bored writing this, and I very much doubt that anyone will ever read this far either, and if they do, it will be a Google bot, which will either seek me down and assassinate me from one of its Street View cars when it recognises my face, or just maybe delete my precious YouTube channel. Please no!

    Don't worry, if you think this comment is insane, DON'T WORRY! Yes, Google, I'm insane, I'm mentally ill, I'm really struggling with reality, which, in the formulaic virtue-signalling model which you make sacred, makes me a protected entity and person. Although I'm a straight white man, I'm skint, facing deportation (that's actually true, almost) and I'm struggling with my mental health (definitely true). So, Google, woke brigade, you have to protect me, because I'm in a victim class in the automated victim-identifying algorithm which you operate by. And, everyone, celebrate the joy and the love and the life of Google and YouTube, who are in theory a set of web platforms, but are also in practice a political force in the world, one of the most dishonest you will come across. Whine, whinge, whinge, whine, cry, we're so far to the left, except we can't be ARSED to pay our taxes properly. What taxes? Doublespeak! 1984. And we uphold mental health vulnerability at all costs, EXCEPT if you're a white man, in which case you can fuck off and go to hell! (You're not gay right?) No, straight? Ok, perfect – off you go to hell. But please continue using Google services up until the very moment you die, because there is no bottom to the pit of our greed. Y yo tambien estoy culpable por participar. Y a ver, Google, YouTube, no os apetece mandarme mas trafico a mi puto canal despues de todo lo bueno que he dicho sobre vosotros?

  5. "We encourage you to challenge the status quo, even at a cost to yourself." All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. How in the name of fuck can one of the hubs of some of the world's most brilliant minds have slumped into such a dormant political and organisational hypocrisy and sloth? And has nobody working there yet noticed and challenged the fact that they avoid all their taxes worldwide to the max? Hypocrisy and dishonesty seldom come on such a big scale as what Google puts on offer.

  6. I feel bad for posting a THIRD comment within 30 minutes. But each one is getting shorter. This is SO FUCKING CREEPY. Good on Taras for speaking out on this. Working for Google really sounds like living in an Orwell novel. So Google just got so full of itself that it forgot that it is NOT yet a totalitarian government, but it experiments on its employees to see what that would be like, perhaps? Meanwhile, Google continues to operate one of THE biggest and slickest tax-avoiding regimes on the planet Earth, and we're supposed to just not notice that? Classic signs that whatever they do and say will not be operating on any proper moral principle – something else is going on. Not a mystery, simply an ORWELL NOVEL.

  7. I can't stop commenting here… but after hearing Jordan Peterson's names here (Beelzebub incarnate) I am also triggered by the mention of Robert Sapolsky's name, because that aroused my trauma, since Sapolsky asserts that humans are primates, which is racist, and I would encourage people to discuss anything they like, completely openly, but not if it's to do with primates (I just triggered myself again by writing that word). OH MY GOD. This episode is fascinating, but also scary and horrifying. Thanks to Taras and hosts for doing it.

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