Firefighter CRIES After Rioters Destroyed His Dream Business, Its Awful but We CAN Help

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  1. These people who destroyed these businesses are EVIL. They are stopping the black community from gaining any type of institutionalized power or wealth.

    The rioters are literally fighting against equality not for it??

  2. I wonder if his outlook on his fellow black brethren has changed any now? Ive never heard of or seen blacks be so racist against others, and they call other minoritys racist against blacks, professional victims from the womb to the tomb…

  3. People need to stop getting scared of what mainstream media says about you going against riots. The real news like Steven crowder or maybe tim here might support anyone who goes against them. Nobody take mainstream seriously anyway for the most part.

  4. Seems i can't write what I want to say… YouTube keeps on deleting it, I hope Google will burn

    I hope when the Civil "unrest" starts all those l*fties will get it back

  5. In ATL they did the same thing–destroyed all small businesses.BTW the wendys they burned–it donated food to the 2 homeless shelters that are in ATL–each one a few miles from it.Notice though that lance bottoms had the whole APD guard CNN–yeah–these libs really give a shiot about folks–ef libs and dims.