Fireside Chat Ep. 201 — Crisis in Afghanistan & Tyranny in Australia

Pulling our remaining 2,500 troops out of Afghanistan? Dennis was against it. And he was against it for the reasons we are now witnessing today. Also in the news: chaos, mandates, and tyranny in Australia. Dennis, as always, provides needed perspective and lessons from all of these events. This episode of the Fireside Chat was recorded before the tragic events that occurred on August 26, 2021.

Dennis’s column referenced: Are We to Be the World’s Greatest Force for Good or Not?

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0:00 By The Way
2:10 Pulling Out Of Afghanistan
8:35 More Proof Feminism Is A Farce
10:40 Lack Of Freedom In Australia
18:03 Otto’s Getting Restless
19:03 Every Tyranny Has An Excuse
20:35 A Nurse During These Times
25:04 People Who Know Evil…
26:38 Did We Outcast Gays With AIDS?
29:08 Most Important Thing About America

Written by PragerU


  1. So if they make up threats to suppress freedom, Mr. Pragur, what do you think about the war on terror and both political party's role in fearmongering the civilian population and military members to buy into what have been doing in the middle east for the last 20 years. I think you are biast, I dont blame you for that, with Isreal and everything they've gone through, but as a non Semitic Christian American, is it OK that we have subjugated to search and seizure, wire taps, and the overall expansion in the roles of beuracratic organizations all in the name of safety?

  2. Thank you. I agree. The U.S. should not have left Afghanistan! I reached this decision after watching an excellent documentary on the post-WW2 history of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the documentary has been removed, hopefully not censored, but perhaps to keep some of the women featured and their families safe. No one doubted the Marshall Plan and Europe's post-WW2 re-emergence as a result of the plan and American presence there. The U.S. should have stayed for the women and children, to build a modern, successful country, with a contingent of military to deter extremist uprisings, and to maintain a foothold in a difficult part of the world to enable quick responses to events in the area.

  3. I felt the same i knew it was going to back within a day after we left now their just going to have terror cells around the world This Adim is already trying to bring in "refuges" look at north and South Korea we never left and can never leave until the North takes loses it way of thought.

  4. I think people are not understanding the magnitude of what´s going on. Many think there is a tyranny on the making and they can fight against it for them and for their children.

    No. 99% of grown up people either love or stand this new transhuman reality because it takes a huge toll from their backs, which is the toll of individual responsability and the possibility of failure. And kids are FASCINATED by it. They tolerate the lack of freedom because they are being promised a new world where artificial intelligence will take over and will make them become the first superhuman generation. They will have inserted machinery that will make them invulnerable to the aging process, will make them smarter than any past era´s genious. They are even told that they might get their consciousness transported to a computer where they could live forever. And if not, no worries: virtual reality will make you experiment any conceivable pleasure, hours a day, because machines will take the burden of work, so they can play until they die.

    This is the problem. You will not get any support from the new generations, even your own children. They will fight against your world, not against this Brave New World.

  5. Prager. When is it time to Rise up? History paints a clear picture of where we are heading. Even the book of Revelation teaches this pattern. "No on can buy or sell unless he had the mark (vaccine)."
    It's time to pray to YWHW for Yeshua (salvation).

  6. The only real clue to which is the Saigon picture and which is the Kabul picture is the relative graininess of the Saigon picture and the mosque in the background of the Kabul picture.

  7. Be aware that pro-CCP businesses and professional agitators in Japan have turned the people of Okinawa against the American peace keeping forces. They have already won the online argument (mostly from appearing to be the majority opinion) and we'll see them start action against the US forces.

    It's obvious to anyone with an objective viewpoint that American peacekeeping forces in the area have been a net positive, and are a major deterrent to China's expansionism. But the current US administration will cave, fold, extract the forces, and we'll lose Japan, Taiwan, and immediately afterwards, the Philippines.

    Don't let this happen

  8. Listened to Prague short talks previously but never fireside talks. Very insightful and I’m surprised YouTube haven’t blocked it as they’re left wing police too. Every country in the western world is headed in the same direction as Australia and Canada. We are in real trouble. The UK is headed down the shoot too

  9. It is simply immoral to force the American taxpayer to pay for the defense and security of a foreign country. That alone is good reason for why "we" should leave. Never mind that "we" are nearly 30 trillion dollars in debt. The good-hearted people who care for the suffering people of Afghanistan should form a voluntary organization funded by donations to secure that state. The same is true for Germany, South Korea, Japan, and every other single place on earth that is not the United States of America.

  10. Femmenist, not the old school type but the 3/4 th type are just bullies. Bullies only bully those who don't fight back. They can shout their ideologies in western society at their men and the patriarchal men who protected their women folk, these femmenist wouldn't be born if it wasn't for the patriarchal of the recent ancestors. But like spoilt children with beaten down bullied parents they only do it on home ground. They know they wouldn't get away with their tantrums in Sharia land, their suking up to shariah ideologies is vomit inducing.

  11. Mr Prager, I like your videos. Your comment about "everything the left touches, it destroys" is interesting to me. I have heard you make that statement a number of times. I have taken it as an advisement, while I observe, because I didn't know what to make of your statement. I do see less freedom, less creativity, and more submission to others who seem to increase the control of others within their span of control or domain or jurisdiction when the left influences or assumes a position of authority. Therefore, it occurs to me what you say on this is correct. What occurred to me this morning is an "aha!" moment. What I realize is that the recurrence of this kind of effect in history always has the same look, impact, effect, or fingerprints. It's not more life, more good, or more freedom but always the opposite. What I also realized, in this "aha!" moment, is that Jesus said Satan was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). So, yes I agree with your statement, because all I observe of the left is the opposite of life.

  12. Please don't compare New Zealand to Australia ?? – certainly there are health orders presently in place that are being lifted and changed in time. These days there is NO problem of weight of garbage. We do not need the US right to guns that kills and maims willy nilly and can never be changed for the safety of people and groups. Guns are controlled and if you wish to buy a gun as long as you are sane you can purchase gun/s. Israel’s corona problems are due a lot to unvaccinated, as is proving in NSW, Australia and elsewhere.

  13. Does it have something to do with the Queen of England being head of state in Canada and Australia to make them dictatorships? ?

  14. I am a big fan Mr. Prager but you are off the mark here. I agree that we should have kept a small force in Afghanistan along with our NATO allies. However, the argument that 20 years is long enough is not simply an arbitrary measure of time as you suggest, and spend a massive amount of time repeating. 20 years of spending billions of American tax dollars that is wasted and stolen by corrupt leaders is certainly more than enough. 20 years of listening to our military leaders lie about allegedly improving conditions on the ground while largely tying the hands of our troops to engage and destroy the enemy is more than long enough. 20 years of getting shot at, having rockets and mortars fired at our bases, and not being allowed to strike back because of the optics back home is long enough. It’s what that 20 years consists of that is important, not the arbitrary passage of a given number of days or months. How many of those things are going on in Germany or S. Korea?
    As far as your reason for wanting the US to stay, I agree it is noble and moral to protect foreign women and children, but that is not what our military is for. It is to fight and win the nation’s wars…not defend the physical integrity of foreign nationals in their own countries. Believe me, I agree it is horrific what goes on there, and I have seen it first hand, but that is not the proper role of our forces. In the same way the Left in this country justifies violating the constitution by usurping power outside the proper role and function of government in the name of doing good.
    We should have stayed, but changed the rules of engagement and the rules for the use of force. We should have allowed the Afghans who were willing to take the fight to the Taliban to do it their own way instead of hindering them. We should have pulled back the massive amounts of money that were simply being handed over and created accountability. We should have encouraged the development of Afghanistan through a progressive muslim eye, rather than the progressive Leftist eye of modern western society.