Fireside Chat Ep. 210 — My COVID Experience

Dennis Prager got COVID, the internet imploded, hateful people mocked & celebrated, and unfortunately for them and the lying media, he made a very quick recovery. 😉 Here’s what happened.

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  1. Our family has travelled all over the world and have met many many Americans. We have since stopped traveling because we don't want to take the poisonous jab!!! Three years ago we started noticing that the most miserable American traveler was a leftie. Always complaining about what was wrong with America and the ranting against President Trump was unbearable. We love to interact with everyone but we eventually had to flee from the lefties!!!

  2. I often think you make a lot of good judgement calls BUT ??? Sweden deaths from covid 15,000.057 New Zealand 32 They have 10,000,000 population we have 5,000,000 SWEDED FIFTEEN THOUSAND NEW ZEALAND THURTY TWO. WOW "O" Wow So you lived through it but 5 million did not Good thinking. Dennis. You remind me of the saying "AS long as it doesn't happen to me" New Zealand locked down and saved lives. Not only through fear alone but also because we care what happens to our neighbours. and friends. When you speak you need to think globally. Not just as an American. The Government in N Z is nothing like yours except thy Govern. No Dennis I for one think you are speaking out of your own frustration In this matter. Blessings.

  3. I’m glad you got recovered from COVID after getting it. I got COVID at the beginning of September. I tried to get a prescription for the alleged horse – dewormer. I was treated like an uneducated hillbilly and unable to get a prescription. Two months later I’m still dealing with cough and congestion and taking two different inhalers. I’m only 29. I chose not to get the vaccines because I don’t trust them and I trust the agenda behind them even less. I have a doctor friend and a pharmacist acquaintance who are not getting the vaccine.

  4. I got covid on jan 25, i was asymptomatic but tested positive for more than a month. I lived with my family and no-one got infected, and we are closed and very affective. My parents are 76+ old,.again they did not get infected. Like you I follow science, not alarmist and restricted comunist agenda. I am accustomed to this totalitarian measure to impose falsehoods. I was born and raised in Cuba.

  5. I’m happy you’ve recovered from COVID but I want to challenge your contention that US service personnel don’t need to be vaccinated against COVID because they are young and healthy. So far 56 US military members have died from COVID in 2020 and 2021, how many such unnecessary deaths would be required for you to change your mind about the military needing COVID vaccination?

  6. Are all military members and their families and communities young and healthy so soldiers living in congregate barracks don’t need to be vaccinated? Really? Human beings living in congregate facilities are at high risk for Covid.

  7. Could our military be deployed to areas of the world where Covid is endemic? Like typhoid fever our fighting men and women who could be deployed overseas into Covid infested areas of the world. I am mocking the contention that our service personnel shouldn’t be vaccinated.

  8. The similarity in behavior of the left wing media here in Brazil is absolutely uncanny. People should be paying attention to this weird sort of pattern … are they honestly delluded or are they mental and after something we have yet to find out? Scary!!

  9. I also had the virus. I experienced body pain, nausea, loss of smell, and night sweats for a week before I took some medication, but the body pains were already going away before. Feelings of weakness and nausea continued for about ten more days but am over it now. I never saw a doctor.

  10. Dennis: “not one kid died in Sweden of Covid”
    Reality: 14 kids in Sweden have died of Covid. (Eqv of 445 kids if population was the same as USA)
    It’s these constant unchecked lies that make Denis and this show dangerous.

  11. We are dealing with little people with little minds Mr Prager, we have to live our lives above them and their minds.
    You have contributed much more to this country and the world than the small minded will ever be able to do.
    GOD'S Blessings .

  12. I had the pleasure of seeing you live in Hawaii!! I hate we are Blue and not following science but NWO blah, blah, blah…leaving soon. Retired early from 🙄 DOH. RN 21 yrs ..not💉. I take the vitamins and Qu3rcetin. I have IVE…

  13. Dennis Praget ,
    Bravo. You shine
    Unfortunately many citizens were not given proper attention during their upbringing where they are and their parents did not realize how important Upbringing needs to be, because in the Young years they are copycats who should learn ethics and moral and compassion for others without a second expecting a Quid Pro quo

  14. If you get covid and get sick, look into Monoclonal antibodies. Everyone I know who has gotten it was better in 24hours, including me. I tried IVM but it didn't seem to do much early in my infection and I kept getting worse

  15. "I refused to take the pandemic seriously, went out and potentially spread the disease to countless people, then stuffed myself with horse paste when I was faced with the consequences of my own actions. WHY IS THE LEFT SO HATEFUL?!?!?!"

  16. You shit talk the vaccine constantly and yet, when you gave yourself COVID, you sought the treatment that uses the antibodies that the vaccine would have given you. The whole point of a vaccine is to boost your natural immune system. You claim to know the science, yet you ignore the reality

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