First Ever NIH/NIND Study on Vaccine Caused Neurological Injuries (Preprint)

First Ever NIH/NIND Study on Vaccine Caused Neurological Injuries (Preprint)

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This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only.
Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any medical or mental health related diagnosis or treatment. No information in this video should ever be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

Link to the preprint:


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  1. Friends, I am un injected and will remain so. I am 70 yoa, A+ blood type.
    re tinnitus:
    I treat my tinnitus with vitamin B-1. a tab is 6,500X MDR. I take one when the siren goes off, like right now when I got up for work this 5AM. it takes about an hour and the sound just is gone. I can take several in a whole day if need be. no side effects at this dose range. it's amazing and works.

  2. Yes they are talking about it on Fox news, but they are saying is only in the older population who have underline issues. They are not speaking the truth. I am concerned because my hold family including my grandchildren took the jab. This is looking more, and more dangerous then ever imagined. very concern.

  3. How could people be forced to put something in their bodies that has not been tested, I feel this was a bio weapon against humanity. Especially since Gates is involved.

  4. Why does no one have the guts to come out and report this especially doctor's who know. I am sure the reason is because they are getting a kick back for every patient that they inject with this posion. They should all be disbard. It's become all about greed. I lost all trust on the medical industry.

  5. “Further investigation is required to explore underlying mechanisms and targeted therapies for these neurologic disorders” -REALLY!!! after NIH/NINDS subjected these people to this experimental covid vaccine and now injured for life!

    I don’t understand why would anyone inflict neurological disorders on people by these experimental covid vaccine and then try to cure the horrendous side effects of the vaccine.!? Why don’t you just leave these healthy people alone…no vaccine aka JAB and would have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection 99% anyway!

  6. I so appreciate this honest integrity of everybody sharing real truth. United is the only way, 'We the People' can stand, thankyou everyone💞

  7. Great and informative video. I was injured in a car accident seven years ago and suffered an mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). This accident completely changed my life and in spite of being told that I will never recover, I’ve kept at it and have made some remarkable progress. The neurological symptoms that I’m left with are remarkably similar to what Brie has suffered so I can totally relate so what she’s experienced and I know profoundly how challenging and frustrating it can be when your life turns in an instant. I am unvaccinated and adamantly continue to be a resister, knowing the possible adverse reactions and not seeing proper science behind the so-called vaccination. I’ve taken other legitimate vaccines in my life, but there was no way that I was going to take this experimental drug therapy. I agree with Brie and Dr Been that each patient is different and that there is hope and patience, time and belief are all part of the healing process.

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  9. Same thing with rashes – they prescribe steroids, the rash often disappears, but then comes back as soon as the steroid is discontinued. Not that they do not know this, they do not want to know. It's like that across the board in medicine. And – mind you – it has always been like this, pre-covid as well!

  10. I would not play with IVIg — they can equally trigger neurological complications ( either secondary to an immune response, or due to excipients). When the nervous system is injured, the best thing is to let it heal naturally (= time, TIME), without extra "interventions".

  11. These "researchers" made only one mistake: they should have said "2 out of 3" instead of "all 3". That would leave every participant wondering whether they are that one isolated case. Well, they will learn for the next pandemic, they're still young. Falsifying data is prevalent in medicine, for those who do not know. It happens all the time. I am sure they are laughing and thinking "who the heck are these naive f**ks(=us)?

  12. It would be interesting for Project Veritas or some such group to get their hands on the actual contracts that medical professionals are bound to. I'm certain there is a clause or NDA about the covid vaccinations and ignoring the ill effects as 'we have no data on that', case closed.

  13. I cannot believe anyone trusts healthcare anymore, never-mind the pharmaceutical industry. Covid had me drop my nursing license after 15 years in the field.

  14. I had that feeling of a ton of bricks on my back but I did not have the vaccine, Covid caused inflammation and spasms in my back muscles causing compression. However I do recognise that the vaccine may be causing the same symptoms as the virus as I had the similar with the British Meningitis C vaccine in 2001.

  15. Bri aw bless you 🙏❤️

    I've had loads of symptoms here in the UK! It took 1 year to report the gp surgery and report and only Jan this year I get referrels but no gastro, no cardiologist has been done, no immunologist.
    Dermatology I've had still waiting, rheumatologist as since my dart! I've now got osteoarthritis very low spine L5 I break out in weird blister/rash things in Bath and such severe tummy (inflammation too) and side flank pain & burning,and the heat intolerance hence breaking out in rash issues in Bath! And red feet We're all just left

  16. I wrote a song to the music of an old song that I just heard “Born Free” from an ancient movie about lions. I call it “Ode to the Parasites: Banksters, Financiers, Fed leaders, and CCP cadres.” It is copyrighted, but these are some of its lyrics:

    “Born thieves, for thieving is easy, to cheat, to lie, and to steal,
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    It goes on in a similar vein.

  17. If they are this dishonest now, with all the evidence from the vaccine injured, just imagine what they haven’t told us about all the Covid vaccines and the potential long term effects.

  18. I hope you have a complete recovery. I am so sad to hear this happened to you and to so many. Who is going to be accountable for this travesty to the human race? The vaccines came out too quickly without study That’s scary.

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