First Home Buyers told to Wait!

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First home buyers are being told to wait. Is this even legal to say in Australia?


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  1. You must be extremely desperate to consider authoritarian places like Australia and Canada to move to. As it looks right now China is clamping down on citizen leaving the country very soon. There are plenty of poor people in the camps on the islands on the Australien coasts.

  2. I have enough to pay cash for a house but why would I, better off renting with no extra costs. Just like if a boat looks too full it is so don't get out on. If a house in the middle of the suburbs built from brick, pine, plasterboard with plastic plumbing and 400m2 of land is asking +$500k it is not worth it. Any good economist will tell you that homes should cost around three times the average wage for a healthy economy so around $270k but in OZ it is more than double that in most places. People have been bombarded with media propaganda of the wonders of home ownership. There was a time when that was the case but not now the only winners are the bankers and families are sucked into borrowing money they can't afford and can't even give the kids a decent holiday. Get off the mouse-wheel.

  3. LOL I always thought the greens stand for less energy consumption, yet they are behind the air-conditioned fitments for rental properties. What a joke the greens are the scum of the political system.

  4. Philip's outrageous statement of no rate rising until 2024 is the lie of the century. Large mortgage holders will be totally screwed when he is forced with egg on his face to raise rates much sooner and larger than expected ….hold on folks 🤪

  5. Property will never go down in the long term, not in Australia as long as we have these types of politicians and regulators, not to mention the banks. Until all these people are removed and new people with a different path take over it will never ever change. It may go down 10-20 or even 50% but it will eventually be bubbled back up in the long term.

  6. You should be selling in the hype not buying. Why is everyone obsessed with Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney? There are better places to live for family and bang for buck housing

  7. It goes like this, if you know that next week that shinny thing you wanted costing $1000 was going to be on sale at a discount of 10 percent, would you buy it today or would you wait to that next week when it will be on sale ? If the decline is starting what do you do to spur people to buy a house you have to put something there to incentivize them otherwise they will sit and wait.

  8. While ever this new global, central bank driven deliberate inflation continues, together with the global political environment being the way it is, assets are only going to go higher in 2022, I think, albeit maybe at less of a pace than last year. Especially as more houses are purchased by corporations and banks. You will have nothing and they will have everything.

  9. They are packing an extra 300,000 people every year – power and water costs will consume 15 percent of your wages soon. If you do buy you can live in the vast housing estates of Western Sydney and work the rest of your life to pay for it. Renters are the most influential of the voting blocks.

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