First Presidential Debate Analysis and Reaction



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  1. Biden: "I am the democratic party! I'm in charge!"
    Antifa/BLM: *Steps behind Biden wearing a Bane mask* "Do you feel in charge?"
    Biden: "I paid you lip service…"
    Antifa/BLM: "And this gives you power over me?"

  2. What annoyed me is Trump didn't defend himself properly (like most people) when he was attacked for saying good people on both sides. All he had to say was his exact quote and he never does.

  3. Styxx, what happened is that between TDS Wallace and Biden, Trump lost the debate. Because:
    1.They gave Biden drugs…troll me if you want, but for1yr or more he could not focus opr complete a sentence in interviews etc.
    2.Trump and Wallace allowed biden to call him names , actually twice call the President of the U.S. a liar(in past times you would have been thrown off the stage for that)
    3. Trump and Wallace allowed Biden to NOT answer a number of important Qs and allow him to blame Trump for covid and all the deaths and infections in the U.,S. Something that the entire Nation has been trained to fear more than God and the Devil.
    **If you couple this with the next debates where CNN hit men will be the moderators and the "new laws" that say you can mail in votes up to 17 days after the election(liker PA and MN etc.) Trump cannot win re-election.

  4. I think Trump was just calibrating his sights. He came out swinging for the fences and probing for where Biden is weak. The next debate will be Trump blowing holes in Biden ship, and the third debate will be Biden singing a dirge while he slowly sinks under the waves.

  5. Before you say "Obama lost. but came back" does not apply to Trump and the next debates. WHY?
    1.Obama went back, rehearsed and studied AND was protected by all the media
    2.Trump will not rehearse, he will not bring "cards" with facts to flip and look when Biden and CNN hit people go after him ,and lie
    3. Trump every minute will be stabbed on every word until Nov. 3…Biden will be protected, glossed over and just left out of the media when he face plants.

  6. FBI director Wray does not believe that Antifa is a group. His predecessor J Edgar Hoover did not believe that the Mafia existed. OK, folks – nothing to see here. Go back to slumbering.

  7. I think everyone is wrong about the debates in this election. Biden is a former vice president, most people already know him, Trump is someone everyone knows. The reason you see so many people on both sides saying that their candidate won the debate is because these people are all locked in already. Nobody is on the fence anymore.

    Nobody on the left likes Biden, it's just that they hate trump more. So all Biden had to do in the debate for them to see his performance as a win was to not blurt out racial slurs. Leftists aren't voting for Biden, they're voting against Trump. These debates won't change anyone's minds. I listened to a college aged girl talking about how she didn't want to hear two white men talking about police reform because it doesn't effect them. People like that are beyond reason. People screaming about compassion while they mercilessly oppose people who won't fall in line. They don't want to hear white mens opinion because they're the only demographic that isn't allowed to fight back, it's low hanging fruit used to circumvent opposition.

    Then you have the rest of us, who are accused of being Inherently racist nazis, whether we believe we are or not because our country was founded in order to profit from slavery and exploitation of minorities. This is original sin, it's inherited guilt. It's not just white people who are voting for Trump, it's people who are sick of college "educated" liberals and their increasingly authoritarian attitudes that are finding their way into legislation.

  8. My only critique is this, Trump must remain aggressive while presenting an outward appearance of calm. He can improve by skewering Biden with a smile.

    In any competitive endeavor it's important to be aggressive but not so fired up that you can't think clearly.

  9. You missed a couple of things, losses for Biden in particular:
    He went against the new Green deal or whatever it is called.
    He outright condemned the rioting.
    He outright condemned defunding the police.

    He lost a bunch of the left on those 3 things alone.

    Trump did his job. Solidified his base while deflating whatever tiny base Biden has.

    Trump won. He debated 2 people and still won.

    It wasn't pretty though.

  10. Eh…Trump should have repudiated the "white supremacy" question on it's face. However, he should have pointed out that Proud Boys aren't the ones that are burning , looting and killing. Other than that, I think he did great. However, lefties think Biden won because he didn't piss himself or scratch his ass crack and sniff his finger!

  11. I wonder why trump didn’t denounce white supremacists. That would have finally put that myth to rest. Trump has denounced it in the past, why not now? Maybe he’s holding it off so he can land a knockout in a later debate. It’s basically one of the few things that people regularly bring up against trump.

  12. So I'm the only one who noticed how the thumbnail captured this guy shape shifting through his three handed digital lizard form? …wait, you all are in on this, aren't you?

  13. If this had been a boxing match, Trump won on the technical points but not a knockout…..with Wallace ofc as the ref ignoring Biden's below the belt punches and running around the ring tiring Trump patience out lol

  14. Also having looked at this debate a little more, its seems obvious that Biden was on some kind of drugs. He wasn't the same person i've been watching for the last 4 months that's for sure.

  15. I liked when Trump asked if he was debating Wallace too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Father kept scowling but I knew it would be a circus from the start.
    My only regret is predicting 'dancing' when they didn't do any. This close!

  16. What an awful take.. usually you are right dude but you're off the mark here by a mile. It's far from a "Mild," win.. Trump crushed the dude; and he did it in a handicap match vs one of his biggest critics in the side role. Trump didn't have time to defend his record as he had 2 clowns with a steel chair (one could barely hold one up so the other helped him,) trying to knock his head off figuratively. He missed a couple of chances on a couple of things but honestly you couldn't ask for a better performance by an incumbent.. he didn't come in arrogant like Barack or Dubya did, he didn't come in lazy like Bush Sr or Reagan did. Trump established his dominance early and often. The next two debates he will have to go against the system but he will state his record better and contrast it against loony tune. Biden made himself into a clown last night.. he got broke early and was foggy quite a bit. His eyes looked sad and his head looked like the veins would pop out any minute.. he's not well. If anyone tries to argue that then they are flat out stupid. Wallace was a joke but then again we all expected it.

    The polls are BS like figured they did the same in 2016 as well.. Trump will rebound and it will be fine. The fact he won a latino flavored TV poll and C-Span's twitter poll is a great sign.. people don't believe the narratives. So awesome. Do better Styx!

  17. Biden can only make coherent sentences if he hears it through the implant. How many times did he reach into his pocket for the remote? Just thoughts from an independent here……