First Videos from the Attack on Novofedorivka Air Base (Lots of Damage)

Videos from the attack on Novofedorivka airbase. A car park outside Saky/Saki air base shows damaged cars, plus a destroyed Su-24 fencer.

A short update on the attack on Novofedorivka airbase. So, we now have our first video from the scene and blimey—the damage is immense. And this is just the car park outside—and this amount of damage has been caused. Now, the exact platform used still hasn’t been identified, but it’s clear that Russia’s initial claim that “no airframes” were damaged is absolute tosh. I will let this video play to the end. Then, I will look at where this car park is in relation to the air base.

So—it’s here, not on the air base itself but about 500 meters away. There’s even a car with a steel beam tossed through it.

Now—we have one very short video from the air base itself. This one showing a totally destroyed Su-24 and ground equipment. Which is likely just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to destruction.

Now, there is a third video doing the rounds said to be from the airbase, but on it—the Russians speaking mention being hit at “5 in the morning” which is too early for this, so its likely from another facility targeted.

So—that’s it for now. I expect more videos and photos will trickle out from the scene. But it’s guaranteed, this has hit Russia hard. It could be the biggest single-day loss for Russia in the entire war.

Written by Suchomimus


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  1. At the current way the Russians are running this invasion!, It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't some incompetent idiot that did this and the Russian government is going to get some rubber stamp committee to put the blame on the Ukraine!!!.

  2. Satellite imagery is out. At least 10 planes destroyed in their revetments and on the tarmac, and at least 3 large (~15-20m diameter) craters visible nearby.

    It was very careless for the Russians to bury ammunition next to their parked planes…

  3. It is reported on Ukrainian Telegram that they have a new system called the HRIM 2 that can fire GPS guided missiles up to 500km. This system was under development before the war started. They only had one system for testing phase but they lacked funds to buy any. Though with all the aid money coming in they probably were able to complete a couple along with the missiles. This is probably the system that hit Crimea.

  4. 1:04 when you really don't want to pay for delivery of the random airbase girder. As a side not if your load extends out of the vehicle I think you are supposed to attach a rag or something.

  5. Всем ВСУ ПРИКАЗЫВАЮ !!! Захватить В.ЗЕЛЕНСКОГО в ПЛЕН, с передачей войскам РФ, для подписания КАПИТУЛЯЦИИ и прекращения гибели украинских военных!!!

  6. Yahoooo! As an Irish person I have to say that the volunteers in the North of our occupied country can now celebrate in advance the arrival of all needed weaponry to destroy British infrastructure and military equipment in the same way. Perhaps it could be extended to the British mainland. As the great patriot John Mitchell wrote, "Send war in our time, Oh Lord!". The British distress is our opportunity. Eire go Bragh!

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