Five Companies Control The World. “Conspiracy Theory” or FACT?

Did you know there are five powerful global corporations who run EVERYTHING? They control what you buy, what you do and even what you think! Are we just trapped in a plateau of consumerism?

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. capitalism is a tool, a machine, a mechanism used to guide and control society. Like gears and sprockets all working together to serve one purpose to keep the machine running. But if enough gears and sprockets decide screw this I'm out of here, then the machine falls apart and the pieces are free to create their own way forward.

  2. Actually it is one company with 5 divisions. I call it the law of five. They are the economic part of the plan for the war to end all wars. After the American Civil War my town took over the leadership of the old Machiavellian Trade Network to put an end to the ceaseless senseless slaughter across the globe. The story is long detailed and full of intrigued Beyond that of Game of Thrones. I sometimes call it the Game of Romes.

  3. The biggest company on the world is Federal Reserve Bank, own privately by R/R families, it makes business by printing notes and landing them WITH INTEREST globally to the governments as money . 😉

  4. You don’t seem to know math, science ….global warming? Carbon is needed to feed plants/trees…PHOTOSYNTHESIS: trees and plants uptake carbon dioxide CO2, plants/trees cleave the CARBON, eat it as fuel, release oxygen O2…plastics in the ocean causes pollution..California has an island of trash twice the size of Texas off its shores, clean that…India and China build new coal plants daily to have electricity without using clean coal…Greta doesn’t go there since they have no money…Al Gore sold big old made hundreds of millions pushing his books flying private while using $30,000 a month in electricity at his home…..clean coal, clean gas…wind turbines cut trees, kill birds need oil to run and end up in the ocean…it’s all a way for regressives to make money skimming tax dollars like Al Gore.

  5. Old political divides no longer matter, our recognised political parties no longer exist, they are relics of something that existed in the past that is no longer relevent in the current world.

    There are no leaders that support freedom any more. Even the ones you think are now are not due to the fact they have already become 'leaders' and to do this we must first put ourselves in a position above others. Only self serving corruption exists now. There is nothing any politician as part of the current system can do to change the system. Only those outside the system with the ability to look in can change the system and the current direction of society. Even those that go into politics with good intentions eventually fall victim and become apart of their self serving system.

    Why is this?! Because once anyone is in that system they are manipulated by those above them. In our world the main institutions are technology, media, power, military, industrial & drug companies. All these institutions are also a part of the system as they are manufactured and controlled by their majority share holders. These share holding companies are small in numbers yet hold the majority of the worlds wealth and therefore power, they are the monopoly players and we are figures on the board. They move us where they want us, they make us think the way they want us to think, they create the divides which prevent us from uniting. They suck the money out of the people, out of society. They create law and order in their own vision, for their interests. They create the education that we follow. They set the path for the future of the world in their mold.

    All while providing us with enough of a minimum to stop us rebelling. All we get in exchange for our freedom is food & entertainment and not everyone even gets that. One example of how they do this is by labeling those who question their systematic reigeme. Labeling in order to divide and segregate. This is done through manipulating and attacking our deepest thoughts, race, religion, nationality, education, wealth and so on with all divisions you can think of in our society.

    Most won't see it, it's too well hidden by our smokescreen media for many to question anything related the regime that exists and controls around us. This is incredibly complex and hidden for a reason. It works through punishing anyone who questions so we all get in line and do as we are told believing these controls are for our own good and not theirs.

    Our future is at a crossroads, our old lives and past ways of living are hanging by a thread. We no longer value or listen to our wiser elder people, we disregard spirituality & faith, we consume and follow the set narrative with almost everything we do.

    There is still hope for a better world but it fades the more people comply to rules set by government and the stronger those rules get. The corruption is so deep now it can even mask things we trust and believe such as scientific data and any information that is presented to us through our forms of media. Profit is always at the end of this twisted dark pit personal freedom is falling down.

    Old divides no longer matter, they are irrelevant. They always were. The only thing that matters is whether you are inherently authoritarian or libertarian. Whether you believe in been dictated to for the greater good in their mold or dictating your own life.

    We either live with law and order in the design of our leaders, with slowly increasing strangle holds on freedom and punishment of opposition to this regime. Or we live with liberty at the heart of society, without governance, law and order dictated by our own minds, life dictated by our own unmanpulated thoughts. Something perhaps far too difficult for us to imagine with our current society structures and built stereotypes in place. Both come with huge complications and change but the only way to any positive future for a free world with human life in it is with liberty and personal freedom driving our lives.

    Now chose how you would want your future to be.. It won't be that. Chose what you would want your children's and grand children's future to be. Would you like them to be driven by their own thoughts or driven by the thoughts they are told to think. What you're heart believes is right should be followed by our actions. Questioning information we receive through media, forming our own conclusions and ways of living that don't involve us living in a world without human conversation & interaction. Our ancestors have fought against authority for the relative freedom we have today. Don't let that freedom slip away through the divides injected into us through our media. Don't let us sleep walk into an authoritarian regime that only has their own interests at heart. As George Orwell said DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!

  6. This spiderweb of ownership going back to a handful of large companies owning everything happens in media, cars, beer, food etc. Large companies are slowly buying up everything & JUST barely skirting monopoly laws.

  7. And their minions are every where's, watching, listening, and licking their lick's, for a chance to use their knives…beware the eyes and ears that like to march and stomp on faces…

  8. it would have been more interesting if he had identified these 5 companies, I can guess that it would be the banks, the military industrial complex, the media, the pharma companies and he who shall not be named

  9. the people are brainwashed ,conditioned, programmed to be a happy slave, conforming to society from the day they are born. REALITY is far from what people experience. . The only escape is to ask and look for the truth AND YOU WILL SEE just what a LIE this manipulated soceity is

  10. I hate shopping. If I have to go to the store I can’t get out of there soon enough. I never understood why people like to go out buying things that serve very little value to their lives. How many shoes and hat and nick nacks does someone really need? And everything is so disposable by design. Why can’t people buy quality products for a reasonable price?

  11. What a disappointment Russell – the conversation starts out promising to tell us which companies own and run the world and then flounders around talking about banal things that we already knew like consumerism. If you haven't already done so take a look at the brilliant documentary Basically Vanguard (largest shareholder of just about everything including BlackRock) is the organisation at the top of tree – who owns Vanguard that's the question.

  12. Good for you, Russell. You’ve come into a beautiful balance of what Eckhart Tolle calls The Vertical/Horizontal way of Living. We certainly need to question all authority for if we don’t it will overtake us; always has, always will.

  13. They want us living once again in the stone age, also destroying the middle class and once again have a fudal elite ruling over the useless eaters. Green is the new red. Disgusting. 👎🏻🤮

  14. Let's discuss the emotional rush experienced by the looters, during the rioting that went on. I think this feeling has created thousands of steal a hollics. Now I am wondering if it's part of the plan–let us call it the crossroads, leading to selling their souls.

  15. Whilst ignoring the 'REAL' elephant in the room… What connects Tech, Consumerism, Media, Corporations, Google, Amazon, CDC, NASA, UN, all Globalist Systems et al… Controlled Opposition… 12-STEP 'PROGRAMME'… FOR THE 'AWOKE'… SHILL…

  16. monsanto are "in bed" with bayer…

    one company makes you sick by selling the gmo seeds, the other company claims to make you well again by selling your pills and potions….

  17. Russel, find someone to talk about this: Humans are meant to function in certain ways – for many thousands of years, humans were conditioned by their surroundings and available resources. Food, for example, consisted of a very limited number of items, that over time, that particular groups human physiology became accustomed to and/or functioned from. Change that and what kind of problems begin showing up? (think introduction of groceries and the huge variety of food – some of which are not so good and manipulated to make $). The human foot can absorb and release a great amount of elements – what is the difference from going barefoot to wearing leather soled shoes to synthetic soled shoes. How much junk are we absorbing with modern footwear and losing out on ancestrally required local minerals? Location: If your ancestors lived in one region for many generations and suddenly you or your parents were able to resettle in another part of the globe, how does that affect your physiology? Food, environment, magnetic field, latitude must play a part in some issues, however small. Keep up the good work.

  18. You should read the new graphic novel the strange death of alex raymond and interview its creator Dave Sim. Hes controversial in numerous ways, but his new work is a real weird attempt to unravel the metaphysical synchronicity of language, in this tiny little corner of a niche of the early 20th century. You would have a really interesting conversation- apparently he practices a pan-abrahamic religion, inclusolive of judaism islam and xtianity…

  19. But if you take a closer look who owns these companies, you'll notice it's Vanguard, Blackrock and State street. They are shareholders of majority of the big companies around the world. Even Alibaba and chinese companies. All together they have at least 30 trillion $.. Let that sink for a bit, then take a look at why all of this non-sense is happening around the globe..

  20. Russell, the fact that you don't explicitly tell everything about the global conspiracy set up by the dominant class started to disgust me recently. You are an insider, you are beating around the bush and keep us running in circles. Talk about the child sacrifices, satanic rituals, dark occultism. You won't of course.

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