Five things that will horrify Americans about Australia in 2021

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Five things that will horrify Americans about Australia in 2021

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00:08 – Mandatory QR Codes
01:15 – Lockdown 2.0
02:25 – Illegal to protest
03:43 – The Prime Minister’s Pay
04:35 – We can’t leave

1. Mandatory QR codes check-ins

Every time an Australian enters any business, from a restaurant to a hardware store, they have to check-in via a QR code. If businesses don’t enforce this, they face a massive fine. In Victoria, this is an on-the-spot fine of $1,652 per offense.

If you test positive, your data will be seized by the federal government, as well as the data from everyone you came into contact with. Everyone who checked into the same places as you and everyone you passed on the street. They know everything about everyone – and everyone must self isolate, or else.

2. Lockdowns 2.0

Our lockdowns are so crazy, they were even criticized by CHINA. In southwest Sydney – citizens are barricaded into their homes. We have drone police, a Chinese social surveillance system, and a police chief with shrunken facial features.

3. Illegal to protest – No free speech.

It is illegal to protest under the emergency powers. Everyone who went to the latest Sydney protest will receive a fine in the mail with their identity being verified by CCTV. Last year a pregnant woman was arrested in her home for trying to organize a protest on Facebook.

4. The Prime Minister makes more than President

Our entire population is only 26 million. America is 320 million. You don’t want to know how overpaid Scott Morrison (our dear leader) really is.

But, let’s face it, he does such a better job… I mean… just look at our rollout…

5. We can’t leave

30% of Australians were born overseas and are not permitted to leave.

Unless you’re in the government – because the Tokyo Olympics were somehow an essential reason to travel.

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  1. Andrew Cuomo former governor of New York giving the go ahead with sending COVID-positive patients into nursing homes for 46 days helped kill thousands of elderly. But if you watched the news last spring, you probably would never have known. Cuomo says forget about it. New South Wales in Australia recorded 83 deaths thus far. Scott Morrison demands the lockdown forever.
    That action wasn't the reason for Cuomo forced resignation. Imagine that, we are living in wild times.

  2. Great video, except I would very sceptical of the Anti China propaganda being put out by an increasing hysterical US government unable to accept a rising new superpower It appears some in the US government want another enemy to justify the insane amount spent on the US industrial military complex

  3. Wow, that’s truly frightening (I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and it is not so great, but it is definitively not as bad as Australia 🇦🇺). Good luck…
    Do you know why so few Aussies got the 💉? Hard to believe they don’t want it if they are happy to live with all these restrictions, lol.

  4. A YouTube channel Academy of Ideas has good videos explaining how Western society has allowed this to happen.
    Governments use fear and the "greater good" to coerce citizens and gain more control.
    Australian society is a combination of Brave New World and 1984. Two sides of the same coin being used to create a state society.

    All this has come about because our citizens have given up their freedoms for comfort and security. I call them volunteer slaves.

  5. As an American, I just gotta say, wow. I live in a liberal state on the East Coast but not in a city like NYC or DC, so we were pretty middle of the road for the US in terms of restrictions. Just about every restriction is gone now except masks are required on public transit, in hospitals, and in state buildings. Some districts are trying to get students to mask up for the school year, but it's not going over too well.

    This isn't about a virus anymore, if it ever even was.

  6. Thank-you Randall for saying what needs to be said about our country's slide into a tyrannical dystopia. Western countries in particular must look at us to see how low part of the allegedly free world can fall. I wish Lauren Southern had made a similar video or that she could talk with you publicly about these issues on Executive Disorder. Right now she is enjoying the freedoms of western Canada but for only a limited time. I do not want you, her or your children to not know freedom. Mass non compliance is required by everyone.

  7. Mandatory QR codes check-ins is 100% real.

    i have to check into QR everytime i go into work to work.

    how this helps with my safety, it doesnt. i dont feel anymore safe if i do it or i dont, i do it so i dont get a fine or the business doesnt get into trouble…safety factor is 0, does nothing for safety. so why is it mandatory is my question to these clowns that make the rules?

  8. Wow.

    This is WWIII.

    We were worried about nukes and chemical weapons and foreign armies. WWIII is basically all governments of planet earth coordinated against the people.

    Over a virus with an IFR on par with the flu.

  9. Last thing I remember

    I was running for the door

    I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

    "Relax," said the P.M.

    "You're now programmed to believe

    You can QR code check-out any time you like

    But you can never leave"

  10. The best thing about QR codes is that you can be told you’re a close contact of a positive case and have mandatory 14 day quarantine even if you were only in the same building for 10 minutes. I propose we change Australia to ‘Retardistan’

  11. What's great about the USA is that our constitution protects our god given rights vs the rest of "free" countries that grant you rights. Granted rights can be easily taken away.

  12. The really crazy thing is here in the UK, I hear workmates, family, strangers etc say stuff like "We should do what Australia are doing, it's the gold standard in Covid control"….
    Absolutely insane that they actively WANT tougher restrictions. We live in scary times.

  13. Man, in Florida it’s like the opposite. I still have to wear a mask to work, but I still haven’t had to wear one ANYWHERE else. It’s crazy how the world is reacting, even some US states and cities.

  14. Not exactly mandatory QR code. i still have not install that damn app. i just walk in to the shop and put my number and name. thats it. if the shops do not provide pen and paper. then its their fault.

  15. My state (in the US) hasn’t shut down again yet but they decided masks are strongly suggested. So of course business have gone insane with requiring them. Our YMCA even has the instructors masked up in the pool. They say it’s the instructor’s own choice but I call BS.

  16. I was talking about this happening a year ago in June but I was wrong about one thing. I didn’t think it would start so soon and in Australia of all places. Anybody could see that much of these policies don’t make sense and that politicians are essentially using scientists as proxies to push ideologically driven agendas. A thinking person would definitely wager that it’s likely that this stuff that’s occurring in Aus will begin to spread to other nations over the next 18 months. But one thing I hope for is that Americans develop some balls and stop with the meaningless left v right and come to an understanding that everything is at stake. The rest of the world still looks at us as a beacon and if we fall the world will take notice immediately

  17. I'm an an American in Europe and I have my QR code, a screen shot of my EU vaccine certification and a video of me getting the shot in front of the national vaccination team PLUS I carry a paper copy of my EU vaccination certificate.

  18. This video shows Australia is in an Orwelian surveillance society dystopia. I have a feeling the new world order is using Australia as a test case to see how far they can go. It is time to resist, and for Americans, to demand the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is enforced. Otherwise, we fall into a techno surveillance tyrannical police state.

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