“F**K NO!” Black Voter Gives Reporter A REALITY CHECK When Asked About The Biden & Democrats!


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  1. 30 million "voting aged", and 92% voted Biden….. Can I get a fact check on how many of that 30 million is a convicted felon and can't vote or is currently serving time in our prison system and then get a reason on HOW they have nearly a 100% voter turnout rate ALL voting Biden??????

  2. Democrats are living in the past when minorities all voted for them automatically, when then Cold War made us fear Russian spies, and our heroes were like Che Guevarra.

  3. Damn, you know the party is dead when even gay men like myself & all of my super “liberal” (regressive) gay friends / Peers from New York City / Chicago have decided to get the hell away from them…. you know the party’s done when the gay’s are leaving! #WalkAway. You’re ideologically possessed ..

  4. I’m glad I was raised republican/ conservative. I was always taught your life is what you make of it. I worked hard for everything I own and my kids are learning the same way.

  5. I’m feel like an anarchist at this point after the last 2 years. I want as little government as possible. Military, police and the courts are about as much as I can stomach.

  6. Liberals believe the mainstream media is against Biden bruuuhhh, you can't make this shit up. Literally should be declared a mental illness and they need to be secured in straightjackets. Completely delusional.

  7. ….ok, if the Democrats have supposedly failed the black community, what's the alternative for them? Don't tell me that voting Republican is the better option, when you have modern day GOP doing things like questioning weather interracial marriage should be federally legal, and trying to redraw black districts out in order to favor themselves.

  8. Listen to the tone of that jerk when he says "It's the Black Conservatives that are driving this!" He sounds like a repel rouser for the kkk. 😁😄😂😄😅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 👻👻👻👻👻 Ha ha. Just kidding. But, hey that was funny.

  9. Van Jones wasn't right. In his sentiment yes but in his recollection of the calls absolutely not. Has nothing to do with him passing voter rights and all that other leftist nonsense. It does have everything to do with what he said at the end inflation a failing economy. So he's only partially right. Ain't nobody outraged cuz they didn't pass their phony voters right b***** Bill.

  10. Van Johnes is still a clown. What voting rights do black people, or any people need in 2022? You go to the DMV, or post office, or where ever and register, then when an election comes around, you go to your nearest voting station, walk into the booth, and cast your vote…..what else do you expect or need? It's the same process for everyone, skin color and race is irrelevant. There's no one trying to stop you from voting, or discouraging you from voting, or anything. You walk up, they ask for your I.D. and then compare that to their registered voter database to make sure your registered, and your who you say you are, and are a legal resident of the U.S. and then direct you to the voting booths?

  11. Those women you mention sitting sipping Lattes and screaming on Twitter are the Elite of Wokism! They are totally clueless to the MSM bias for Biden, so much so they declare MSM its under reporting his Accomplishments! I would love to see them provide a list of what they think Biden has Accomplish! In fact they could list his accomplishments on the smallest Sticky Note made! His failures far out distance his so called accomplishments!

  12. Democrats are simply pandering to the Black Community as they have been for decades, they do the very same with all groups they've created through collective agency instead of individuality, and Democrats pander false promises that they never intend on honoring, simply to retain power for the sake of power. Do you remember in 2016 when Hillary Clinton said you have to have two faces in politics, one for the people and one for special interests behind closed doors? That is not leadership, that is selling out and Hillary Clinton was never held liable for saying as much. Just the same as when Hillary Clinton was asked by a reporter if she ever read the book "1984" and if she did what she thought of the book. Hillary Clinton said it was a "great example of good governance." Of course, this was scrubbed from the internet lol!!

    The Democrats have been promising the exact same promises since Bill Clinton was elected President (probably for even longer than this), and Democrats do not uphold their promises once they take office and instead ignore these groups they've used until the next election to once more promise the very same thing again, claiming it's always their political opposition that does not allow them to keep said promises. Hillary Clinton was also caught on video saying as much to a Black Male who requested she fulfil these promises this time around, Hillary Clinton responded "if that is how you look at it, I'll simply be back next election to promise the exact same thing," completely dismissing the man in a demeaning way that should have costed her the entire campaign. Once more, another video scrubbed from the internet. Today Democrats are proven to be the pandering liars they are by default, Democrats hold all three branches of government today and still do nothing upon the promises they've made to retain power, yet they still pander the same exact talking points and have still not fulfilled said promises, it's absurd beyond measure. Blaming Trump is laughable, yet Democrats are doing as much lol!!

    Trump is not in government, Trump is no longer the President nor is he with any political power at present, and he is not holding Democrats back from fulfilling these promises they've made to these groups, the problem is that Democrats simply won't do as they promised for people's votes, it's all a false promise as Democrats pander to these groups but never fulfill said promises. Also, Trump actually fulfilled his promises to the Black Community and gave billions to Black higher education, brought more funding to infrastructure and inner-city domestic community organization…Which was something that Democrats failed at stopping from happening lol!! It was the Democrats who attempted to stop Trump from providing funding to the Black Community of all groups that are pretending to be a party for these very same people, it sure didn't seem like that when they tried preventing the Black Community from actually receiving aid. You cannot make this stuff up as Democrats proved then and there that they are still the party of the Klan!! Trump brought billions to the Black Community and Democrats tried to stop him, that sure doesn't sound correct, as the Corporate Media suggests otherwise even though Democrats are still promising the same talking points from decades ago and Trump actually provided this group with billions lol!!

    Now the Black Community has woken up, they see as much just the same as legal migrants and any monolith type group structure you can point to, the Democrats false promises and pandering has been exposed for what they are, blatant lies and pandering, all for the sake of exploiting our nation's power structures it seems. Don't believe me? Hunter Biden's laptop says it all, while government and Corporate Media attempt to propagate lies to obfuscate and project, they simply cannot prevent the truth from being brought to light. The Biden Family is crooked, the laptop shows a litany of issues, and just like the DNC protecting avowed Marxists from stealing from the Black Community and taking the BLM funding illegally, the DNC now protects what seems to be fraud from the highest position of power in our nation as they now attempt to replicate the book "1984" and create a Ministry of Truth lmfao!!!

    And to add, the best shot Republicans have at completely stripping Democrats of their monolith type voting base is by directly speaking with Black women, the one monolithic group Democrats can count on each and every election. 95% plus for Democrat, blue ticket voting through and through, Black Women do not live in reality it seems as they've fully been fooled by snake-oil salesmen. They believe the lies Democrats spin while they see less and less from the Democrats as the nation's cost of living, inflation, debt and the plummeting value of our currency is beginning to become a severe problem for the DNC, and Republicans must take this issue to these Black Women and finally wake them up from their mistaken understanding of what Democrats have to offer. And when I say Black Women, I'm not speaking about the avowed Marxists who stole from the Black Community upon a false promise that these very same Democrats will not hold accountable, for Democrats to not give those funds back to where they were supposed to go but instead to these Marxists who tricked the Black Community. Republicans must speak directly to African American Females and explain to them that the RNC are not the scapegoat or "boogeymen" that Democrats paint them to be, it's really that simple. Explain to this voting group and the Democrats will quickly lose their support, it strips Democrats of this monolith type group interests that Democrats use and destroys their false promises upon majority pandering and individual necessities for a change to better themselves for a change.

  13. for the small / town, middle / working class – its all the same. there is nothing being done for whites, latinos, etc etc at that level either.

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