Fleecing the Future Submarine Program

How a cabal of Politicians, Lobbyist, and a Sub Officer fleeced Australia out of Billions. Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Choose one audiobook and two Audible Originals absolutely free: or text subbrief to 500-500.

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Written by Sub Brief


  1. I think given how China has isolated us for a Cold War, we really need nuclear POWERED submarine for both attack & stand-off MOAB cruise missiles. Sure, they're not nuclear weapons but they do have a deterrent effect as they could cause significant town planning issues for Beijing. And a STRONG alliance with India as together we could deny China access to oil & everything else.

  2. It takes an American to tell us in detail just how crap we are. This issue really gets me guys, I'm ex-RAN is my excuse. Can we get a few Deutsche U-Boats in the short term?

  3. Is it possible the Barracuda boats will be nuclear?
    One scenario I can't shake from following all this that is kind of hiding in plane sight. The SPA, grants to universities, infrastructure investment, design choice and size of the boat, capability requirements and the massive cost all make sense if Australia is planning on building and maintaining a nucluer submarine fleet. Or at least keeping nucluer propulsion on the table until the Australian public are onboard with the idea. Just a thought.

  4. If Oz cannot crew the six Collins boats, how does it propose to crew twelve? I note also Singapore is buying their Type 218 Sg at about $1 billion each from Germany…

  5. And why is the Barracuda class foundering? Because the Australians have hitched their wagon to a program that can't even put out the original nuclear version of the boat, much less the conventional version…

  6. Yup typical liberal party practices there if leaving politics to go into an industry that you had oversight of in politics or hiring companies set up by ex politicians to do things. Also the staffers mention are political staffers and not normal public servants which aren't politically aligned. Very similar to the Republican party in the US. And typical of right wing parties around the world.

  7. Japan was never going to win the contract, this entire video is rather short on facts and employs artistic license….Turnbull would never have agreed to any bid that Abbot had endorsed, Abbot at this time was on the backbenchers and sniping Turnbull almost on a daily basis…dont believe everything that is in this video. He isn't au fait with the politics at all.

  8. dealing with the French is not a great idea. The major problem would be combining a US weapons system with a French made nuclear sub with a diesel electric engine. Also with facility to update the submarine for an air independent propulsion system of some kind. Combining different systems is risky. Just like the Franco/German Tiger helicopter to be modified to fire hellfire missiles and made under license in Australia. . The project failed. The Australian made Australian Tiger helicopter was not capable of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. The army depended on British Dutch and US Apache helicopters. That came after the disastrous Collins sub program that had huge and costly problems. Each sub costing over a $1 billion and being very unreliable. Again with incompatible weapons systems. There are a number of other failures in the Australian defense department. The JSF has been controversial. It is a revolutionary aircraft but with uncertain reliability, maintainability, operating costs, a limited range and way over the original cost. Australia needs long range systems because of its large size. Australia has one of the worlds largest deposits of Uranium, Thorium and Lithium. So a lithium system could be a useful option for a submarine battery system. And Australia has plenty of Uranium or Thorium if the navy has a nuclear submarine. Thorium could be used in a Generation 4 reactor. Such as a Molten Salt Reactor, MSR, or a wave reactor. Very safe designs and highly resistant to melt downs. Any future sub should have a plug option where a new power system could be added in future. The hull sections could be unbolted so a new plug with power system can be added in future. This could be lithium batteries, a generation 4 fission reactor or a Stirling cycle system. Some subs are using a Stirling system with AIP system. The RAN needs a sub that can operate at very long range over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. During WW2 the US used Australian bases in Fremantle and Brisbane for their highly successful sub campaign against Japan. The most successful submarine operation in history. Seeking half of the Japanese merchant tonnage sunk. Despite starting the war with dysfunctional torpedoes. The crews got leave in Australia. The US was very slow to get the torpedo's fixed. Possibly costing thousands of US lives due to neglect in the US navy. The problems were not difficult to fix. But navy leaders blocked fixing the problem. Einstein solved one problem. He said that a washer for the contact fuse was to loose. Other problems included an unreliable magnetic fuse. Able to detonate below a ship and break it in half. But the campaign demonstrates the potential for long range submarines. An effective submarine force is a very good deterrent to invasion. The French have failed to sell equipment to Australia. France threatened to blocked supply of parts for Australian Mirage jets during the Vietnam War. So the jets could not be deployed in Vietnam. The Australian defense department has had a number of failures with very advanced technology systems. Rather than buying of the shelf weapons with dependable technologies. This includes the RAN Kaman Seasprite helicopters and Collins subs and the RAAF F-111 bombers. The F-35 may still be a waste of money. The Tiger helicopters are now being replaced by US made Apache helicopters. The helicopters the Army had asked for 20 years ago. The Defense department want helicopters made in Australia. The Tiger helicopters may never see combat. It was not suitable for combat when it was needed. Some battery technologies are being developed in Australia that could be an option for submarines. They include bromide batteries. But that is an unlikely option. The advantage of a large submarine like the Barracuda is that they can carry lots of batteries. Lithium batteries may be the better option. There is significant research of lithium battery's and they have been very successful so far. They could be a conservative option.

  9. 1st boat 2035 means 1st boat 2040. By that time Japan would be on Taigei-class replacement and China Type 041B or C. Australia would be literally 1.5 generation behind leaders

  10. 1:18:40 would imagine that somewhere after 10 and before 30 subs built the Japanese would have had to build at least several full service facilities in Australia and at some point before 80 they would be building them there as well

  11. Keep buying stuff you'll never gain the knowledge. Ask Iran about their F14s.

    Buying would have cost the tax payer less but 100% of the purchase would have gone offshore. Building a percentage goes straight to the taxpayers and ultimately back to the government

  12. Liberals loooooooved to point out that the kanimbla and manoora went 400mil over budget under labor and then they go and do this to ohhhhhh only the single most important Australian military acquisition for the next 60 years or more that just happens to be occuring right when our biggest potential enemy is massively extending their sea power closer to us, great job guys once again?‍♂️

  13. It was the same government that was visiting Japan making promises. Here we vote for a party rather than a person and over the last decade and a half we have unfortunately had numerous Prime Ministers get knifed in the back by their own party. Turnbull launched a party room coup that saw Abbot get rolled. In fact we still have the same government now. Turnbull got knifed in the back by Dutton who in turn didn't get the support of his party who backed the current muppet Scotty from marketing. The preceding labor government also had it's share of head rolling.

  14. Aus$80billion for 12 submarines puts the £800 million overrun on the 7th Astute look insignificant that's a crazy cost per boat. I know you said they have other costs like support and training etc but still seems crazy high