Floods: Aftermath in Coraki and Woodburn

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An insight into the floods in Coraki and Woodburn. Filmed 11.03.22.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. The slow response to assist these communities, is a clear indication there's a complete break down of Leadership and Love for this country and her people.

  2. This is a heartbreaking, SCANDALOUS TRAGEDY!
    An Inquiry MUST be initiated NOW!!!
    Not LATER, when the Fat Cats can have time to cover up their ineptitude! This CALLOUS DISREGARD of the lives of our fellow Aussies HAS BEEN NOTED! Both here and in Heaven!
    And there WILL BE a RECKONING….in BOTH PLACES!!!!!!!

  3. Bless you Sam and every single soul helping mend many broken hearts and spirits. So many familiar faces of the freedom angels who are always giving of themselves to others without fear or discrimination. These videos really are bitter sweet.
    Please God help these people. 😢🙏🏼😢

  4. Sam you are amazing to get up there and cover this with the truth. It’s so sad to see the devastation but so touching to see our freedom fighters up there to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in 🥰

  5. What's the army going to do, dump rubbish out of a wheelie bin for a photo OP and pretend to clean it up. These are government caused floods, the frequency fires arnt an accident either. WAR deny it I dare you.

  6. We lack leaders in this country. Australian people are loosing everything while the federal government sends $70 million in aid to Ukraine. Stay strong people, my heart breaks with you🙏👍

  7. We don't see this on MSM great post 👍… legends all of yours!!! All money spent on getting jabs not much help in the flood's & bushfires….!!!😔 What a sad government.we have got !!! We're are some federal or state politicians.. the silence is deafening!!!!

  8. The geoengineering leading up to this flood was the most intense I've seen in 15 years keeping track of it. I predicted the last 3 floods by watching the sky. We are being genocided.

  9. What a lovely fella, when he said: "And good on everybody, they're Angels!" What a frightful mess! And yes, the young bloke from Italy can report home from Australia at how long it took for help to show up. Beaurocracy is more important to the scum hopefully never to be in charge again, than actual boots on the ground. It shows incompetence and their priorities, which is not the ordinary Aussie. Big hearted towns. Great report.💪 Why are the rotten dinosaur media not reporting important scenes like this? We all know. 😔

  10. Again, yet another gold star report on the "REAL" story! Well done. This shows the resilience of the people, and banding together in the tough times. It also shows, crystal clear the lack of "EVERYTHING" that you need in a good leader of a country. Up yours SCOMO and CO!!

  11. Thanks so much Sam; without you and what you’re doing we just wouldn’t know the truth. Always powerful footage, gently presented – very effective ..🙏🏼✨👍🏼🇦🇺🍃🐒

  12. These floods we're geoengineered by the Australian government for many stated agendas. Don't think for a second that the big wigs in Canberra who are working for the globalist Great Reset agenda 2030 give the slightest Toss about you or me. "You'll own nothing and be happy about it" and be completely destitute reliant on big government, or just "gone" Georgia Guidestones, that's what they after. (The overlord handlers big brother) Better put your faith in God make eternity.
    Evidence Bible is your ticket.

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