Florida Anti-Censorship Law Overturned

Florida recently passed a law refusing social media companies the ability to censor or otherwise restrict users’ lawful content, but an appeals court has struck down the law, citing the social media companies’ free speech rights under the First Amendment. A different appellate court ruled in the opposite direction concerning a Texas law, however, so it appears that the Supreme Court will soon be weighing in to determine whether social media censorship is protected by the First Amendment.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger puzzle over the curious pretzel logic that pervades among questions of social media platforms and censorship today.

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  1. MANY COUNTRIES BAN GUNS MAKING COMPARISON DIFFICULT. WHAT WOULD BE A BETTER STATISTIC WOULD BE KILLINGS PER THOUSAND OWNED GUNS OR PERHAPS KILLINGS PER ARMED HOUSEHOLD. How about mass killings per million dollars of Soros gun control lobbying among those creative unconventional contractors using sophisticated behavior technology to get things moving. Or shootings when taking up the question has been in the legislature's docket versus when it was not. Or how about gang killings or drug addict killings or domestic violence killings with and without guns. Lockdowns have effects not mentioned by their advocates and corporate media and so foes disarming the public.

  2. There is no more "left" or "right" Jimmy. There is the fascist machine and then there is everyone else and the fascist machine is comprised of billionaires and all the government they have been able to buy at this point. The problem in Florida is there are competing factions within the fascist machine.

  3. The sellout Colbert said "Carlin got way too dark in the end for me" 👈🤣😂🤣 Yeah because Carlin always embraced reality and Colbert avoids uncomfortable truths! What a baby!

  4. Today a friend of mine posted two photos of the same location by the sea .. 80 years apart .. in reference to sea levels “rising” .. because it clearly showed no difference in the level at all… Facebook censored and covered the photo!! That’s a factual photo and they cover it ..sickening

  5. I know you don't like money in politics most of which went to Democrats. I wish I could post some graphs of how much silicon valley/social media gave to Biden. I'm sure they probably cut the 11th Circuit Court some funds too

  6. The current version of the left isn’t left. The democrats overtook the republicans as the party of the rich in like 2012. The are now just anti populist elitist shits who think everyone is beneath them. Anna Kasparian’s “yes I’m better than you,” rant is the typical attitude of the Democratic Party.

  7. Hopefully the courts will finally get off their butts and rule that the first amendment of the constitution is "unconstitutional" as well. That will be a happy day and then we can look forward to the courts making the entire constitution illegal too. Once we get rid of all our freedoms and rights and make the US a proper dictatorship, then life will be good. Come on courts, we're counting on you! ROFL

  8. Why are you so backward.
    The right is less government and rule s
    The left is pro government more rule and authoritarian.

    Its always been that way. That's why the left perverts language.
    Get your history straight.
    Course the right fights for freedom.
    The left has always been authoritarian. Kkk andrew jackson. Breaking up black families Vietnam Afghanistan. Obama clinton. LBJ AND the worst of them all. The wire rim glasses guy from the 20s
    Wilson. The absolute worst authoritarian ever. If he were reincarnated he'd cry finding out Hitler lost. That's not a joke he held all the same beliefs.

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