Florida Now Has Lowest Covid Rates In Nation!

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. Regeneron isn't some right wing maga thing, but you know what is? Your warp speed maga jabs. None of which have completed their phase 3 safety trials by the way; they are expected to be concluded by May 4th 2022. That's what makes them warp speed suckers.

  2. The Biden Administration is trying to cause a civil war. The people who have taken the jab have taken it. The ones who haven't are not going to. This is the hill they will die on. Biden not recognizing that is creating a grassroots movement that will take up arms to protect their children. The left media(Wall Street media) needs to be very measured in what they say next because their audience is turning on them. The common man sees them for what they are, regardless of how much fluoride they put in the water.

  3. In the past ten weeks over 3.5 million Floridians were vaccinated, significantly reducing the number of hospitalizations as well as severe illness and deaths. Most importantly, regardless of mask mandates, we know from previous viral outbreaks that the previous surge, as it works its way through a vulnerable population would decline precipitously. This was the 4th such wave, and each one hit Floridians particularly hard. With each wave, there were unnecessary & avoidable deaths-and hospitals were near collapse. Rather than applauding DeSantis, he should be castigated for his bullshit anti-science, ant-intelligence misinformation "I wanna be President someday" campaign. And Jimmy, I love and respect you, but for Christ sakes, talk to an actual epidemiologist before you post these misleading videos. I say this as a Covid ICU/ER nurse with two masters degrees.

  4. I would take info from Florida with a grain of salt, they are the ones that attacked Rebeka Jones because she wouldn't lie about data. They might have just finally found someone that would.

  5. It really is amazing how the propaganda machine worked so well that people will consider 3, 4 jabs normal.

    We have changing of definitions, media companies actively suppressing information to combat “disinformation”, the marriage of govt and corporations to push the same guidelines. But it’s okay because they’re doing it for our safety. The past 24 months has highlighted how you can get entire populations to go along with almost anything as long as they are very afraid.

    Lastly, the govt (with the media) has lied to you for decades. No one disputes this. Everyone acknowledges it. War, bad medical studies, tobacco, sugar. So why would anyone believe fir a second they’re telling you the truth about COVID? Fear. That’s why.

    Now if you mention this very reasonable argument to some on the other “side” they just shrug. “Well..this time is different.” It really hurts psychologically when your beliefs (govt cares about you) just crumble.

  6. Congrats to Florida! These results are a product of high levels of vaccination, natural immunity and use of early treatments. Vaccines help in some parts of the population, natural immunity works better wiht other parts of the population but still anyone can get sick, therefore the early treatments must be available.
    Again, congrats! I hope people around the world understand the Floridian case 🙂

  7. Studies in the rest of the world showed delta variant needed about 6 weeks (here it is said 8 weeks, fair enough it is about the same) even before the summer. Problem is the left don't follow the science. They are traumatized with aids and believe COVID is as bad.

  8. The Governor of Florida is working on saving lives not to depopulate his state. May God bless. The Spirit of the Lord roams the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are committed to righteousness.

  9. I like how neither one of them even mentions the fact that the decline happened as the vaccination rate went up. And how before that happening Florida had one of worst rates in the nation.
    Hmmm…almost lime Jimmy fails to see an obvious cause and effect relationship there.

  10. Living in south Florida, even though there were no mask mandates, private businesses still enforced masks. It wasn’t until the vaccine was widely available that those enforcements were eased in the community. Starbucks didn’t let people sit inside up until 2 months ago.

  11. I dont know if it is a typo or not, but in the beginning it was said, 1.77 deaths per 100.000 during the peak and 0.2 deaths per covid case since mid-september. These are two different numbers. One is per 100.000 population, and the other is per 100.000 covid case. That is wildly different – I truely hope it is not some case of manipulation

  12. JIMMY DORE…WOULD YOU ASK one of your medical expert guests the following…"Would you show me that is is not possible, for newly-admitted Covid-19 patients to be hyperventilated into submission (using pure oxygen), until the virus is out of their system (after which patients are fraudulently declared brain dead, and harvested of their vital organ$)"???

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