FOI Request Confirms Australian Government Secretly Censored Australians

FOI request by @SenatorAntic shows the Australian Government worked in secret with foreign companies to censor Australians on social media. At least 4213 individual requests were made by The Department of Home Affairs to censor members of the public.

It is not clear what guidelines the government followed, and under what authority they carried out their campaign of censorship. I think its time we got the Australian #TwitterFiles @elonmusk

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. The government, judiciary, police, education system, healthcare system are all compromised, corrupted and not legal. They are all corporations with ABNs. Aricle 61 of the Magna Carta was evoked in 2001. This gives us the means to fight back

  2. Never doubted it for a moment. It was obvious, given the gov's propensity for authoritarianism and grasping lust for more and more power, they were going to do this no matter what anybody said or what laws exist or anything of the sort. Satan is their nature. Doing things secretly in darkness is par for their course.

  3. I lost a FB page which was over 14 years old. They Totally pulled the whole thing no warning. All my photos etc. The post in question i guess was that there will be 4 to 5 shots, I put up end of 2020.

  4. They have all that and so much more to hide, they are guilty and will stop at nothing to bring about this agenda 21 new world order, we must keep speaking out against all this rubbish, woke mental illness, all of it, uncover the truth and remove them all from their positions in government.

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