Food Cost Up 10%, Fertilizer Cost Up 400%, Diesel Up 200%: Farmer Warns of Looming Food Shortage

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  1. Good Job Joe and all the other idiots that actually voted for him smh only bc they believed the media that Trump was a bad man lol at least Trump did plenty of good for our country and he even warned people of this

  2. The Epoch Times has great journalism and great journalists. It is citizens like Roman Balmakov that Benjamin Franklin had in mind when he advocated for a Free Press. Thank you Roman and stay safe out there.

  3. The most important and controversial solution is giving all these farmers seed cleaning capabilities free of intimidation. Last I checked they would still face fines or even jail time from corporations, all under the thin guise of "Modernized food safety" bills. All that concern for seeds that were dried till next year going in our heavily fluoridated & high gig-speed fried brains and bodies…

  4. Not what we want to hear Roman, but I thank you for your diligence in bringing us the information. Prep, pray, and warn your neighbor.

  5. This fellow "Robert", he is a courageous fellow. Not many would have the guts to talk so freely about Child Trafficking. May the Lord Bless him.

  6. This is by design…last year farmers from all over America were posting letters on Telegram and CloutHub because no other sites would let them. The letters demanded the farmers destroy there crops and get compensated by the Biden administration per acre destroy. If Biden had to send people to do it then they would get nothing… The Farmers were posting videos of them destroying the crops. They didn’t even have a number to call because apparently they would know and send them a check per acre as they continued to destroy there crops. 🧐…. now Alaska says Biden pulled there leases on the three biggest oil reserves on the planet located in Alaska.
    Open borders as Biden continues to pay 6million per day to contractors for not letting the wall be built.
    They say no to give small businesses 40 billion in covid relief because when the ten million businesses go under all there customers will go to Walmart, Amazon, Target….companies they own. It’s the biggest transfer of wealth in human history.
    Say yes to 48 billion to the Nazi government that Soros Admittedly installed in Ukraine in 2014 with a Nazi military to make sure nobody fell out of line. Do so and like here in America you will be labeled a domestic terrorist and thrown in prison.

  7. Government controls weather which affected planting in the spring and now they will cause drought to create the food shortages that will kill millions and the want your guns lmao at these clowns

  8. All Planned out by the Freemason Jesuit Order . Government ,Military , Police ,Medical ,Media ,Schools and the Church are all Participating in Deception to fulfill the NWO Agenda . Food Shortages up next ,Be Prepared .

  9. This is how Democrats are finishing off the family farm and privately owned farm. The inflation of Jimmy Carter destroyed and eliminated all farms smaller than 200 acres. Now they are out to eliminate anything less than 2000 acres. the Democrat goal is for only corporate farms to remain. The end result is the nationalizing of farms and agriculture – much like how the Communists socialized agriculture in the Soviet Union in the 1920's with "collective" farms.

  10. So but Joe Biden just keeps letting tens of thousands of people across the southern border into our country when we have this going on wake up America before it's too late 1776 is going to be a recurring reality we need to remove these people from office now or there won't be a tomorrow…..

  11. 12:37: "He's put us all in chains by giving away our natural resources in oil…" [Joe Biden did that…] 13:36: "People not working created a big void in production and so because we weren't producing things, we're sitting at home taking the wealth, again, of our country & giving out in big dividends & saying 'Hey, you all, sit home & don't do anything & don't worry about working & we'll take care of you.' –No, we're going to put you in chains…" [ And it's the Democratic Party that loves those chains!!]

  12. Re: Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s ports…. Russian has definitely blockaded the sea ports of southeastern Ukraine.

    However, I recently learned (somewhere?) that Russia apparently is NOT blockading the entire coast of southern Ukraine, just the southwest port.

    This is apparently because the Ukrainians themselves released a LOT of anti-ship mines floating everywhere near Odessa and the ports there (and also near there)

    Because of all the UKRAINIAN MINES that the Ukrainian Army released into the gulf around there,
    Unfortunately NO SHIPS will go there or even leave from there with their cargo, because it’s took dangerous and no companies will give them their required insurance to be able to leave.

    Always more complicated than it seems. Always.

  13. Do you know now why billy gates own over 60% of farmland? Is it a coincidence that there will be a food crisis?
    He owns massive shares in Pfizer and the a pLandemic happens.

  14. Does anyone read your comments section Roman? It sure seems like no one reads comments. The Peeps are just on to the next thing. Nobody studying, no one working. Look at the seats of “Congress” and “The Senate”! These persons are completely absent! Empty seats! Partying on their yachts in Florida…
    Skypeing in whatever “Skeletor” wants. Crazy, drunks! 3rd in line behind the other two BS artists…
    Why do Americans care about what overweight females say on a TV show? Why does the rebuttal to lunatics seem so important? Show more of an unelected, least popular person on the entire 🌎?
    I’m out! Why does California need in person or drop box voting when “every registered voter will receive a return by mail ballot”? Why? Anyone?
    Roman! Please? The simple answer will do.

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