FOOD DISASTER Looms As Supply Chains Reel From Russia-Ukraine War: Report

Reporter at The American Prospect, Lee Harris, breaks down global food shortages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. Lol. The green policies are the root cause of the famine. It’s a created crisis like the war the pan demonic fuel shortages the coming financial crisis and leading to the wef reset. There is something much bigger than all of this that they aren’t telling you about this is the end of the age but it is also the beginning of a new age we are all sovereign co creators of this new age we need to reject transhumanism. There is so much more to humanity. Whoever sows for the spirit reaps everlasting life. Plant your garden and love your neighbor.

  2. 98 food plants burn
    Cows chicken turkey pigs culled for so called disease
    All grains shortages..if we didn't ship to other countries maybe we would have some
    Baby formula shortages if we didn't ship to other countries maybe we could have some
    Fertilizer and fuel shortages, diesel oil and Def
    Open borders..
    30+ trillions in national debt
    Let's put the blame where it needs to be and it's not on the war

  3. Energy prices goes up long before the Russian Ukraine conflict. Fertilizer producers in US and Europe closed or reduced their production 5 months before this conflict starts last year in September. All major exporters stop their exports of food, like India, Brazil, Argentina. So stop to blame all problems on Russia. Of course this war has an effect on global food exports, but its only one problem and there are so much more. Most problems are engineered by western elites, the high oil price, the fires and explosions and shutdowns in food processing plants and much more.

  4. The high cost of the US dollar for goods needed in other nations is a point not elaborated enough. When you weaponize the US dollar, after pumping trillions of dollars in the World, that poor countries can't afford to buy, you precipitate change.

  5. Bravo, end the sanctions and negotiate a settlement. What a fine idea. I guess the MIC wouldn't like it. One of the biggest diesel (and heating oil) importers to the US before the sanctions was Russia which was cut off. That means heating oil for the Northeast. I guess we will freeze this winter with heating oil at over $6.00 a gallon. The sanctions are not hurting Russia which is inking lucrative sales agreement with Asian countries and is rolling in money due to high oil prices caused by the sanctions against Russia….isn't this a circular firing squad? Who hurts the most Russia or the west?

  6. Thank god we have people who are all looking out for themselves while they look out for everyone else. Phew!!!

    Freedom is for losers!!! Make ALL transportation illegal except public transportation and make it only tax payer funded and only by rich people. Man I feel so much better now…

  7. These sanctions by the USA are so, so brilliantly thought out (assuming the purpose was to destroy the world as we know it, so that 'The Great Reset' can continue unhindered). So were Brandon's lockdowns.

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