Food Prices Set to ‘Spike’ Again in 2023: How Global Elites’ Policies Are Leading to Food Shortages

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  1. It’s not just about the water, it’s the sun. If you have no problem with the water, the suns light output is increasing. That can’t be good for a lot of things.

  2. …The global leaders have decided that Climate change is a priority. The World Economic Forum and the UN has set the agenda and goals. While the price of food and fuel and most everything else is soaring, they have decided that farmers must produce less food. How? By cutting back on how much land the farmers are allowed to farm and by cutting back on the amount of fertilizer they may use. It is now projected that tens of millions of people will starve to death over the next few years. Thus, by reducing the world’s population by such a large number, they hope to achieve their climate goals. Pretty simple. Millions per year are already dying from hunger. A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds

  3. Billions of people will starve to death in the next 10 years based on this so-called green Planet agenda. It'll be more like red planet from all the blood that will be spilled.

  4. I just found out today that the USDA is requesting that individual gardeners "register" their vegetable gardens! Granted, it's voluntary for now, but there is no way that I'm letting the government know what I do in my free time.

  5. Most of the problems in the world today are being caused by the WEF….. They are rapidly trying to remake the world with their "Great Reset''….. And your government officials have been bought by WEF…… This is going to cause a global civil war against our governments…. That's why they are trying to disarm everybody!

  6. This is the green death cult. Pay more, get less, stave and die. The green cult is a cult of death, destruction and will bring about a dark age if left unopposed. The extinction rebellion is a cadre of death cultists.

  7. Well if we have our own commodities, why isn't an international sales embargo imposed if any commodity we have becomes unobtainable anywhere else and our supply is low? Also requiring the US to be sufficient towards commodities that are necessary to US lives and national security only selling surplus.
    Screw the global corporations, in the ear. In fact, end global corporations, before they end us all.

  8. Food is up only 11%? Thats horseshit! A dozen eggs is up to $6.60. Last year was under 3 bucks! Other food is up way more as well. I speak to people all the time that say that $100 doesn't buy much anymore! I say we change leadership! And the billionaires too! Gates and China buying all the US farmland they can get ahold of, has to be having a negative effect on everything too! People…WAKE UP!

  9. The democratic party has paid parasites like these Antifas to carry out their destructive acts. Ask yourself why in Just like in 11 months more than 30 food processing centers have mysteriously burned down??? People never batted an eye.

    Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner and suggesting mystery meat 🍖

  10. Yet quarter after quarter, the major conglomerates that stock the grocery shelves from Windex to Doritos and everything in between are recording profit records never seen before. Special place in hell for those creating this. A "fair and reasonable" profit is one thing; greed is one of the deadly Seven.

  11. acting on pressure from the EU, the Netherlands is shutting down 3000 farms. Sri Lanka already tried that – eliminating nitrogen based fertilizers. were initially praised but now can't feed their people

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