Food Shortage Causes Restaurant Chain To CLOSE 50 Stores, Democrats Insanely Believe Economy Is GOOD

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  1. There was a meme making the rounds for a bit that said that the labor shortage is a result of the 600,000 deaths from COVID. My response to each one was just a graph showing the breakdown if deaths by age. Some got it, some didn't. You can lead a horse…

  2. The elite class genuinely believes we don't have the ability to process the information our eyes and ears show us. To be fair, some people genuinely don't have that ability, but more people do.

  3. The big issue for me is the scarcity of canning jars and lids. I never thought that would be an issue. A dozen jars that were $6 two years ago were $9 this year (if you could find them) and today I found one dozen of an off brand for $25.99. There isn't a microchip in the jars or lids. Maybe in the machinery used to produce it. Luckily I know other ways to preserve the harvest, but they are not my prefered way. One of my neighbors has laying chickens, but the chicken feed locally has doubled in price. Should be fun. Yes, Carter was a very nice man, however his disapproval of the head of Iran who headed a modern nation with freedom and prosperity led to the removal of his administration while he was dying of cancer and the installation of the theocracy that led to the hostage crisis. It set Iran back on the road to the 7th century and encouraged terrorists to kick it into high gear. I guess Biden is seen as a nice man so let's see where that leads.

  4. I work at a hospital and one of the receptionists told me after the election "I'm so glad Biden won because now I don't have to watch the news anymore!" Leftists are parasites. They suck the life out of good places and good things and then when everything is destroyed they just move somewhere else.

  5. 21:38 Water for New York City flows from five reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains, west-northwest of New York City. My great-grandfather lost most of his land, including well over a mile of the Neversink River, decades ago when New York City took it through eminent domain and made the Neversink Reservoir. Nowadays, the pipes from the reservoirs to the city are over a century old and have received essentially no maintenance. They leak badly. There are complaints of a water deficit in New York City, suggesting that the leaks be repaired. But liberal land-grabbers nowadays are far more interested in taking more land and building more dammed reservoirs and tampering with landowners' rights than they are in the more mundane and less flamboyant task of fixing the plumbing.

  6. 20:23
    "They will fling their silver into the streets, and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to save them on the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetite, nor can they fill their stomachs, because their wrongdoing has become a cause of stumbling."

  7. My favorite local restaurant can't find reliable employees. They had to close on Mondays because they can't even find a dishwasher for $18/hr in metro Detroit.

  8. I’m seeing some shortages for restaurant supplies here in Seattle wa area.. in the central wa area our grocery stores are still full .. I have not noticed any real shortages except for bottled water and some cleaning supplies..I would error on the side of caution though folks.. I believe that the stars are aligning for everyone to be eating a giant shit sandwich very soon.. I’ll be surprised that they can prop this dead cat up for much longer.. I’d say 2022 is a dream now

  9. For those who live in California, or in areas that ship pork products from California, the price of pork is looking as if it will go up dramatically at New Year's. Apparently all hogs farmed in California need at least a certain amount of space for breeding. Hog in question has been neutered? It still needs that space for breeding. Thank Gavin Newsom and his friends in the California State Legislature for this nonsense.

  10. If you really belive in the apocalypse, then gold, BTC, USD etc will be pretty shit.. If you want tradable currency you should invest in ammunition, guns, small water filters, drugs (legal & illegal, antibiotics will be priceless!), gas, lighters, etc.

  11. Sometimes Tim exaggerates. But can confirm I (am in UK) went into my local Co-Op to get my usual meat for Sunday roast and was shocked to see empty shelves in meat aisle with signs saying because of COVID "the supply chain has been affected".

    Which is strange because it was actually all ok throughout the main part of the pandemic last year. So what changed now??

  12. What will I eat? On my large stockpile until I run out. Life will be a little bit easier with everyone gone. Not making a joke about people starving to death. Just saying that is what's going to happen. I don't want to see anybody go hungry especially children. But the ones that voted for Biden. People you all are going to be told you got what you wanted for you and your family

  13. I've been to 4 Taco Bells recently that had food shortages, one of which was completely closed for the day. Went to a Starbucks this morning before work that was closed for the day because of supply shortage.

  14. My grandparents are addicted to NPR . I keep chipping and chipping away hoping they will crack soon. Biden /obama voters, Trump haters. They are very ignorant of the current climate. The news they hear on radio or see on the computer is so limited. Whenever I listen to you I turn it up so loud hoping they'll catch a bit of information and ponder upon it. People are starting to turn on biden voters, i don't blame them, shit feels bleak. Its like that scene in The Return of the King when Pippin is talking to Gandalf about the coming war……..That's HOW SHIT FEELS RIGHT NOW, and we've got orcs living amongst elves.

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