Food Shortage COMING (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. How can he announce a food shortage and not give specifics? What's the eefin' plan? Seems to me this means we should be thinking about rations? Closing wasteful commercial food vendors? Channeling resource to appropriate locations. Perhaps bread is more important than cookies? If they were serious, we would have a plan right now.

  2. Your shows should be every time, boots on the grown talking to city hall, talking to liquor store owners about the law that have to sell alcohol in the Black communities, school boards about CRT, how to buy a home, how to get a FAFSA grant, and anything else that help citizens.

  3. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 302 sentadillas son unos SEXBABY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesi abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

  4. The problem has been, is and possibly will remain: White people. Draw plans for the redistribution of wealth: it's the same plan to abolish whiteness. Draw plans for racial justice: it's the same plan to abolish whiteness. And so forth… Food shortages? You can bet these will only affect the non-whites. Be real people… Revolution and justice go hand in hand with doing away with whiteness. Everything else is just a grift

  5. actually New York the minimum wage is 7:25 an hour because Federal can get around that Federal doesn't have to follow laws we have to decide do we want this to be an actual United States where everyone follows the same laws and each state has to follow federal or federal has to follow each state's law and it's only a guest in each individual sovereignty and it's a unionizing between the states and shouldn't have any much more to say than to pretty much for cross state issues and for self defense and even then our state should be able to say as Independence time routines like hey we don't like what you're doing we're pulling the funding that you get from us like it shouldn't be the federal government is basically taking from the states what it should be is that the states give a percentage to the federal and then they can pull that percentage and no one has to abide by that if they do not support what the federal government is doing maybe State should be free to do pretty much an act as their own sovereignties or we should all just have a actual one sovereignty United States where roe v Wade applies everywhere or otherwise we should just break up and then all the states can do whatever they want or form actual sovereignties because that's how it is in Europe you're either your own sovereignty or you're not

  6. Sammy is actually incorrect we live in essentially a desert in the United States in order to grow food here we need to bring in water but on top of water we also have to bring in soil and other things that we can't get from the United States and things we can't get without large equipment essentially we are beholding to other countries and we are beholding to large industry for our food supply our population is too big to really go without so growing your own food is not the answer but getting a hold of and actually fighting for control over our food supply is same thing with the water supply tell me where you going to get your water from in all honesty the government provides it from you or you get it from a corporation but when they decide to turn off the switch where are you going to get the water to water your plants do everything that you do for that requires water and there's a lot that requires water it's nice to live in this idea that you could just live on your own but the reality is what happens when you know all these services and things shut down and you no longer are able to get what you need to do the gardening you need also tools that you probably bought from some big company you didn't buy them from a local or small guy and you need somebody who knows how to make them smithing I mean basically the option of regression is not going to work the only thing you can do is really fight back for control

    but not only that your soil is only going to grow you so much before you need more or to enrich it we did tame mother nature quite a bit but that's only the delusion we allow ourselves to believe because in reality the universe really is like a bucking bronco you can hold on for a little bit but eventually you're going to get thrown off

  7. if large scale mass production of food failed individual production is not going to work out the reason why in poor communities in India they have one person basically making a giant bowl of soup for everyone is because it is much cheaper to afford that for poor people if poor people individually farm and scaven she can really make things even harder and worse especially if you over hunt species into Extinction like we've done time and time again that's why it's good to have a community that understands like hey we can't keep going after these deer because eventually we will have none there's 300 million people in America imagine if even a tenth of them went out hunting deers because there's no local food that would crush the deer population they would be extinct overnight and we wouldn't have no food whatsoever

  8. here's another reason why growing your own food is stupid the things you need to grow food they can make up a claim and just say oh hey these countries that are selling this stuff well it's no good it's full of bad stuff so you have to buy American only oh by the way we're squeezing out all the small businesses cuz they don't have the proper facilities to meet regulations so you have to buy it from us large businesses and it's so damn bloody expensive the soil and all the things you need to actually grow your own food or for the seeds or anything else that well guess what too bad guess you got to pay for it or you can just go to our local grocery store and buy the overpriced food there again when somebody pushes you down and you walk away and they follow you to push you down again and again and again eventually you have to defend yourself because they're going to keep doing it they've established that and you've established that you will allow them to keep hurting you so why would they stop same thing with someone stealing from you if you keep letting them have your money day after day and they keep coming back and you do nothing about it they're going to keep coming back and stealing more money from you you're easy and you're allowing it at this point and essentially you're at the point where you're enabling them it's like your own fault for allowing them to steal from you because you've done nothing despite knowing tomorrow will bring the same especially when you do the same and allow them

  9. Sabby Sabs it right as usual. It's about power! "The Economy?" What is it? a textbook economics 101 model. "The Real Economy" is a myth. The real WORLD is what we need to check—us, you and me and our families, friends, and neighbors, and communities EVERYwhere in the world

  10. What’s ridiculous is during the same presser, he told the reporters that the sanctions were not meant to deter Russia’s actions. The sanctions are having negative effects on all of Russia, Europe and the US. So what is the point of the sanctions.

  11. End trade restrictions. What that means is don't worry if your own people are starving, if you can get a better price by exporting, do it. This is the cause of the Irish potato famine. Irish farmers exported to England while Irish people starve. Historically, countries Don't allow for experts during times of famine.

  12. Recovering, life-long Democrat here still in recovery can say this without hesitation:

    Joe Biden is the worst president of my life-time and I’m nearly a senior citizen SMH

  13. The food shortages is because farmers are behind on food production due to the pandemic. Farmers were told to throw away food at the beginning of this mess! Fuck Warmonger Biden!!!!

  14. The unemployment statistics are rigged to favor the politicians. It is their favorite statistic to throw at because part-time jobs are not included in the statistics or doesn't take into consideration livable wages. And yes Sabby, Biden kicked out the people from unemployment.

  15. We were literally trying to starve Syrians by blockading the region in Syria that produces wheat! It was Russia that went to Syria's aid with their military and by shipping wheat.
    It's very dispiriting to see the polls that say we want to be tougher on Russia…in other words, we want to impoverish Russians – and other countries – and ultimately ourselves.

  16. A lot of things I found hypocritical 100,000 Ukrainian refugees are ok but not people from Syria or any global south country?
    Follow, by food shortage and bringing Ukrainian refugees afterwords!!??

    First thing that must come clear we do not sanction any country, second Ukraine is an allowed to join NATO…that is all the United state and Europe could’ve handled the situation.

  17. There will be no foot shortage in the mansions of the ruling class and castles of politicians such as the White House. Remember that, everyone, when you are hungry. You know where to go. Might want to start making your way now.

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