Food Shortages

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  1. My problem is due to government covid legislation, I am not allowed to work and have to be on the dole. I simply can't afford to stockpile food right now and we already have shortages due to floods.
    My stockpile that I got while working because I knew that me being fired for non compliance was comming was basically just rice and beans. The rice is running out.

  2. The US is the world's largest agricultural exporter. We have the capacity to fill the shortage, it'd be an excellent opportunity to make more of the world's survival dependent on US trade.

  3. Again the economic warfare of the elite ruling class threaten every day peaceful citizens across the world. Globalist interventionism is NEVER the answer. If you cannot defend your borders against your neighbor *maybe you don't deserve those borders*. The alternative ALWAYS results in more misery & suffering because conflicts escalate and spread.

  4. Imagine this. We have a country that we have peacefully traded with for years that provides essential resources. The US decides in 2014 that they want Putin out, and that Russia should be broken up into at least three different states. The US also wants unrestricted access to Russia's vast resources that they can claim ownership of. How to go about this…………….you know the rest. When Victoria Nuland was asked if there was a danger that Europe could be dragged into a war and a severe economic recession, she said 'F**k Europe'.
    Can someone please remind me who exactly is the enemy here?

  5. Obviously what we need is a New World Order in the form of an authoritarian, global central government composed of the best and brightest led by someone like, oh let’s say, Klaus Schwab, to save us and to summon Utopia. After all, they played a huge part in creating these problems.

  6. The price of fertilizer was an issue that I heard about around oct/nov of 2021, this is not specifically related to russia/ukraine but rather green policies in the EU.
    I hope that's a cruelty free horse they plan to kindly flog.

  7. I just… don't flippin get it! As horrible as it is to say, this war in the Ukraine should be a godsend for the American economy. Literally everything Russia produces, wheat, oil, etc, America has the capacity to produce in droves. We have one of the largest domestic supplies of natural oil (not counting the middle east) and other fossil fuels that we could be mining and exporting. We have some of the largest stretches of fertile land with which we could be supplying nearly the whole of the west. Why aren't we? Even an idiot like me can see this. We don't need Russia, and yet western nations are utterly crumbling financially… its so stupid…

  8. I'd like to commend Brandon for setting what appears to be the world record time of bringing the US from energy independence to the brink of total collapse.

    On a scale of Wiemar to Zimbabwe, I'd say we're at South Africa right about now.

  9. Point of order on the small group owning most farmland. This is not unique to Ukraine, there is a well known 80/20 phenomena where in almost any facet of production 20% of participants create 80% of output/profit. While it may well be that in Ukraine the acquisition was through corruption it is not odd that a small number of farmers own disproportionate farmland.

  10. Wheat hasn't been this expensive since THE LAST TIME A DEMOCRAT WAS IN OFFICE
    Wheat hasn't been this expensive since THE LAST TIME A DEMOCRAT WAS IN OFFICE
    Wheat hasn't been this expensive since THE LAST TIME A DEMOCRAT WAS IN OFFICE
    Wheat hasn't been this expensive since THE LAST TIME A DEMOCRAT WAS IN OFFICE

  11. So, because Putin sensed American (Biden's) weakness children in Africa will be (more) starving.
    But at least Trump isn't in office anymore – that would be worse, right?

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