Foot and mouth disease detected in Australia

The Opposition is calling on the government to seriously consider closing Australia’s border with Indonesia, to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease.

The Agriculture Minister revealed traces of the virus have been found at the border.


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  1. There is no disease in Australia, all they got was traces of enough genetic material to trigger the test they are using. A disease is the active process within a living organism caused by the intact viral particles if they evade the immune system and start an infection cascade.

  2. China – Xi – has the gall to slap tariff's on Australian beef, wine, iron ore, coal – when we sell some of the worlds purest and untainted products – Chinese daigou's raiding Australian baby formula because they poison theirs. What have they given us? Cheap toxic products, Covid and now foot & mouth – STOP trading with this totally unethical dictatorship – He are trying to ruin and run the world and he'll stop at nothing!!

  3. Another Bill Gates initiative? Its all in the air ppl the easiest undetected way to spread viruses and diseases is with drones and planes and someone on the ground controlling it all …but msm will tell us to look under our our shoes for what cow shit ??

  4. Right on time.
    Your Socialist government keeping the BS scare propaganda & EU propaganda machine going.
    Your climate change sheep will be very happy along with bill gates, when Australia kills millions of farm animals.

  5. "Foot and mouth disease just detected in Australia" ?? Hell, many folks have been seeing it on the part of politicians in the halls of NSW and Vic governments for at least a couple of years now!!!! 🤪

  6. It seems Australia media seems trying to do black campaign and provocation using FMD closing Indonesia will held G20 in few months and jealousy in tourism industry because once International border open ..many Australia prefer to holiday in Bali. 😅✌️💙

  7. How else can you push an agenda to make you eat bugs and reduce world population? If you don't take drastic measures and buy farmlands, make sure existing animals get "diseases", and increase the costs of fuel.

    Remember you will own nothing, and you will be happy.(as per the WEF) Don't ask who is going to own everything and control your very existence like a slave.

  8. What a convenient excuse to cull the livestock and create a meat shortage. Don't worry people, you won't go hungry. Uncle Bill says there's enough creepy crawlies to eat for everybody

  9. What is the difference between this threat and the plans the Greens and ultimately the government have for our agriculture industry?
    Labor will do what ever the Greens want as the best interests of the country play second fiddle to their hold on power.

  10. I call bullsh*t on this one. Another false flag to kill the Australian food industry and destroy the economy, so they can bring in their NWO.

  11. This head line is no only misleading it is criminal – are you trying to destroy Australia's primary production reputation? Just because F&M fragments were found in imported goods is no reason to suggest our livestock has also been infected – shame on you.

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