FOR ALL TO SEE filmed in 1993

Millenium 2000 filmed in 1993 – Anthony J. Hilder + Jordan Maxwell + Terry Cook

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  1. Australia is the guinea pig for all this garbage.. we have all the tyrannical rules..WE ARE SO SUPPRESSED and it cost us a fortune with every fine which there are plenty…NO OTHER "FREE" COUNTRY LIVES WITH SO MANY UNCONSTITUTIONAL DRACONIAN RULES..I want my free loving fair dinkum country back….

  2. Spot on! Religion is the key! Yet no one is talking about it! There’s 3 new buildings in construction in the Middle East. Muslim catholic and Zionist! They will be the three main religions as part of the NWO

  3. It seems to be a trend here: Spanish flu, world war 1 & 2, smallpox, AIDS. Seems to be spaced out evenly to cause mass destruction. Some don't work out to plan either.

  4. Theres a video of George Bush snr saying that there will be New World Order and that they will be successful! This shits real and where in the process of it! Those of yiu got injected good luck those of us who didn't will be rounded up sooner or later! People should watch hobbs and shaw 1 listen carefully very interesting!

  5. Wow! Pretty close to where we are at the moment and where we are being led to, although they missed the Climate Change Cult and sundry other things. Still pretty impressive. I hadn't even heard of the WEF in 1993

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