Forced Sales & Mortgage Prisons

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Warnings about forced sales and mortgage prisons.


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  1. Excellent points Florian…!!..Please keep us updated to any movement in housing market and any other relevant issue on Australian economy…Thank you…!!!..🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. Last month a broker in the US on alternative media was talking about the housing market and he went on to say that last month 63000 people decided to re-neg on going forward with purchasing a home. This blew me away… . Shits hitting the fan!

  3. They keep warning Australians about Nigerian scams what about the Australian bank scams they scam a lot more Australians it all the scams can bind together

  4. If people planned for this they wouldn’t be in this situation. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. It feels good to be in a good place financially. I wish more people were the same. Unfortunately many people are in a hell of a lot of trouble financially soon.

  5. As you can imagine, it’s all over the morning breakfast shows…some absolutely silly comments and suggestions from disc jockeys…simple fact of the matter is when the government pushes a lot of what I would call free money into the economy, prices inevitably move up. We are already a very expensive country to live in, I have to move to Aldi $6.99 coffee as the brand I bought at another major went from $8 to $10.70…a 33% increase!😩

    Get a 2nd job, pay off as much as you can and go cheap. I actually enjoy trying to spend as little as possible!

    And yes, I practice what I preach, own a business (during the day) and Uber from 4 am until 7:30 every morning and often in the evenings…tired yes, happy, absolutely!

  6. These people should never have brought a home at that amount off money driven by greed without thinking what might and could happen to interest rates. Where the interest rates were so low it was stupid to think and expect rates not to go up
    Borrowed far too much had no buffers or back up cash this is nothing new it's been happening to people for years but with cost off homes now more people will find themselves in a bad situation

  7. I rentvest. When I bought my place I crunched the numbers to make sure that I would be ok if the interest rate went to 10%. And by ok I mean still positively geared. On top of that I work my ass off to pay off the loan as fast as I can.

    Regarding a large crash I’d be surprised if one happened. But the price disparity between east and west coast is at historical highs and this needs to adjust back to the historical mean eventually, because this is still one country and the same beautiful Australian benefits and culture apply from sea to sea. This will either be achieved by price rises or price falls or both. Don’t know when. Next year, ten years. It will happen eventually.

    I have friends who work ordinary jobs like me and yet are invested in highly negative geared settings and refuse to even think about thinking about selling their east coast properties. They genuinely believe that the future capital gains on their property will be the same as the ones in the past and it’s their one ticket to riches and life success. It’s a great big lottery ticket for them which they hold as last weeks lotto ticket paid off. These people are going to have hard investing lives living on reduced income and getting nothing for it.

    People in Perth understand what im saying. They know what a house downturn feels like. The rest of the country is in denial, and keep selling themselves the bs story that Perth is a mining town and that’s why its prices collapsed but that won’t happen here because our towns are more diversified. Like any town in Australia is diversified at all, and even if it was look at California and what happened to them. What an absurd narrative. As stupid as the narratives west Australians used to tell themselves long ago about their property prices continuing to go up because China is going to keep growing and pull Perth property prices up with it. Or at least place a floor beneath them. Narratives are stupid.

  8. The recession is just beginning now in europe,because the us dollar is closely tied in with the pound and euro they will follow suit then us!
    this time next yr people will be selling houses cheaper.
    The whole blocking rental increases and higher interest rates and taxes will force people to sell there investment properties this will only help to free up properties for new buyers especially with albos new 40% buyout scheme for first time buyers under 90k a year..
    Its finally happening thank f$@k…
    (I am truly hoping they stop foreign investment in properties that will be the clincher 🙏 plz god or albo make it happen)
    "Rubs hands together"

  9. Rent your bedroom people… invite a family in a caravan to park out back… sheds too can be rented.. forget what your council says… just keep your yard tidy and trees trimmed and extra rubbish to the tip. Worry about the council when they come knocking.

  10. I struggle to feel bad for the average person: You try to warn them and they just stick their fingers in their ears and yell "la la la la la…". It doesn't matter what you say if the guy on the telly with the suit and tie and the authoritative voice is telling them the opposite🙄.
    I financially prepared for this moment for 8 years… Now it's finally here I've been levelled with a health issue and burned through my savings over the last 12 months. Now I don't have anything left to buy with😂

  11. Hi Heise,

    You don't want a crash because its your field to make money. But the reality is, the real estate was propped up using printed money and lower interest rate, to push more people into debt and inflate the tax revenues. When the income to expense doesn't match, people will start cutting on spending and the inevitable will happen. A recession and price correction to when the rates were normal. Most probably to 2016 year.

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