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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. AOC still had some good in her recently but I fear that the "coup" will make her a much worse Pelosi in the future. It's removed from her the little bit of empathy she had left for people outside of her class.

  2. Good grief…

    WTF is the matter with people.

    You can't "nice" "podcast" your way to legiation like M4A.

    These idiots think they can "nice" their way to a "Green New Deal" with the fossil fuel industry/ Wall Street???

    Jimmy you are in the "green light lane". DSA and The Terd Squad are in the blue sign parking spot…

  3. Dore is right. Why don't politicians have youtube channels to push their message the same as other social platforms? I find that suspicious. It's taboo. Why? Because they will get caught saying things that won't square with their party. To do what Dore does takes way more courage and integrity than they have and will forever be confined to vague and mechanical rhetoric.

  4. If you want to know the REAL REASON that UNIONS were DECIMATED over the last 30 years it's because union leadership became EXACTLY like the current dem party corrupt class. They sold out their members continually and when the time came to defend them, they weren't there. This is a constant pattern in liberal politics. The careerists always take over with their idpol elite bullshit excuses and the real workers eventually defect until the careerist PMC AWFLS are all that's left. The left has been poisoned with these people. It's always the same.

  5. The position of the now defunct alt right 4 years was that the right wing is wrong about economic policy and the left wing is wrong about social policy. Their criticism was that the neolib Democratic Party was trying to use antiwhite scapegoating as capitalism's alibi. Whenever the socialist left asks for absolutely necessary economic reforms, what the Democrats will do is load the bill up with so much intentionally divisive identity politics bullshit that it will force the right to reject it, even when we know that a substantial amount of Republican voters want things like M4A. See, if you blame white people, you're apparently not blaming the economic system that our elites want desperately to defend. They want a Democrat base that aspires to be consumers or capitalism's beneficiaries, not its gravediggers. If the alt right had this corrrect, then Biden's presidency will be 4 years of antiwhite race baiting to steer the left away from an anticapitalist politics that would alienate the Dems' corporate donors and instead steer them towards a meaningless culture war fashion statement politics that won't threaten Goldman Sachs or Blackrock. I don't know, dude, it's looking to me like they were right about everything.

    Did you notice how the media started crying about police brutality immediately after they screwed the socialist left out of the primaries? I suppose that could be a coincidence, except we've seen this before. The Obama admin quietly cleared Occupy out of cities nationwide, had Van Jones start an astroturf fake version of it called "Occupy Together," and then had the 6 corporations that produce 90% of your media find a police brutality-style racebaiting story to steer the left into antiwhite rage and away from the socialist challenge to neoliberal economics. Remember Trayvon Martin? It worked. They got the socialist left back into their pocket then, didn't they? You all see how they cling to Trump as an excuse to not actually do what their supporters want. See how this works?

    It's true. Your plutocrats use race to divide and conquer the working class. I guess diversity is ideal for them. Is it time for the left to rethink its perpetual witch hunt against racist thought criminals? Nah.

  6. Jimmy is reading this people so damn hard lol The funny and amazing thing is that he'd destroying them with their own words, actions and hypocrisy. Also, his makes you wander why news media never have been as hard at politicias as he's been? Not even Fox News has savaged the democratic party in such effective and accurate way.

  7. AOC is crying in her office about mean words a pothead said to her. Pelosi comforts her and has the same story about when she was a younger politician. AOC becomes friends with Pelosi and another Swamp Creature has been created. That's how it works. That and the fat wads of cash that will be paid to AOC's family members in the future for their astonishing skill at managing companies despite no experience.

  8. There are two things you say over and over that are demonstrably not true. One thing is that you call yourself a "journalist." You simply regurgitate some stuff you "read" and interpret it like the drunk sitting at the end of the bar screaming his lungs out at the TV. When you start actually writing news and get published somewhere with your by-line you "might" be able to use the term journalist. Until then please stop using the word in association with what you do. The second thing is that you refer to yourself as a "comedian." Maybe I'm wrong but for as long as I've been watching the great comics of the 50s, Berle, Youngman, King, Hackett, Benny, Winters and their decedents Carlin, Pryor, Rock, Murray, McDonald, et al. As I recall these truly great comedians all had one thing in common. They made/make people laugh, uncontrollably at times. I have to be honest I have not even cracked a smile at any attempts by you at humor. If I didn't know what you were trying to do was humor, I wouldn't even know you call it (wrongly) comedy. Comedy? Please. Embarrassing is more appropriate.

  9. I am more right on issues but Jimmy is hitting the nail on the head on healthcare. God bless you Jimmy!!! And yes you can be right on some issues and left on others people you don't have to support a party on everything no matter what. That's just stupid!!

  10. I used to attend a private, religious school, and was quite a thorn in their side advocating the school change and reform. I was told that the best way to make changes was to be "nice". I pointed out that the word "nice" comes to us from Middle English via Old French, itself coming from the Latin for ‘ignorant’, and in Middle English it meant stupid or foolish. "Nice girl" implied a woman was of low moral character, as I recall. To hell with nice. To quote the Canadian suffragette and politician, Nellie McClung, “Never explain, never retract, never apologize, get the thing done and let them howl.”