Forensic Engineering World Trade Center 7 | CSI | Forensics Talks Ep12 | ft. Dr. Leroy Hulsey

Forensics Talks host, Eugene Liscio from Ai2 – 3D talked with Dr. Leroy Hulsey. He is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks who has been investigating the failure of the WTC7 building which was the third building to have collapsed on September 11, 2001.
A recent study from Dr. Hulsey and his colleagues from the University of Alaska Fairbanks challenges the official explanation from NIST. Dr. Hulsey explained to us his findings from his 3 year study of the collapse of WTC7.
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  1. The better question is.. WHAT was in Building 7… what organizations, what items of matter…. files, gold, currency, WHAT WAS IN THAT BUILDING?
    We know the Oklahoma City building that collapsed had ALL the the EVIDENCE against the Clintons and grand jury evidence/decision…

  2. Respectfully Professor Hulsey. As a Fire Protection Engineer, the assumption that the fire proofing on the beams was complete and that there was not exposed steel is a poor assumption. In my 28 years of experience, buildings that are over 30 years old often experience large areas of compromise of the fire proofing system over time by Tenant Improvement projects. Gary Rose, P.E.

  3. Building 7 is the ultimate’smoking gun’. That’s forgetting all the other anomalies on the day especially there being NO photographs of the Pentagon plane. You Americans really need to act for if nothing else , in honour of the innocents who died on that tragic day.

  4. Nobody ever addresses the elephant in the room. Bldg 7 was the CIA headquarters, and world trade centers 1 & 2 were the financial capital of the world. All three were squashed by the finger of Almighty God …. they were idols and a major source of wickedness in our country and the world, and God put an end to them. period I met the building manager of WTC #! and he told me point blank … "We found NOTHING at the destruction site … NOTHING … on the 68th floor of my building was the Swiss Bank which had billions in gold bullion in its vaults. We didn't find a desk, a chair … NOTHING."

  5. I have seen several similar articles, no doubt info like this is being suppressed!!!!!!!!! But then it is not suprizing considering the controlled media today!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The answer to the whole thing is so simple. The building was supposed to go down with one of the other buildings. There would have been no questions at all. It would be assumed that it was crushed and the dust would have hidden the fall. The charges didn't work as planned. But they were committed to destroying #7 for what it contained and had to bring it down later in plain view.

  7. I read the 9/11 Commission several times. One of the first things that caught my attention was the list of commission members, all those "commissioners",

  8. Building 7 cell at free-call speed. Along its entire length, into its depth, after the penthouse imploded first, then the entire roof-level fell as one piece, folding ever-so-slightly inward. It was a precision demolition.

  9. I remember that day when Building #7 Fell. The BBC just reported that Bldg #7 had just fallen, when in fact you could see in the window behind the lady reporter that Bldg #7 was still standing for yet another 1/2 hour before it finally fell. Her report lost connection as they said they were having technical difficulties as to why her connection was taken off air. The news reported the event before it happened! They knew what was about to happen but accidently reported the news before it happened, They let the cat out of the bag! The media was in on the scam and accidently reported it before it happened!

  10. NO ANSWER was given as to the source of fuel (41:45) that would produce heat in excess of 800 degrees Celsius. That was my nagging question not only with bldg 7 but also with towers 1 & 2. We all saw the huge flume of fire that represented the plane's fuel which burned up and was gone, but it did not last long enough to melt steel girders. What caused liquid steel to run out of the building? What caused that kind of temperature?

  11. What about the explosions on the SW corner as bldg. 7 starts to collapse? At 43:59 from the north side view, the space between the floors or levels are still in tact. We are looking at demolition to justify war in the Middle-east.

  12. Leaving it with the science usually brings us to a conclusion which neither of you were bold enough to utter. Does science have any use if conclusions cannot be derived from the evidence? Try that in an honest courtroom — case dismissed!

  13. All of Americans middle easterners and possibly the whole world knows that our government committed mass murder and put me. Wikki leaks in prison indefinitely for telling so. WHAT ARE YOU AND EVERYONE TOGONNA DO ABOUT IT??? HUA ? Cuz bumping gums only makes their pps hard. And making all feel safe to keep putting it to all publicly now cuz no one dose shzzzzt

  14. I WAS THERE ! There was NO "Explosion" or "controlled demolition" ! The building was on fire and ALL of the FDNY members were digging out the towers looking for their Brothers in the pile. EVERYONE called "ground zero" "the Pile". The name Ground zero is a Political term used to Sell the tragedy to the American people . In every single video of the collapse of 7 WTC the viewer is North looking South. There are MANY buildings blocking the view. I was standing on Top of 32 Avenue of the Americas. There were VERY FEW buildings blocking my view. I set up a Triage in the lobby of our building for the Cops and Firemen. I was there for Three Days straight. I talked to EVERYONE. The FDNY told me that they KNEW the building was going to collapse but they "didn't care because it was Empty". "The people are in the pile, there IS NO building anymore". The FDNY members wanted that building to come down because it was a HUGE "Safety Hazard" having a collapsing building that has TWO Raging FIRES hanging over their heads. There were pieces of the Towers sticking inside and outside of the 7 WTC. The Three Story transformer underneath the building was ON FIRE. Part of the building was Cantilevered over that transformer.
    How many events have to take place in ONE building on ONE day at ONE time in order for it to collapse and it NOT be called a conspiracy ?
    Building 7 has TWO Uncontrolled Fires going on for HOURS, One Fire is in the main building and One Fire is INSIDE the Con ED Transformer Building, Steel Frame is Cantilevered over Separate Fire in Transformer building, Transformer Fires Toxic smoke is what has KILLED MOST FDNY members ( this is why I'm STILL alive without cancer). Building 7 got hit by flaming debris from the plane and from the North Tower. Building 7 gets hit by SEVERAL "shock waves' from the impact and collapse of the planes and the towers.

    I hate our Government. No one is paying me. I LOVE History and Engineering especially Civil Engineering. I was in the right place at the wrong time. Television cameras CANNOT show you how bad that building and the surrounding area was to your personal safety. There were Fingers and Toes EVERYWHERE but, I have yet to see them on ANY video footage from that day or the following weeks. The Whole of Downtown Manhattan looked like the surface of the Moon. The glass ,Aluminum and Asbestos mixed with ground up concrete looks like looks just like Moon Dust. But you DON'T see ANY of that on the TV. Thank GOD that building was Cantilevered over the Transformer. Had it have a Traditional Steel Frame the outcome would have been a half teetering building hanging over The Largest Rescue Operation in American History.

  15. Thank you so much for this video. I'm surprised that it hasn't been taken down, for not supporting the dominant story. I was in El Salvador at the time, having breakfast. The TV began to show the collapse of the twin towers, and most of the diners turned to look at me. I responded to their questions by saying that it was obviously a controlled demolition. Just on the face of it, by comparing with many uTube videos of controlled demolition. It's so helpful to hear the scientific data behind the possibilities. But sometimes, it's enough to know that if it quacks, it probably is a duck.

  16. 9/10/2001 someone gives a speech about missing money. Billions or trillions I don't remember. The very next day "plane' conveniently destroyed records and investigators are located exactly in the spot of the Pentagon.

  17. I think it's pretty amazing that millions of people witness the same event in which three buildings were completely destroyed by fire as a result of aircraft impact. Although the physics of three buildings totally collapsing on their own footprint due to fire is really really unlikely, it still happened in NYC. Similar buildings around the world have caught on fire and burned for days and never collapsed.
    $$$$$$$ You have to admit, we have a pretty good Wizard of Oz!! $$$$$$$

  18. Cause of false Flag….." Fear Of Future "
    What They We're- Afraid Of -Is Here…now.
    '''''''''g r o s s o u t of p r o p o r t I o n
    b o o g I e m a n f e a r….( Overgrown spoiled baby mindset )
    And the perpetrator (s) is still at large in ' society modeling string pullers '
    Means r e t a r d s a r e t o u c h I n g control s……..•••°°•`•√`|•~£`••¥°°°°°∆∆°^<^°¢¢¥€¢€¥°•√°√••|~`|`

  19. And as for twin towers bahahahah an airplane wouldn't go all the way through those buildings. The nose cone on planes are very weak. 200 story building and no damage of that much to surrounding thiings. And where is all debree from 200 stories. That was a direct energy weapon not a plane


  21. I'm just glad it was not suspicious that the BBC reported WTC7's collapse some 20-25 minutes…before…it happened? What a stroke of journalistic insight! An entire building, zero smoke seen from a distance, completely collapsing into it's own footprint, on camera , at freefall speed… (Nothing to see here!) ANyone who states this could happen is clearly employed by the 'nothing to see here' army of govt stooges.

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