Forever War in Ukraine or End of Unipolar World?

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Moscow-based international affairs analyst, Mark Sleboda. Sleboda assesses Russia’s military maneuvers in the early days of the conflict in Ukraine and evaluates the possibility of a Syria-style dirty war erupting in the country. Sleboda also explains how the war has ushered in a “great decoupling” between Russia and the West and why he believes it represents the “end of the unipolar world.”

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  1. Mother*uckees where in Afghanistan for 20 years and couldn't overthrow the Taliban who were running around the mountains in flip flops and they saying the Russian invasion is taking too long

  2. The Guardian, 2018. "Russia analyst interviewed by ABC a 'blatantly pro-Kremlin apologist.'–RN breakfast program under fire for introducing Mark Sleboda as a 'Moscow-based political analyst' but not disclosing his work for the state-owned RT."

  3. Interestingly, I just had my Paypal account limited because I subscribed to the Geopolitics in Conflict website, they wanted "An explanation of the reference to "geopolitics"', is Paypal now part of the thought police establishment? How many others is this happening to?

    “Threats to freedom of speech, writing, and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect, and unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen.” ~ Orwell

  4. Love this interview. Very informative and enlightening. Great to hear alternative viewpoints for a change they're harder and harder to find these days. That being said I had a Rosanna Rosanna Dan a moment watching this video. For those of you who are familiar with the Saturday night live skit. Dude wipe your freaking mouth man please! Thanks 👍😂

  5. The elites want a more global gov't so they tipped the balance of power between east and west. Putin spoke of the restoration to the balance of power a few years ago after the war in Crimea. The world is electrifying and gas and oil is the main Russian export economy. So the media paints him as madman. What do people do when they're cornered and their survival is at stake? They take the necessary measures to ensure their own survival. I just don't buy the msm version of this war.

  6. Who, or what entity is charged with maintaining property titles in Ukraine. What are they requirements for establishing a Real Estate corporation in Ukraine?
    Do you, Dr.Sleboda, have a counterpart in Ukraine who writes on all these issues of Govt?

  7. “THE RUSSIANS DID IT!!” 😂🤣😂😃

    When CV started in early 2020, central banks could conveniently blame the pandemic for the massive and continued expansion of their balance sheets. But the real problem that the major investment banks were again on the verge of bankruptcy as in 2008.

    All of these officials need a scapegoat because they need to shift blame for the inflation that they created.

  8. “A New "Berlin Wall" Is Going Up And The Shock Of This Decoupling Is Only Just Beginning To Be Felt

    The issue is that this time the economies on the other side of it have vast amounts of both physical commodities that we need, and the manufacturing supply chains we also need.”

  9. Oh God, flashbacks of Trump's idiotic trade war and sanctions against China are both enlightening and mind-numbing. All it did was strengthen China's relationship with allies like Russia and move China to solidify strategic Pacific trade routes alongside ramping-up their belt-and-road program of controlling key military, economic, and infrastructure points through their financial structures. Although Trump probably would have dealt with Ukraine differently due to his skepticism of NATO (although Democrats, especially Biden & Obama/Clinton operatives being balls-deep in funding the Ukrainian Banderas fascists/old-boot Nazis and Ukrainian Oligarchs doesn't hurt) , I find it hard to believe Trump wouldn't have stumbled into the same antagonism against Russia with China's 'own ulkraine', Taiwan. It probably wouldn't have been possible, maybe not even possible to the same degree America is sacrificing Ukraine in order to awaken the Russians out of desperation, but considering Trump's stance on Hong-Kong and Taiwan, I would think that some years on this same scenario would have happened with Taiwan and China if he was still in office.

  10. Great interview, thanks! This needs to be broadcast to everyone in America. Most people are totally uninformed as to WHY this incident is even occurring. The gov't has another new boogie-man in Putin so now they can start selling weapons to everyone again and fear-porn the public into submission through the MSM. Such a shame that our country relies on killing to function. 😡

  11. LOL The Greyzone took an American supremacist angle on the covid pandemic while Ben took a socialist, internationalist position and now you're trying to catch up and plagiarise him. Pathetic.

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