Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden’s Lies?

The evidence is in: Joe Biden has a habit of making things up. And it’s not just wrong — it could hurt him in a general election contest against Donald Trump. According to The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan, if you think the guy who made up getting arrested in South Africa, who falsely claimed to have marched in the civil rights movement, is the “safe” candidate against Trump, then you’re lying to yourself.

Written by The Intercept

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  1. "Trump has told more than 16,000 lies since coming to office"
    And that in itself is a big damn lie!
    Funny how you show an article in WaPo, the paper which got a Pulitzer for peddling Collusion lies… Who will fact-check the fact-checkers? Eh, Mechdi?

  2. This is TRUE. People are focusing so much on Joe’s SENILITY that they forget that’s he’s also a RACIST AND PROPAGANDIST/LIAR!!
    Anyone remember, “Romney wants to see blacks back in chains”?
    Joe’s been FULL OF SH*T FOREVER.

  3. Trump IS NOT a “serial liar”. He’s an EXAGGERATOR because he’s a salesman and that’s what they do.
    “It’s the latest craze sweeping the nation”… We’ve all heard that exaggerated sales pitch.
    Trump is like a used car salesman that plays up the “greatness” of his product to make the sale.
    I know of TWO LIES from Trump. He lied about Stormy Daniels and his “University” was a misrepresentation (although I wouldn’t mind learning how to make money from Trump).
    The media LIES about what Trump says more than Trump lies.
    Trump NEVER SAID to drink bleach.
    Trump NEVER TOLD ANYONE to drink aquarium cleaner.
    Trump DIDN’T BUILD THE CAGES FOR KIDS, OBAMA DID. The pictures of kids in cages was from June 2014.
    Trump is REACTIONARY. He attacks when attacked, but he doesn’t fabricate his accusations like so many Democrats do.

  4. Arrested,driving while black, putting medal of honors on solders in a battlefield during the battle,out manvering bullets like Superman,like listing to Hillary infront of the hearings about bengaza,lips are moving more lies are coming out only now there coming out like machine guns

  5. Liberals whine all day about how Trump lies lies lies lies, but when asked about how they feel about the lies of Maxine Waters, AOC our genius economist, Pelosi, and Nadler the Penquin, Senile Joe …….. you are told how you're a typical trumpster, stupid, proof of sheep existing in this world, going to be embarrassed when Trump is hauled out of the White House like a baby, should die and make the world a better place, or just no response. Its amazing how they can be so so so blind.

  6. Except Trump has a long list of achievements over 4 years that biden hasn't in 47years… Just in 1 year the drug ceased under Trump equaled 8 years of obiden administration.
    Ill take the lying overachiever over the incompetent bullshitter anytime.