Forget the Great Reset. Embrace the Great Escape.


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“The coronavirus pandemic has no parallel in modern history. It is our defining moment.” 

Those are the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in COVID-19: The Great Reset, the 2020 book he co-authored with Thierry Malleret. 

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal,” they write in the book’s introduction. “The short response is: never.”

At the latest WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this January, Schwab set the tone for the conference with his glowing introduction of the opening speaker: Xi Jinping, China’s president and chairman of the Chinese Communist Party 

“Major economies should see the world as one community… and should coordinate the objectives, intensity, and pace of fiscal and monetary policies,” said Xi in his address to the WEF.  

This vision of a united globe with a coordinated economy managed by experts captures Schwab’s vision of the post-COVID world. “We have to redefine the social contract,” said Schwab at a 2020 WEF book launch event for The Great Reset. 

These grand proclamations, the ominous book title, and Schwab’s odd personal style have led many people to speculate that the “great reset” is part of a conspiracy of global financial elites and politicians to depopulate the planet so that they can more easily institute one-world government, or even that COVID was engineered to that end. 

I don’t buy it. Far-reaching, global conspiracies require levels of coordination and shared purpose likely to be quickly exposed and fall apart, especially in the networked age. Instead of spinning our wheels searching for a secret agenda, take a look at the one right out in the open.  

“I think we are moving from short-term to long-term, from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism,” said Schwab at his 2020 book event.

What Xi, the WEF, and people like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) have in common is that they favor so-called stakeholder capitalism, which is a euphemism for making companies answer first to special interests. They want to reorganize corporate boards to include representatives from labor, environmental, and social justice groups. Warren proposed a bill to require 40 percent of large corporate board seats be elected by workers. In China, the state simply owns or controls a majority stake in most of the country’s largest firms.

Written and produced by Zach Weissmueller, animation by Tomasz Kaye, additional graphics by Nodehaus

Photos: CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA/Newscom; CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA/Newscom; Li Tao / Xinhua News Agency/Newscom; Ken Cedeno / Pool via CNP / SplashNews; Ahmad Abdo/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom;  Ed Lefkowicz / VWPics/Newscom;  Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA/Newscom; Li Xiang / Xinhua News Agency/Newscom; Kyodo/Newscom; CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA/Newscom;  Li Tao / Xinhua News Agency/Newscom;  Lan Hongguang / Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

Stock footage: Timo Volz from Pexels; Alexander Bobrov from Pexels 

Music: “Thunder” by straget licensed under Creative Commons Attribution; “Aqueous Pulse” by thatjeffcarter licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

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  1. I think your theory that tech is outpacing regulation is the vital flaw in your argument. Most tech we have came from the military and their efforts to curtail us are taking effect. Sadly we win this fight when we are ready to drop their tech cause there never has been a better conduit for control then said tech- too much info is far more manipulatable than very limited as the people can fill in the holes in their narratives themselves rather than relying on them to craft a perfect narrative that must weather any and all criticism (too much info lessens there control but boosts the trust they can carry- just a thing I've learned from Soviet era).

  2. 6:43 Schwab’s conundrum of “quantum politics” will have to be solved by AI driven by quantum computing. This is pretty obviously the plan, considering his word choice and his framing of the problem as something beyond the abilities of people.

    But if the Very Smart People build the right technology, the AI will be able to fine tune its own algorithms as it goes along and learns over time. Right?? This is truly what most of the Davos crowd believes. Maybe even Schwab believes it.

    But of course the initial parameters will be established in such a way as to shield the Stakeholders™ from any negative repercussions of the AI’s learning curve, which is sure to be “bumpy.” Us plebs will be the real guinea pigs.

  3. I want a one world government, a globalist Libertarian government party who take full use of the earth and all its inhabitants, letting people who live better in specific regions of the world live their and having all the best things be done in the best areas of the world, energy, farming, and whatever you want to do in life, you get to go to that area of the world and work in the field you are happy with and letting the whole world better itself and give happiness to its public.
    With less laws, I would want increased punishment for real crimes, no one will commit immoral and heinous crimes if you knew that death was not a possibility, you would be tortured and kept alive for as long as possible, this would be a great deterrent in a free world from stopping bad people from being bad.
    I don't have this sun shine and rainbows outlook, I know some people are evil, and I know many are good and a big chunk are in the middle and don't care about anyone but themselves.

  4. There's many variables to reality that can't be completely measured or understood. This is why freedom of speech is necessary. To many of world leaders have a perception that the collective is to be primary to a hierarchical perception of society. In classical or from the enlightenment period and the classical liberalism the individual is to be primary to a hierarchy. This is a metaphysical claim from the Christian ethos and Christ parable of the 99 sheep on the hill.
    Our systems are in constant unconscious battle of philosophical questions that are from within and from without.
    To me the Marxist philosophy is in much of this utopia vision that is driving us to a apocalyptic unbalance. There's a unconscious force in our psyche that is warming us but people are unable to see or interpret the warnings and signs do to the complexity of the superstructure we live in.

  5. Alex Jones may be a raving lunatic but you can now do a deep dive on his 20 year old rants and fact check him to be right more often than he is wrong. One thing to never do is hear him raving about world orders and write it all off. Just maybe Klaus Schwab is a puppet of the grand scheme. He is the hand of the magician you are looking at while the other hand puts something in your pocket.

  6. The ship Xi talks about is the Titanic.

    They will take the lifeboats and leave the rest of us behind.

    But they will fill their pockets with silverware from the first class section before they leave.

  7. Yeah. The people being censored by government want to forcibly have stuff injected in people’s veins and keep on injecting them while hiding the data on the stuff and going to court so the FDA won’t reveal what’s really in it. Not getting injected is a danger to democracy because the stuff was voted on by the American people.

  8. Cancel Klaus Schwab before hubris-filled totalitarians cancel all of liberty. And now that we know Trudeau is a fan-boy of Xi, he needs to go as well. Xi and Putin will run their poor people that way to their Great Demise.

  9. How did a guy who looks, sounds and is named like a villain in a Die Hard movie start creating " Young Global Tyrants"…without sounding some alarms? Seems like the diploma from "Nazi School" would be a disqualifier from holding public office.

  10. I disagree with his dismissal of transhumanism as a conspiracy theory. I think he hasn't done his research since the goals are also well stated and not hidden, but no book has been written on it yet, instead you have to look at the statements from the different Great Reset acolytes (young leaders). They are not hiding it but you do have to dig a little. The totalitarianism of the Great Reset would need to be in place before the transhumanism stuff could begin. It could be argued that the so called "vaccine" is really a move in the transhumanist direction. An often stated goal of the Great Reset is a reduction in human population. I'm not sure why this guy has missed this. It could be he is working to promote the Great Reset through stealth means. Appearing to oppose it by doing a soft sell and assuring people they don't need to act, that the problem will resolve itself – it certainly will not. Remember that tyranny requires that good people do nothing. This seems like an attempt in that direction.

  11. As true as this is, his plan will work. I say things because people are beginning to see the Covid truth yet still wear masks in grocery stores because of a simple sign on the door.
    People conform. Masks are the simplest test of conformity. No one will fight back. They will win in the end.

  12. animation by Tomasz Kaye <— HUGE SHOUT OUT!!! Look up "George Ought to Help". So glad to see your work here, man! Big fan of all your work and looking forward your next one!

  13. "Imagine the amount of coordination and air-tight secrecy needed for these kinds of far-reaching conspiracies of global domination to succeed. They'd be exposed and fall apart, especially in the age of the internet." The problem with this statement is that it is just not true. Conspiracies succeed not on the conspirators ability to hide their actions and plans. They have no need of "air-tight" secrecy. They make their plans in the open and free for anyone to see. They write documents (2017 SPARS, Project for a New American Century), and hold war-gaming events (2019 Event 201) where they clearly spell out what they are planning to do. No, they do not need, or even desire secrecy. They know human nature, and they know the power of propaganda. Before a plan of this magnitude could be executed, they needed many years of "fertilizing the soil" through "education", entertainment, and media. Try to get the average person on the street to read an article or watch a video that does not comport with their worldview and you will know how easy it is to "pull off" a conspiracy.

  14. How is it that smart people so rarely understand the concept of conspiracies of interest?
    This is especially odd in discussions that includes talk of markets or governance of any kind. They’re all conspiracy theories… as are the ideas produced by globalist conspirators in the WEF.
    Stop letting CIA psyops defined terms determine how you think.

  15. The leaders sold everyone out long ago. There will be repercussions eventually.
    Looking forward to seeing this world thrive how it should be. We can all be living better without struggling every week. The boot will be removed one day.

  16. I am at the point of giving up. These people don't even hide their intentions. They state them openly, write books about them, and enforce them with almost no hindrance. but if I point this out I am a nutjob.

  17. You aren't buying? Well you are in for a surprise… and not a good one. Perhaps you would be wise to turn your attention to scripture. You assume that because of the "internet" a global conspiracy would "fall apart" which is ridiculous. If people can't recognize truth when its spoken it doesn't matter if millions on the internet are speaking it to them. They will turn their ears away from the truth and shall be turned unto fables.

  18. Re engineering society is possible but only through communism . Look at what’s happening in Canada . Various countries trying to change human rights laws. Shops, restaurants , petrol stations , warehouses going fully automated . ( the fourth industrial revolution ) No staff, no cash. Removing fiat currency.It’s a years long plan and it’s happening in front of your eyes bit by bit.

  19. There is just one glaring problem with your thesis, your not a fu#king $Billionaire, your not in the planning Pandemic sessions going back to 1999 with the CIA, your not aware of the $21 Trillion dollars missing as of 2015 and they stopped reporting, you can not Square the Covid 19 circle in any rational universe, and the only way to explain the bat shit crazy blather projectile vomited from the Corporate media is with a conspericy theory got it

  20. It doesn't have to be secret to be a conspiracy. To flat out lie that govts cannot conspire is like saying career politicians and corporate lobbyists don't sleep in the same beds. Just look at the bills that get passed and just follow the money!

  21. its a good example of what can happen when people are not yet ready to lead on a global scale.. there is more to it because in the real worlds of the future.. people would be much more organic, and therefore stable and capable

    the moron's at the WEF are not even a fraction of real people, which explains how this plan has become so depraved and primitive.. that is their glass ceiling.. they could not imagine or develop anything better

    but as an example for the king of space to know about, it has some limited value

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