Former CIA Agent Mike Baker on China’s 2049 Plan

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1617 with Mike Baker.

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. Jesus this guy is so full of shit. Attempting to US forgiven policy is altruistic and if they do something mean then they apologize haha. This guys a joke, but the system created him so
    He supports the system, oh and his wife’s a republican politician.

  2. I wonder if he knows my family I got 3 family members in the CIA and was in the cia. He is telling the truth…. And there is way more then he is telling ya that I been told

  3. Good thing they would never do anything crazy , like release a virus to shutdown the global economy , get friendly leaders elected , and control thier elderly population. That would be crazy , and the good guys would retaliate. …right?

  4. I'm from China, you can identify by name. "surprise" I have a question, does word China mean that country government or the people of the country? or does it mean the same thing.

  5. Diane feinstein had a ccp agent working for her as a driver for decades!!

    Swalwell was entangled in a ccp honeypot from the start of his political career (she did fundraising for his campaigns) and now he's on the intelligence committee.

    Our politicians are actively commiting treason through fucking loopholes

  6. At least the China issue is one that would bring the West's current left v right situation to a close. If the left think the disparity between rich and poor is bad now, wait until China takes over.

  7. China has already won and is dominating the world, completely. The CCP has been able to use install their assets at highest levels of our government ( President and Congress) and military. We have been politically conquered by the CCP through the Democratic Party.

  8. Sounds like, if you are an American company with 'interesting' technology then you should view all people of Chinese ethnicity with great suspicion. Right? It would be easy then to point a finger and shout "how racist!" But its not us that is grooming people of Chinese descent to steal secrets. The Chicoms are doings this all themselves.

  9. Pragmatic = programmed….go into the Atlantic Council website. He is setting up the stage for Ch?na to be the big bad wolf that steals the US money- the bail out law from 2010 – the securities that were held as collateral- that was Yur “security” number it’s called a surety bond. I’ve stayed away from JR- was just curious what ? would come out. The national security is against us. The AC website is even calling the currency war a “contest” Sorry but if a bunch of bankers considers the loss of human life a contest I’m all set. Put your SSN in the GMEI DTCC exchange- that’s the real tea. Those trades will correspond with any life events loss of job, whether you are special needs or not… I have nothing to lose by sharing this…

  10. This guy is like a low level drug dealer, he know how it all works, knows who the players are, knows about drugs, knows the ins and outs but when it comes to it…he knows nothing, you think dealer on the streets knows what the supplier gets up to? Same shit

  11. Do people honestly think this dude is going to tell tbe truth to the world about the states? How stupid do you have to be he's just saying what people want to hear