Former CIA Officer Mike Baker on Ukraine and Putin

Taken from JRE #1793 w/Mike Baker:

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  1. This guy is a clown. He can’t answer a fucking question! You need to answer money!!! They will talk to you for the right amount of money! That’s it. The more risk, the more the reward! Answer the damn question schmo !

  2. Listen to this guy spout BS about we don't know what their intentions are. He has been telling us forever what the red line was for them. Look at a map of our bases around the world. What the hell was Russia thinking putting their country in the middle of all our foreign bases! This is all BS. If we really wanted to not have a war we should have encouraged Ukraine to take the Switzerland model. If we wanted to put a knife in the heart of oil production and oil based pollution our government would make interest free loans to American citizens for purchase of electric cars, trucks, solar panels, and wind turbines for the home. I am just yelling into the void here. Guys like Joe's guest just spins BS for the ruling elite. Russia has their guys like him too. We are on our own.

  3. This guy always gave me the feeling that the CIA made sure to get someone to befriend Rogan, so that Joe would call him up to come on the show whenever there was a narrative to be spread.

  4. The hemming, hawing and body language along with not being able to look Joe in the eye says a lot about this guy. All the while he's not saying anything at all. A lot of nervous energy going on. If he actually said anything, I wouldn't believe a word he says.

  5. So, I don't believe everything I read especially on Instagram and shit but if that between Obama, Clinton and George W 23 countries were invaded with a death toll of 11 mil people there is no room to criticise Putin.

  6. This CIA guy is full of shit. And remember–there is NO SUCH THING as a "former" CIA official. This guy is still peddling the same set of lies that the CIA is always pushing. He's not allowed to tell you the truth about anything that the CIA does or believes. This is interesting to watch, but all this CIA guy is doing here is blowing smoke up Joe's ass.

  7. We should be talking Biden , who in the fuck trust a pedophile , Incest, Rapist who launders his money through Ukraine 🇺🇦 ? This guy/ former CIA is withholding information, you can here it in his voice !

  8. Foreign intelligence interrogators would grab this guy and be like "we're going to make him talk."
    And he would reply "Yes. Yes you will…"
    "…because you have a human source, and you WANT a human source… though you can gather intelligence from a variety of sources… because look, if you step back, you are probably thinking "how did this fucked up situation happened?!?" …there's going to be this tremendous amount of speculation leading up to "wtf is going on" like "this is what he said or this is what he looked like" everybody is going to be kind of speculating… but stepping back, I'm being kind of consistent… if you look at Chechnya, Syria, Crimea, Georgia, South Alsatia… but you kind of missed the obvious, you haven't seen the obvious… uuuuhhh, so anyway, my point being two-fold I guess, and part of it is: my intel is lacking."

  9. Putin a warlord? Compare him, Russia and the Soviet union combined. No other country in history has waged as many wars as the US. What about that? Disappointed in Joe Rogan peddling the same bs narrative with bs guests. Its the US influence behind Ukraine that has provoked this war in the first place. This isn’t going to end well for the world.

  10. Why do all the people in the comments think this guy knows everything going on but is refusing to tell us? Truth is he probably knows just as much as we do. All of you need to check yourselfs and actually listen to him rather then whine and complain that you can’t understand what he saying.

  11. This CIA guy is full of s**t. And remember–there is NO
    SUCH THING as a "former" CIA official. This guy is still peddling the
    same set of lies that the CIA is always pushing. He's not allowed to tell you
    the truth about anything that the CIA does or believes. This is interesting to
    watch, but all this CIA guy is doing here is blowing smoke up Joe's azz.

  12. What people fail to understand is that Ukraine has had a rebel government in power since the revolution… Some of which threaten Russian border areas, So it's not all one sided here.

  13. Joe: "The sky is blue what do you think Mike?" Mike: "Well the idea of color is something that has been that has been debated for years, The sky is here the sky is there but is it really anywhere at all, I think the best idea is focusing on the clouds and maybe we can go from there, but does anyone really know? Joe: "Wow what an interesting take, we need you back for another episode"

  14. Was US crazy in Cuban crisis 1962? No.
    Any superpower wouldnt allow missiles 5 minutes from capital. He was talking for years and years. Nobody listned.Now everybody hears him. In book writen by Roj Medvedev "Russia's comeback: PUTIN",Putin says when he saw that NATO and US are bombing Belgrade without any agreement from Security Council of United Nations,that moment he knew that if Russia dont wake up,that they are next. That was "wakeup call" for him. That 24.March 1999 international law stoped to exist. It became "law of power" not "power of law". US with it's "exeptionalism" started terorist actions on any target they wanted. Last law institution,UN, couldnt do nothing to stop US&NATO in their bloodthirsty rage that destroyed Yugoslavia,Iraq,Avghanistan,Lybia,Syria,Yemen etc. Couple of milions of civilians called "colateral damage". Only guy that could do something was Putin and he did. He stoped the madness. So you can imagine how much suport he has from all those that survived "rage of the west". Putin is a hero.

  15. Nobody knows why this happened except the deep state, the elite, evil leaders that want to take over the world. One thing for sure is it didn’t have to happen and U.S. leaders sure as hell didn’t help, it looks more like the U.S. wanted it to happen. Now you got all these media and celebrity pricks damning Russia and waving Ukraine flags and they have no clue what’s going on. The people of those countries don’t know what they’re leaders are ip to and we don’t know what ours are up to in all this. One thing all three leaders have in common is they sure don’t give a damn about their people.

  16. Coherent yet uninformative, likes the sound of his own voice, uses mainstream talking points and claims he's former CIA, yep I'm believing everything he says 👍

  17. Are you reading these comments JRE? this podcast sucks. No one wants to hear the neocon watered down woke mob version of what's happening in Ukraine. You've had people like Tulsi Gabbard on, please stick to guests that actually know wtf they're talking about

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