Former Employee BLASTS “Democracy Now” For Pushing Establishment Propaganda

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  1. These "organizations" are ALL owned and funded by billionaires…that means corporations. Corporatism is fascism…look it up. DON'T TRUST EITHER PARTY, FOLKS! IT'S ALL KABUKI THEATER THAT ONLY FAVORS THE RULING CLASS AGENDA!!!! THE. GREAT. RESET. LOOK THAT UP TO! GO TO THE "PARTNERS" LINK TO SEE JUST HOW MANY CORPORATIONS ARE IN ON THIS. THE W.E.F. IS THE U.N.

  2. The sad thing is that many of us who are not Republicans are refusing to see what is staring at us. Meaning how corrupt our liberal journalists are lying to us, working against us, while working for the controllers of the universe busy destroying the US and the world.
    And we are in 2021

  3. She's not 'just repeating.' the CIA line. It's clear she's quoting from the report. She pointed out it was a heavily redacted report with no evidence and that it said there's no suggestion the hack affected the election. If she was trying to mislead the public she probably wouldn't mention the fact there was no evidence would she? Jimmy Dore acts as though her highlighting this detail, is in some way a damning indictment. I'd submit it's the exact opposite.

    She makes a perfectly valid criticism of Putin's recent crack down on political opposition. Jimmy tries to act as though this is unreasonable. Is he in favour of the crack down or does he not believe it's happened? Or is there another reason it's wrong to mention human rights abuses carried out by the Russian dictator? Unlike most news outlets, Democracy Now is not shy about pointing out America's failures on human rights at home and abroad. It's what sets it apart from the major American networks. It also calls out the human rights abuses of other governments. It's what sets it apart from people like Jimmy Dore.

    You then skip a bit so there's less context when she brings up Baltimore. It's a fact that Trump was softer on Russia than Obama had been. China has replaced Russia as the primary enemy in the public mind. Trump was noticeably hesitant to criticise Putin, a gangster and former KGB operative who deserves to be heavily and frequently criticised. This is probably just explained by 'like recognises like' and unlike lesser journalists, Amy Goodman doesn't say that Trump is controlled by Putin or that Russian hacking affected the election. There is no 'sabre rattling' here. She is a lifelong pacifist. She doesn't show 'a vile world view' at all!

    Nobody is pretending that David Duke was the only racist in the Republican party under George H W Bush. It's disingenuous to suggest they were. He is an unusually vigorous racist though, as I'm sure anyone familiar with his work would have to agree. He has a racialist view of the world. He understands human beings primarily through their race and thinks the world is controlled by a secret Zionist conspiracy. Most Republicans under George H W Bush probably don't. It's not difficult to understand why he might warrant special measures. To act as though David Duke was one among many in the 1990s Republican party demonstrates either a detachment from reality or a conscious effort to distort it.

    Might want to switch off the RT Jimmy. When you accept your lackey telling you your critical thinking skills are better than everyone else's with no protest or comment, it ironically doesn't demonstrate a very high degree of objective reasoning.

    Ta ta.

  4. Conservative Ron Howard there, is Insane, Gwb's Father GHWB, did the "Willy Horton Ad" & had Lee Atwater Running his Campaign!, Mr. The Bush family isn't Racist Bullshitter!.

  5. I live in upstate NY,and I wrote an email telling them I don't want to listen to this ?! On our only local radio station! Blue checks from NYC that " think" they are smart ,but are really the Sheeple of 2021.

  6. I remember hearing half listening to something about Russia in 2016 and asked my husband "what's this Russia bullshit they're talking about?" I feel very frustrated people still think the government is not completely corrupted and has been for many years.

  7. This is why you need to ck every claim against president Trump, There are way more false narratives and stories than most people know..

  8. I used to listen to Democracy Now, every day. It was a cherished source of news and information not readily available elsewhere. After 2016, it changed. It kept changing so much so that it become obvious they were now doing transparently what every other media organization was increasingly doing, not manufacturing consent, but directly trying to manipulate it. So every day, become every other day, then every other day became every week, until I just could not be bothered wading through rubbish to find anything of any value. Audiences are smarter than you think, pieces like this tell us nothing we didn't already know, what we could already see.

  9. So let me get this straight: The hackers were "in a position to affect votes" but they didn't?… please explain to me what kind of foreign intelligence / influence operation hacks into a voting system and does NOTHING?! Do they even consider the words they're using?

  10. I feel we are mourning the "death of the soul of Amy Goodman- A point of light being extinguished :…. A woman I had so much respect for…A hell of a sad thing when someone sells their soul.
    Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Glenn Greenwald…….We now depend on you to "Not go to the dark side" of Neoliberal / Neocon propaganda….. Amy Goodman, You did a lot of good in journalism…… I am truly saddened…… Rest In Peace……The new Neoliberal Amy Goodman- Get ready, as I am going to expose your greed and lack of ethics.

  11. I tried to watch democracy now during the past many years but it was so democratic propaganda I had to stop watching it. Lies on a regular basis. Even npr is now unlistenable and pbs unwatchable (except for masterpiece theater, unless it too goes fake woke).

  12. Democracy Now do take donations. The majority of their $trongest support comes from Manhattan. And let me tell you, Manhattanites HATED Trump. Pocketbooks were opened, checks were written as long as a certain narrative followed.