Former Facebook CEO Calls Social Media A THREAT To Democracy That Could Lead To CIVIL WAR

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and regular Jack Murphy (@Jack Murphy Live on Twitter, YouTube) discuss the ways in which social media has atomized modern society.

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  1. The way they put “fact checks” on damn near everything I post got me to just stop posting. It muddy’s the waters before anyone even looks at it. Half the time it’s not even debunking the claim being made in the post, just some tangential small thing that wasn’t even up for debate. Kinda feels like being branded, not gonna lie.

  2. If Biden gets in, the Dems will have carte blanche, we will become a one party system they will try to outlaw the opposition, they are close to it now. they control the msm and social media, they weaponized covid, cant go to church or work ect.

  3. I am not on social media (except YT) and the Media is already more then enough to cause a huge civil divide – as they’ve done with their propaganda, distractions and conspiracy theories over the past few years…

  4. So one side is trying to say to disprove this story is a lie is stating that the owner of the repair who had the laptop was blind, so how could have he seen the e-mails? And this side is also saying that if Giuliani had such valid evidence of Hunter Biden, he'd turn them over to forensic experts, and not ignore requests of main stream media trying to independently verify their validity. Is this for real?

  5. Jeez Tim. All the civil war talk. go easy on the trigger finger man. Those of us who have ownrd guns all of our lives know in our hearts that this will be the quickest, most one-sided civil war in history. That's why we don't even believe it's going to happen. Both sides know this.

  6. I am on a Tim Pool IRL trip while I am working from home… Loving these convos… you guys/girls are awesome. I send these vids to my European friends who think that most people in the State have lost their mind completely.

  7. Get ready for more media manipulation towards marxism. Co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullers an avowed marxist just signed a production deal with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. is the owner of DC Films, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, HBO, and others. “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” Cullors said in 2015. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”. Read article by EPOCH Times for more information.

  8. Heritage Foundation senior fellow Mike Gonzalez told The Epoch Times earlier this month that Cullors trained “at the Labor Community Strategy Center, which was founded by Eric Mann, another former member of the Weather Underground,” a communist group that is described by the FBI as a terrorist organization. “He calls that center a center for revolutionaries, a center where he trains revolutionaries. She trained there for many years,” Gonzalez said.

  9. yeah its not what if an asteroid hits us it's when. If people understood how insignificant human existence is compared to the universe theyd break down. To be honest nothing we are fighting over or discussing right now even has any meaning if the human race gets wiped out by an asteroid or the eventual collapsing of our sun. Escaping the limitations of our own solar system is the first real great hurdle of the human race and we haven't even gotten to the starting point for that yet because we are still arguing over land that won't exist in a 1000 years.

  10. Recently I saw a Youtube video about the Charlton Heston movie "Planet of the Apes." According to the video at lunch time the humans sat and had lunch with fellow humans, the "chimps" with other "chimps", the "gorillas" with other "gorillas", and the "orangutans" with other "orangutans". It did not matter what race they were under their makeup. Also they tended to socialize otherwise according to "species". Go figure…………

  11. Go watch Millennial Millie's Shadow government. She did such a wonderful job in explaining how the government uses social media against the American people.the and to get people fighting in the streets.

  12. the right to defend what is your is fundamental… thus war is a right and inevitable when there are desperate or warmongering to attack their neighborhood.

  13. all tribes are now scattered across the globe and everyone feel lonely at home because people don'T identify anymore by their town or nieghtbore or streat, the good things is it' destroy boundaries and reduce open war between states because now every religions and idealogies are in every country and cities;
    but the problem is that now those rivalries are spread everywhere and that's why there is no more social cohesion.
    All that was the goal of the globalism but the bad conscequence wasn't actually anticipated, people believed that by spreading various identities across the globe then it would bring more intercomprehension and build bridge… it does in some mesure but it cause more strife and individual identity crisis, Identity isn't something that the majority make by themselve alone, the majority build Identity by following social norms, that's normal, by removing the majority of individuals who built their own identity by conforming to social norms are lost and just cling to whatever seem to fit to them but they end up being surrounded by a majorities of various other identities not conforme to theirs so that's a psychological conflict that they cannot fix, thus all those lunatics and violence all around and those SJW seeing oppression everywhere, they are trying to rationalize things that the resent and that their psyche cannot conform because it's not in their nature.
    the majorities of poeple are meant to identify to a social norms, the majorities of peoples are normies, leader and individuals of history who made breakthrought or changed the world were rare individual who weren't identifying by other nor the norms but listenned only to a presonnal voice and build there own identity around that, while managing to fit in the society more or less and be acknowledged by their innovations.

    But now everyone want to be unique… but it's ok to be normal.

  14. it to organise around a commun goal.. human geing tribalist that way achieved all the things of the history because they did it together, if everyone do their own things and ignore each other and distrust each other, then there is no country no collective and nothing is done.
    that's why it's ik to be normal, everyone don't need to be unique and excentric.

  15. Over 10 million police interactions every year. 13 unarmed black men killed last year. Over 34% of cops are minorities.

    I don’t even know somebody who is against getting better cops and police reform. I’ve been treated poorly by cops. But most cops AREN’T CROOKED. There’s ZERO data to support that assertion and a mountain of data to contra indicate that.