Former Facebook Exec Warns Social Media Is Destroying Democracy And May Cause Civil War

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  1. Anger is addictive. Social media actively encourages anger and hate in its content simply because it's more profitable. Society is paying the bill.

  2. Yeah I think its time for big social media companies and sites to be reformed and regulated as the public places they are, or to just go away entirely.

    Either will do

  3. its quite easy to understand from a psycological point of view,in the days before social media narcissists didnt really have a platform they could manipulate their friends and family in their local area but not nationally.narcissists lack empathy,need adoration project are hypocritical and gaslight etc.many cult leaders are narcs as well as politicians and so on…now we have social media a tool in which a narcissistic person can have far reach accross a wider area this allows the narc to garner narcissistic supply off the uninformed,people that follow without question and so on.the narcissist wants to stand out,wants to be important,wants order to do that they form a bigger cult with with many followers from a few clicks of the keyboard.they then formulate a victim mentallity, an us against evil etc.this is how feminism,social justice movements,black lives matter the far left and numerous other groups are formed,by a cult of narcissm.narcissists are more dangerous now than at anytime in history because they can get their voice across to thousands,millions even.its pretty easy to spot a cult of narcissm,just question their beliefs and see the double standards and i think censorship is the answer,i would like to think not,but if we dont have some form,logically speaking it could one day be the cause of our demise.there is no cure for narcissism the only way to control it is to take away their toys.people like hitler didnt come around often in politics,now we have social media we are now breeding thousands of them.civil war is inevitable.

  4. The stupidity and ignorance of citizens within a democracy will destroy a democracy. We choose to believe the misinformation on social media or we are intelligent enough to understand misinformation when we see it. Unfortunately many Americans are incapable of figuring out what’s true from the lies. Social media just sheds light on the stupid in people.

  5. Tim,, it doesn’t matter what side of the line you stand on, what right (correct) is right ,, and as long as you can can recognize that,, I will respect you for your opinion

  6. I don't pay attention to the name calling. It's the tactic of the intellectually lazy. After they exhaust the sounds bites they've memorized, if you have not shut up or capitulated they call you a white supremacist and a nazi.
    Its weak.