Former Fox Journo Calls For Locking Up Current Fox Journos

Former Fox News Chief Political Reporter Carl Cameron recently appeared on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show to decry the increasingly heated rhetoric coming from hosts at his former employer. Cameron’s solution to the spread of alleged “misinformation?” Locking up the Fox News TV commentators!

Jimmy talks to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger about this incredibly authoritarian call for the erosion of free speech protections by a member of the mainstream press.

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  1. When they start jailing journalist and media figures, it’s not going to be Tucker Fucking Carlson. It’s going to be the investigative journalists that report on Saudi-Kushner deals, hidden nursing home Covid deaths, Hunter Biden laptop details, etc.
    People like Carlson are going to thrive in a landscape where truth tellers are locked up.

  2. lol talking about locking people up for misinformation…those D bags would be locked up for touting russiagate and every think else they pushed for 4 years during the trump adminstration , hell i didn't even like Trump wouldnt of voted for him but they were pushing so hard i just had to.

  3. I have no problem with legal immigration, my problem is all the illegals comming in…and the fact other countries have stricter policies but yet americans are not allowed to hate the fact that illegals just come in all the time were racist because we dont wont uncontrolled immigration pisses me off.

  4. Jimmy you so smart about seeing the hypocrisy of Democrat vs Republican. Every news media outlet with its own channels in America is horribly bigoted and lie in every broadcast. Fox is horrible. MSNBC is horrible. CNN is horrible. PBS is horrible. They are all part of the American cancer under which our world suffers

  5. Perspective matters. The "lock her up" was NOT a call to jail political opponents. It was a cry to persecute Hillery for her perceived crimes that were dismissed due to a corrupted investigation. Now, you do not have to believe that Hillary is a criminal, but context matters.

  6. The Disinformation Governance Board would have been a great tool to get this going. 1st The Disinfo Board finds some free speech that Biden doesn't like & the Board officially declares it as "disinformation". Then anyone who makes those claims can be arrested. We can just trample the 1st Amendment for a good cause!!!

  7. Jimmy I want to take this opportunity to explain some things to you…I used to click like before even watching your videos but now I watch them first and lately many times I end up clicking dislike, especially when you say things that show the downward direction you're going fast. YOU are saying things that do in fact spread disinformation, you recently said the parents at the school should have told the cops some black guys were in there, NOBODY ELSE MENTIONED RACE BEFORE YOU, you just made it a racial issue and this is only one example of the sorts of things you have disinformed…you did the same thing about the Colombian military official in Davos while it's completely obvious you have ZERO clue about ANYTHING to do with the Colombian military…if you looked into it before spouting off at the mouth you would find out just how decent the Colombian military actually is, I HAVE and I give them my full endorsement and I'm a Canadian smoking 420 in my basement. You were on the correct track for years but now you're just saying some ridiculous and COMPLETELY WRONG things way too often and YOU HAVE LOST ME…I'm telling this only so you can know it in case you decide to stop scaring off your loyal supporters…or…go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot all you want. I promise to check back in about 6 months to see if you're still doing this or not…otherwise this is permanently syonara, arivaderchi, chow, bye bye

  8. Is it something in the water ? So many ''democrats'' live deeeep inside their fantasy worlds
    They've conjured and embraced a fantasy world life that is a LOT like 'breaking bad' or some other tv melodramatic fantasy show. They despise reality
    and they really badly want to be the dark character in a movie fantasy instead of living in the real world

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