Former Leftist Explains How The Left Became A Cult And Why She Left

Guest: Naomi Wolf
Author, “The Bodies Of Others”

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  1. Liberals and moderate democrats didn't predict and still cannot see that the far left represents an opposing superpower with ever increasing corporate and gov.resources. Who benefits from processing the marginalized into concrete or emotional reason so that they can be milked

  2. Ayn Rand's Anthem was on my eighth grade English reading list in California. We had to read it. It is crazy because California has become what the book was warning about.

  3. The left are tribalists…

    And they get triggered over the CONTROL of the 3 main voting “tribes” they control and that they don’t want to lose that control of…

    Black America…

    That’s why the right is “racist” 🤦🏻‍♂️


    That’s why the right are “Xenophobes” 🤦🏻‍♂️

    And the biggest one of all…


    That’s why the right are all sexist…

    See the correlation??? 🤔🧐

  4. I find it very interesting that so many white leftists fail to see the writing on the wall. Although that writing on the wall May soon end up being their blood as the anti-white rhetoric continues to get worse and worse with each passing year. To pretend that there isn't virulent anti-white ideology being preached it's nothing short of ignoring reality. But that reality will soon find you.

    Many of them also seem to think that we live in a white supremacist society. But I don't know any white supremacist society that would allow a never-ending flow of anti-white media. A racist cabal so evil that it allows demographic shifting immigration to take place for more than half a century.

    I have to say I grossly underestimated the amount of heads that are still stuck in the sand

  5. Ahhh the "former" feminist disavowed her own past. This chick CREATED the public attitude that allowed "toxic masculinity" to exist.

    If hypocrisy wasn't the hallmark of the left, I would be offended. But I was an MRA before the movement had a name. I have a memory. This woman is no hero to liberty.

    She worked her whole life to create exactly the society we have right now.

    And she isn't admitting to any of it.

    Do not trust this woman. Ever.

  6. My goodness – speak plainly. This is the issue in America. The first few mins on this video was a bunch of soup of words.. Stop speaking on codes and in a lingo that only you guys understand each others. Good nite! Speak plainly and to the point. Americans do not have any guts any more my goodness.. speak up and speak straight and plainly…and call people out.. period… is the only way we can get change..

  7. Supporting local law enforcement and supporting the rank and file while opposing federally centralized police control IS NOT A CONTRADICTION!!!! One group is in the trenches fighting the good fight. The other are bureaucrats dictating orders from a distance to the masses. The FBI has only existed since the 1940s. It's NOT A CONCEPT envisioned by the founders. Get your facts straight leftist! I can BACK THE BLUE while at the same time oppose federal police state .overreach!!

  8. Naomi Wolf? WOW! She was so deep into The Left she made Lacy Green look like the daughter of Cruella De Ville and Nelson Rockefeller. I genuinely never thought I'd see this day.

  9. I don't think they think that the tyranny you just described will be reversed upon them. I think they think once they get absolute power, they won't have to worry about it. Like Glen said, the pendulum is swinging ever more extreme and they are looking for the chance to grab it and stop it from swinging once they have power.

  10. The challenge here is identifying the enemy there is no us or them no left no right we have a common enemy you need to unmask the enemy who leads the whole world astray Revelation 12:9. You can live an entire lifetime being led astray without knowing because you picked a side that suites you, self reflect and pray that you receive the grace that leads unto salvation otherwise you are going to remain entrenched in your ways that seem right unto a man but lead to death Proverbs 14:12. You discuss the other side for eons without ever achieving anything and it has been so for a long time no solutions no progress its just your turn to turn on the heat when your side wins the election your side never effects much change because the left always undoes your progress when it's their turn. At the end of the day, you literary have the same boss but are on different sides. Repent and save your soul from eternal damnation.

  11. For r your information. Mr Blinken was here in SAfrica. Wow…..our News outlets same as yours Fake…on a Afrikaans news outlet I thought it was CNN reporting. Blinken most probably influenced them. SAfricz cannot manage this country as our government cannot be trusted they are corrupt money given to them by first world countries they believe it's for themselves. So blinken influenced them ….. our country is already 3rd world we already have gestapo police. And corrupt as hell. God bless Pres Trump and the Patriots of America 🇺🇸 from SAfrica 🙏

  12. A commune and an auction house can make peaceable neighbors only in a free society operating under free markets.

    Explicit consent and free will are the pinnacles of moral and ethical human interaction. Anything less is just various degrees of tyranny.

    Where are all the co-op apartment buildings surrounded by employee-owned businesses supplied by not-for-profit goods/services providers?

    If the ideological pure won't eat their own dog food voluntarily, it must be some pretty bad stuff.

  13. Contrary to popular belief, the liberals are not free thinkers. They like their collectivism. This is why fascism, socialism, and all those genocidal government structures thrive with that group.

    It takes individuals believing in liberty to ask questions that go against the majority opinion.

  14. The rhetoric against "Trump Supporters" now has gone up a lot, basically Trump now is back to being a Russian agent hardcore criminal mastermind and anyone who supports him in any way is a vile Nazi that you must block, destroy, or send to a gulag. Ok, I am scared now.

  15. You former Democrat voters still need to pay for the monster you helped create and now run from.

    You knew where it was going, you knew what you were doing and representing, but now it bounces back at everyone and you switch sides?

    I don’t care if you voted for Trump.

    You’re bad people, and you’re also cowards who jump ship.

    Thanks for the Red Vote, but you shouldn’t be political when you’re stupid af, or straight sociopathic.

    You’re in a societal survival mode, you read the room but the room reads you, and the room doesn’t want you; get out.

  16. As a Canadian, you're welcome for handmaids tale.
    Lotta respect for Naomi Wolf, or really anyone that wants change and they get the change they wanted and then is able to look around and think 'ok, hang on, bit too far now'

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